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biblesavvyBible Savvy Series by James L. Nicodem consists of four books to help Bible readers grasp God’s Word. The book is purposely designed to help if you are new to Bible reading or a more experienced Bible reader. The four books in the series include Epic, Foundation, Context, and Walk. These four books focus on the storyline of the Bible, reliability of the Bible,  understanding the Bible,  and applying the Bible. At the end of each chapter in the book is a short study guide for small group discussion or personal study. These are small sized books and therefore should not be considered for research studies. The author gives an overview of information and his tone is fun and light. He uses a preaching tone to impress his message to the reader.

One interesting aspect of this book series is the use of technology. Each chapter concludes with a link to the author’s website where the reader will find free video teachings and Bible study handouts. The color-coded handouts match the color of each book, so you will easily find the related material. If you like Kindle books, then  you can use your Kindle reader for content and visit the website for the study guide worksheets.

The teaching style in Bible Savvy Series by James L. Nicodem is simplistic. By the time you finish the series you will have a basic understanding of the Bible and how to apply scripture to your contemporary life. These are not college textbooks so they are easy to digest and understand.

I was unimpressed with the books. They just didn’t keep my focus as the author was distracting my flow of concentration. When he writes “OK. OK. That was pretty lame. But I want to illustrate the fact that…” I found myself losing interest in his message. The book endorsements are tremendous- Les Parrott, Franklin Graham, DA Carson- and worth considering when purchasing these series of books. If the overall purpose is to bring the Bible to those who are new to reading scripture, then the book serves it’s purpose.

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I received this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.  

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