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users guide to the bibleUsers Guide to the Bible by Stephen Miller is a short handbook with just over 100 pages. This is a very simplified view of the Bible and is organized by nine key topics such as how God gave us the Bible, how to read the Bible, who’s who and where’s where in the Bible. “The Bible Jesus Read”  explains Old Testament Books and The Bible Jesus Lived” explains the New Testament.

The book is very basic with a one paragraph summary of each Bible book, such as James or Esther, and one key point. Then the author includes a list of main characters with the biggest scene and most famous line. This is not intended to be a detailed commentary of study book, it’s more of a roadmap or outline for the Bible. Much is based on the author’s own opinion of main characters and you might disagree with some of them or even the key points. He does use scripture reference points for the key scenes.

In the book of Ruth, Stephen Miller says the key point is “God loves the people most others ignore: the outcasts, the poor and the powerless. Ruth was such a woman and she produced Israel’s greatest dynasty of kings.” The key point in Esther he says “though God’s name isn’t mentioned in the story, he’s at work behind the scenes, protecting His people by placing a Jewish queen on the throne at just the right time.”

I thought Users Guide to the Bible by Stephen Miller was too basic for my needs. I like his book Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible, much better.

My Amazon Rating 1/5

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