2017 Summer Bible Study Starting Soon!

We know many women are excited about the summer online Bible study and we are too! All you need to do it get the Overwhelmed book from Kathy Lipp and Cheri Gregory. These amazing authors have prepared a Companion Bible Study, Planner Guide, Personal Manifesto Guide and free videos to help you climb out of CHAOS.


We have several Launch Parties planned for the Summer Bible study, happening in our Facebook group.

  • Party #1 Monday 6AM Pacific, 7AM Mountain, 8AM Central, 9 AM Eastern
  • Party #2 Monday 9AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 1 1AM Central, 12 PM Eastern
  • Party #3 Monday 6PM Pacific 7PM Mountain, 8PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
  • Party #4 Thursday 6PM Pacific 7PM Mountain, 8PM Central, 9 PM Eastern
  • Party #5 Sunday 6PM Pacific 7PM Mountain, 8PM Central, 9 PM Eastern


It’s really important for YOU to find a small group beginning the week of June 19th. We do not assign groups because we’re an inclusive study and groups never close. Many women LOVE this flexibility, because they can attend different groups each week or stay with the same group of women. We have a small group schedule posted in our Facebook group- look for it under the “pinned posts” or in the files tab as a printable PDF. We have a reading schedule posted in our Facebook group- look for it under the files tab as a printable PDF.


Coming to Bible study without a book is a problem, because our discussions are based on the book chapters. We’ll begin reading the week of June 19th, so start the first chapter that week. In our first small group we’ll have INTRODUCTIONS and explain how this works. You’ll also get details on where to find the FREE support materials- including the Companion Study, the Manifesto, the Planner, and the videos!

The Overwhelmed book is available at Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Books, Walmart, and perhaps your local library.


You need to register for the study so you’ll get the link to our private Facebook group and email updates once a week. Visit this page to register –> https://www.womensbiblecafe.com/2017/05/overwhelmed-register/

We’re ready to climb out of CHAOS – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome!

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