A Woman Who Trusts God, Book Review

A Woman Who Trusts God: Finding the Peace You Long For
by Debbie Alsdorf

A Woman Who Trusts God, Finding the Peace You Long For by Debbie Alsdorf  is one of those rare books that I’d want to read again and again. In fact, I enjoyed this book so much I did not want it to end! What I enjoyed most about the book is Debbie’s authentic and transparent faith. She doesn’t just write about scripture, she lives scripture and then tells readers about her personal journey.

womantrustsgodDebbie Alsdorf books are written like a puzzle, as one piece or chapter interlocks to a common theme and message. This book based on Philippians is a message of finding yourself in difficult places and waiting for the Lord to respond. Debbie calls this “in the meantime.” Through faith you know that God is going to do something, and in the meantime you need to frame your circumstances through scripture and faith. She writes “God has his own timing—he is not on our schedule. God always has a plan even when we can’t understand it or don’t agree with it. God is always working, and his plan will be accomplished. God is not hindered by other people’s bad choices that affect our life. He will use everything to get us where we need to be. ”

In the book Debbie reminds us “One of the most important things to remember is that there is always a plan. In each and every situation in our life, God is working, even in the middle of an unresolved situation. And though we don’t always understand how God works, He works. ” When we take the focus off self and listen to God…we have a Holy Expectation rooted in Christ-like love. This book will help you discover your own roots and a deeper faith.

A Woman Who Trusts God, Finding the Peace You Long For by Debbie Alsdorf  is one of those books that I will always want to have around. When life gets tough and I’m depending on faith, I want to be reminded again of the “meantime attitude” and reframe my circumstances. I’ll leave you with these words by the book author: ”

It took me many hard life lessons to learn that even though things come my way that I didn’t choose and don’t like, I am the one who gets to put them in the frame that they will sit in while they are displayed on the counter of my life. And you are the only one responsible for the framing of your circumstances too. Which frame will you choose? The sparkle of hope that God really is who he says he is, or the discouragement of hopelessness as you profess Christ but live like he really doesn’t exist in your everyday details? ”

My Amazon Rating 5/5

Now that I’ve finished reading this book, I’m going back to reread Different Kind of Wild, A: Is Your Faith Too Tame? another favorite Debbie Alsdorf book, and the one that inspired me to create the Womens Bible Cafe in 2009!


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    Oh wow I am adding this one to our WBC BOTM list and if not chosen I’m definitely reading it

  • Judi says:

    Thank you for this book review. She is an author I have not read and now put in my “shopping list” for future reading (if I ever get through this stack that keeps growing and growing 😉

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