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Fasting For Financial Breakthrough by Elmer TownsFasting For Financial Breakthrough by Dr. Elmer Towns is an excellent teaching on Biblical fasting, rooted in theology not prosperity. This is not a “get-rich” teaching and instead focuses on partnering with God to manage your finances. Upon completing the book I felt a renewed and refreshed attitude towards money. I was so impressed with this teaching that I felt called to lead 500+ women through a 40 Days Financial Fast. After reading this book I learned to:

  1. Fast and pray according to God’s will
  2. Fast and pray according to Biblical principles
  3. Fast and pray in faith believing
  4. Fast and pray in fellowship
  5. Fast and pray continuously
  6. Fast and pray to be cleansed of sin barriers
  7. Fast and pray with a great number of people

I learned truths about money, financial obligations, self-control and my relationship with God. While I’m a graduate of the Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey, there are many theological concepts presented by Dr. Towns that are not included in FPU study. Both teachings are worthy of your time and investment!

My first exposure to Dr. Elmer Towns was a class on The Gospel of John at Liberty University. There I learned he is co-founder of the University, Dean of the School of Religion and a translator for the New King James Bible. After watching numerous teaching videos and reading his book on the Gospel of John, I was so impressed with his work that I started looking for more books by this Bible scholar.

 10 Quotes from Fasting For Financial Breakthrough #TweetThis

Fasting is a time when we do more than ask for money. It is a time to reexamine our relationship with God. Elmer Towns

When fasting, we must find God’s presence, abide in it and fellowship with Him. Elmer Towns

When you need faith to trust God for big things, fasting is a great way to develop it. Elmer Towns

Faith is putting God’s Word into action. We haven’t exercised our faith until we’ve applied God’s Word to our problem. Elmer Towns

Stewardship is the proper management of time, talents and money for the glory of God. Elmer Towns

Biblical money management is putting God first, necessities second and pleasures last. Elmer Towns

We don’t need to pray long prayers for God to answer. He can hear and respond to the shortest cry for help. Elmer Towns

God often gets our attention through money problems. Elmer Towns

Job’s greatest wealth was not his money; it was his walk with God. Elmer Towns

Fasting is the beginning of learning how to get along without things for the sake of God. Elmer Towns



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