Help! You’re not reading the updates and so…

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Help! Some of you are not reading the updates and so…our weekly email updates are going into spam folders! We pour our heart into our ministry work and unfortunately we have little control over if and when you see our content. But YOU have total control over it and here’s where we need YOUR help…


  1. When online ministries send you an email, OPEN the email by clicking the title of the article. Doing this keeps the domain in whitelists (non-spam).
  2. If you don’t want to receive the email updates, use the opt-out link at the bottom the message. We PAY for every single email address, so if you’re not interested, help us be good stewards of our money when you opt-out.
  3. When you see a photo on our ministry Facebook page, share it! Or click like, or make a comment below the image. This tells Facebook algorithms that our content is engaging and they make the page more visible in news feeds.

That’s so simple, and it will take you 10 seconds to help online ministries such as this one! We’re committed to helping our ministry friends and we’ll be liking, sharing, and opening your emails too!

All Glory to God!


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Four days ago I told my friends I felt an overwhelming spirit of death. It was evil and it was attacking, so we started praying privately. In the last 24 hours two women’s online ministries have been attacked by the threat. Please keep praying- in both cases the weapon was FIRE.

Gwen Smith at GirlfriendsInGod house hit by lightning & caught fire. Family was able to escape. Read post on Facebook

Mandy Kelly of Good Morning Girls died in a house fire, along with her husband and two youngest children. Read post on Facebook

There is a REVIVAL in the air and the enemy is attacking with FIRE. Please…put on your helmets and battle in PRAYER. There is victory over darkness…let’s stand UP for our friends. and PRAY through the attacks. The enemy is trying to shake them up by attacking their core leaders. We will not stand for that!

We are not afraid, we are responding in FAITH. We now see how the enemy is attacking and we will fight back with prayer.

Read more Fire Safety Tips at

Comment below if you are committed to praying for womens online ministries. Make a list of ALL online ministries and set a DAILY reminder to PRAY.

Womens Bible Cafe Book Club | April 2017

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Since Easter falls in April this year, we wanted  to spend this month in the Book Club focusing our hearts and minds on Christ and His sacrificial love for us.  We have some great book choices to help us do just that and we hope you’ll join in!

If you’re new to the WBC Book Club, welcome.  You’ve found a wonderful place where we can gather online, read together, encourage one another, learn from each other, and share in a community of women who love good books.

If you’ve already been reading with us, welcome back!  We love reading with you and discussing Christian books with you.

You can read answers to our Frequently Asked Questions here if you are getting started and want to know how to participate!

Here’s how the WBC Book Club works:

Each month, we read one Christian nonfiction book and one Christian  fiction book.  You can choose whether to read one or both books with us each month.

We start reading on the first of the month.

There is no specific reading schedule or chapter requirement each week.

Our simple discussion format allows women to participate at whatever time works for you.  All month long I’ll post easy-to-answer questions in our Book Club chat room.  Anyone can participate in these “Quick Chats!”  They are not live discussions; you can post your answers at any time that is convenient for your schedule.

While all of our book selections are available in print, they are also offered in Kindle ebook format for our international guests.  You can find them on Amazon,,, in Christian bookstores, or even possibly at your local library or church library.  Used books can sometimes be found on ebay or other online used book outlets.

So what are we reading? Here are the April books for the Book Club:

  • April nonfiction:  And the Angels Were Silent: The Final Week of Jesus by Max Lucado

    Max Lucado writes, “Let’s follow Jesus on his final journey. For by observing his, we may learn how to make ours. And discover what matters to God.”

  • April fiction: Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

    “No matter where you go, no matter whether you succeed or fail, stand or fall, no gone is too far gone. You can always come home.”  Charles Martin offers a radical re-telling of the prodigal son in this story about Cooper O’Connor who walks out on his dad at the age of 18 to strike out on his own, but whose dad’s love always beckons him back home.

    Our fiction book is currently a great deal for Kindle!!  Check it out before the deal ends!

Please remember to check used book sales online as well as Kindle deals and your local library to find good prices on our selections!

Join us as we read and discuss these books with our Facebook group!

How to Join the WBC Book Club

To join the Facebook group, LOGIN to Facebook first then click here:

Book Club:

Are you interested in reading with us? If so, post a comment and let us know and then be sure to join our Facebook group so that you can participate in the discussions.

Enjoy a good book with us!

Disclaimer: Heather King is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

New motion picture by Chonda Pierce: Enough

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Chonda Pierce has built her career by being “real” – sharing her heart, talking about difficult issues, and blending it all with humor, insight and self examination. Her vulnerability and wit have made Chonda Pierce the #1 selling female comedian in history (2014 RIAA Lifetime Achievement Award).

Coming out of the hit Fathom Event and best-selling DVD, Laughing In The Dark, Chonda continues her journey, as she deals with the results of grief, loss, and holding on to self-image.

A woman’s self-worth and contentment are challenged in today’s “image is everything” world magnified by rude, uncensored digital bullies pointing out every flaw.

Many wonder, “am I smart enough, skinny enough, popular enough, rich enough, Christian enough, a good enough friend, wife or parent?”

In Chonda Pierce: Enough, Chonda and some special guests help women look to their relationship with Christ as the answer for completeness, self acceptance, and fulfillment.

Laugh, Cry, Love…Through faith in Christ, if you have a relationship with Jesus, you have everything you need and acceptance into the kingdom of God.

Laugh ~ Cry ~ Love
One Night Only
Tuesday April 25, 2017


Ladies, you will never be the same after attending an event from Chonda Pierce. Bring your sisters, girlfriends, mom, coworkers and friends.  As the laughter makes your mouth hurt and your eyes water with JOY, the experience lasts a lifetime! Woven into her humor is an authentic faith and identity rooted in Christ. Now THAT is a memory best shared with a friend!

Tickets sell out fast- watch website for updates.

Thank You to Our Volunteer Leaders and Site Sponsors!

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thank you womens bible cafePeople often ask me, “What makes Womens Bible Cafe so successful?” For those of you that know me, you know once I start talking about WBC, there is no stopping me! But if you drill down to the single most important difference it’s the leaders in our ministry. Women who volunteer their time and share their hearts in small group discussions each week.

He must become greater, we must become less -John 3:30

None of our accomplishments would be possible if we did not have the absolute best volunteers pouring their hearts and souls into our online Bible studies. I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following volunteers:

WBC Core Leaders (since 2011):  Carla Brooks, Carla Richards, Christine Abraham (Founder), Heather C. King (Book Club Director), Lakecia Harris, LaTanya Knight, Mary Beth Floyd, Shari Lewis, Sheree Poole (Inductive Studies Director), Sonya Nelson (WBC Co-Director), Stasia Nielsen (WBC Co-Director), Tina Cooley (Prayer Team Director) 

WBC Group Leaders (current): Alice Theobold, Barbra Jackson, Caroline Hawthorne, Carrol Warkentin, Christine Johnson, Dora Lewis, Flyfisher Scholl, Gina Windle, Jeanne Ridderman, Jennifer Moye, Jessica Campbell, Julie Reed, Karen Douglass, Laura Ackerman, Lauren Martinez, Mary Youngmiller, Melissa Gray, Mindy Chenault, Rebecca Rojero, Renee Foley, Rhonda Collins, Rosette DeGuzman, Sajna Kuruvilla, Sheila Watson, Sherilynn Matsumoto, Tamica Reynolds, Tracey Anderson, Tricia McWilliams and Vickie Bowen.

WBC Prayer Team: Barbra Jackson, Isabel Irizarry, Jeanne Ridderman, Sherilynn Matsumoto, Sonya Nelson, Tina Cooley

WBC Group Leaders (former): AdeleAlys Spil, Christine Weckerly, Cindy Plummer, Cindy Webster, Darlene Thaxton, Debbie Oliver, Gayle Cox, Ile Plaza, Jennifer Deffendall, Jennifer Strohpaul, Kay Stairs, Kelly Washington, Laverne Aslam, Lori Jorgenson, Melinda Benn, Mercy Stone, Pam Hagen, Patti Achee, Sarah Falconer, Sharon Sullivan, Sherrese Moore, Sunnygirl Peace, Susan Humphreys, Tanya Villani, Traci Pollard, Wanda Kok, Wilma Marler, Yvonne Martinez.

WBC Site Sponsors: Abingdon Women, iBloom, Laurie Cole, Lifeway Women, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Lorraine Hill, Mindy Ferguson, Nancy Leigh DeMoss. 

WBC Scholarship Fund: private donations from WBC students and leaders

I want to extend a thank you to each of our volunteers for leading small groups, praying for our students, joining leadership discussions, sharing updates on social media, and most importantly- reflecting Christ in YOU.

Our passion for providing FREE online Bible studies at the #BibleCafe for women around the world is every bit as strong as when we opened our first online study in 2009.

Please take the time to thank your small group leaders this week!

It’s also a wonderful time to show your commitment to our success and partner with us by making a donation to help cover the costs of running a large ministry. Click “Support This Ministry”

Our community will continue to Study. Connect. Grow. There are no limits on WBC as long as we join God where He is working!

With Love,

christine abraham

We are a 100% volunteer ministry! We’re reaching 200,000+ women around the world without the expense of an administrative staff, marketing team, or salary! With God all things are possible!

We have room for you…bring a friend to Bible study!

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bring a friendOur doors are never closed at the Womens Bible Cafe! Come join us for two new studies beginning next week, and bring a friend. Choose your preferred learning style when you register for free.

Style One: The topical Bible study format is based upon commentary books from Bible scholars and teachers. You’ll read through a topic- such as breaking free, communication, forgiveness, Biblical womanhood, joy, Fruit of the Spirit. Or you may study a specific person from the Bible, such as Jesus, Esther, Daniel, Gideon, etc.


Source: Fight Back with Joy, Margaret Feinberg

Style Two: The inductive Bible study format is based upon your own personal observation rather than the scholar or teacher. You’ll dig through the verses of the Bible, marking the pages with symbols to help you understand- such as triangles, circles, numbers, and coded colors- and create an analytical interpretation of the passage.

inductive study method precepts

Image source:


Once you decide which study format you want to explore, the NEXT STEP is to register for FREE.

Beginning March 14, 2016 we’ll be studying using these two books.

Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg (topical study)- Click to Register

Ephesians: Freedom From Bondage God’s Way by Kay Arthur (inductive study)- Click to Register


Small Groups For Online Bible Study

Women around the world are participating in Womens Bible Cafe™ online small group meetings. We gather in a private Facebook group seven days a week, mornings and evenings. You select your leader, day, and time to attend -Join us!

How To Join a Small Group at the Womens Bible Cafe™

We are using a private group on Facebook, follow these EXACT steps to join:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. “Closed Group” means that you must join the group to post and read group comments
  3. We have three facebook groups: topical study group, inductive study group, and a book club
  4. CLICK HERE for WBC SMALL GROUPS (Topical study) and then ask to “Join Group” or type in this URL
  5.  CLICK HERE for WBC SMALL GROUPS (inductive study) and then ask to “Join Group” or type in this URL
  6.  CLICK HERE for WBC BOOK CLUB and then ask to “Join Group” or type in this URL
  7. Allow 48 hours for a ministry leader to approve the request to join group
  8. If you have any problems joining, please send a private message to WBC Ministry Director Christine Abraham on Facebook:
  9. Your small group comments do NOT appear in your Facebook timeline and only members of the private Facebook group can see what you have shared.

How Do Small Groups Work…What Should You Do After Joining the Private Facebook Group?

  1. Take a look around the Facebook group once a ministry leader approves your request to join.
  2. At the top of the group there is a feature called PINNED POSTS. Look there for the current small group schedule, arranged by day and time.
  3. Select a day and time you’d like to attend a small group Write this in your calendar and set a weekly reminder alarm.
  4. On the day and time you wish to attend, arrive in the Facebook group at the time of the group meeting.
  5. Look for a photo posted with the day and time of your group. Under the photo the leaders and small group members will start discussing the Bible study.
  6. Every group has the exact same questions, so you only need to attend one group each week. Small groups last ONE HOUR.
  7. Groups are NEVER FULL. You are invited to attend any group that fits your schedule.
  8. We don’t divide women by experience, age, marital status or geographic location. All women are treated equally.
  9. Groups are non-denominational.
  10. Due to copyright law instructional videos are NOT shown in the small groups. These are not required for online Bible study.

We have many volunteer ministry leaders leading these small groups. Some of the groups will be larger than other groups and tend to move quickly. If you find the group moves too fast for you, I’d recommend attending a smaller group.

Come join us with a friend and STUDY. CONNECT. GROW.

The doors are never closed!

christine abraham