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All Things New Online Bible Study | Session 8

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Congratulations on finishing our final week of “All Things New: a Study on 2 Corinthians” by Kelly Minter! Through our time together we’ve discovered the Biblical promises and our assignment as ambassadors for Christ. We see people and circumstances with a new vision- magnified through Christ. What an amazing place to be in life as we shed our former self and embrace who we are in His image. Day after day we are becoming sanctified.

You’ve been called to reflect this image of Christ in you. There will be days when you feel on fire with a passion to share, and other days when you may withdraw for reflection. Seek balance during your mission this side of eternity.

Surrender the people you love to the care of the Lord and allow Him to identify them by His grace. Let them become new creations as they seek and discover Jesus. Plant seeds through your own actions- they are watching. How you respond in the face of adversity or blessing is a reflection of Christ. When a pre-Christian looks at you they are evaluating your faith and perhaps your religion.

“I identify with Christ” should be a reflection of your heart.

“I am new” should be your testimony.

“Join me and know Jesus” should be your invitation to others.

Now, get to work.

This is the beginning of your ministry of GRACE.


We are- NEW in Christ!

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All Things New Online Bible Study | Session 7

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Welcome back to women’s online Bible study. We’re almost finished with “All Things New: a Study on 2 Corinthians” by Kelly Minter and discussing session seven (week 7) in our community groups. You may have observed that you’re behind or slowing down on the assignments, and it’s not uncommon to want to linger more and delay the finish. I encourage you to finish strong- keep the momentum going and reap the blessings.

Remember the goal of Bible study is your relationship with God. Each day you open the book, answer the questions, pray through your answers…you’re impacting YOUR personal spiritual journey. It’s not about me, not about the leaders who ask you discussion questions each week, not about Kelly Minter..this journey is about YOU and God together. Finish strong.

One of the most powerful lessons from Kelly Minter is on page 167 in your study book this week. At the end of day three she really illuminates the importance of what people are looking for today, and our role as ambassadors for Christ. If you missed that, go back and read it again.

Don’t forget to join a small group discussion, we’ve created lifelong friendships there and it’s pure joy to see your comments each week. We learn from you just as you learn from us…and the center of our table talk is always Jesus.


Next week is our final week for the study- finish strong!

christine abraham




All Things New Online Bible Study | Session 6

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We’re on week six of “All Things New: a Study on 2 Corinthians” by Kelly Minter at the Womens Bible Study Cafe! I’m impressed with your diligence in showing up at the weekly small groups and sharing your understanding of the workbook lessons. You’re an excellent example of perseverance, as I know many of you have been tempted by distractions in your study. As we know from our previous study on spiritual warfare (Invisible War by Chip Ingram), the enemy will seek to keep you away from small groups and away from your Bible. Claim your ground when you resist the enemy and he will flee.

When you give your time, money, and talents- plan out how this will be done. Pay attention to where your lights are burning (Luke 12:35) and if you observe they’re dimming- then get into your prayer closet and write a new plan! There’s a great sermon podcast on how our habits work for and against us:

If you have a surplus- then get into your prayer closet and write a new plan! There’s a great 5 minute devotional on the REFOCUS app about how a woman and her husband paid off $108,000 in debt in just under 12 months.

Since we all have a ministry assignment from the Lord, it’s important to be held accountable to integrity and Biblical standards. How do you budget your money, time, and talents? Do you give generously, or hold back in fear of the future? Kelly Minter uses the words “spiritual prosperity” (page 137)- what does that look like in your life? Pray on it.

This week we briefly looked at tearing down strongholds. Kelly writes, “So many of our problems and struggles can be traced back to our thinking.”  If you want to go deeper on that topic, an excellent study for is Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It’s imperative for your personal ministry remove strongholds, walk through fiery trials, and develop an unbreakable bond with Christ,

The longer you serve in your ministry, the more you’ll encounter someone who completely misunderstands and misjudges you. Women with a stronghold of insecurity will wrongly assume that you’re jealous of them and they become very defensive when you correct in grace. Women with a stronghold of rejection will imitate your calling, rather than developing their own talents and risking rejection of their ministry. Women who measure themselves against your rod are measuring against irrelevant tools, because we know the rods of this world are flawed and constantly fluctuate (Kelly Minter, page 153).

As we learned in All Things New and also Entrusted from Beth Moore, your ministry is unique to YOU. God is not going to expand your spiritual gifts when you’re copying and depending on the gifts of others. He’s not going to send you a flock to minister to, when you’re disrupting and dividing the flock of another ministry. With the help of the Holy Spirit He will help you break the strongholds of insecurity and rejection. Be mindful not to trample the hearts of others on your way to freedom. Be unique and be courageous in YOUR gifts and RISE UP as you are called by Him.

Study. Connect. Grow.


  • Read SESSION SEVEN of “All Things New” by Kelly Minter
  • Join a Womens Bible Cafe study group this week
  • (optional): Watch SESSION SEVEN video

Praying for illumination of 2 Corinthians as we complete this study together! I’ll see you in the community groups this week!

christine abraham