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ask-me-anything-lord_kdAsk Me Anything Lord by ministry leader Heather C. King is encouraging to read. For women confused by their own fear or doubt, this book examines Biblical characters who asked questions. It’s not a book about unbelief. The focus of this book is being bold enough to come to the Father with your heart. The assumption is that you already have faith, and you follow through by trusting God with your questions. It is written in Scripture to seek wisdom through prayer and listening. This book is an encouragement to ask questions during your prayer time or everyday activities.

Adam and Eve, Elijah, Peter and many others needed God’s assurance that He was with them, that He could forgive them, and that He could use them.

During their moment of uncertainty, God asked Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” as a checkpoint for their relationship with Him.

God asked Elijah, “What are you doing here?” to bring him out from the places of depression and frustration.

And Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” to restore their relationship and commission him for future ministry.

In Ask Me Anything, Lord by Heather C King we’re reminded that God is a question-asking God.  It’s His consistent method of drawing His people close by revealing the true motives and intents of our heart, challenging our thinking, and helping us overcome.

Complete with personal reflection questions, group discussion topics, suggestions for life application, Scripture memory verses, and journaling prompts, Ask Me Anything, Lord is also a perfect resource for small group or personal Bible study. The book is available in printed or Kindle version when you CLICK HERE

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