What To Do On The Worst Day of Your Life, Book Review

Worst Day Of Your LifeWhat To Do On The Worst Day of Your Life by Brian Zahnd is so amazing, once I read the book I bought three more copies for my friends! I first heard about the book while watching a sermon at Saddleback Church one day after Rick and Kay Warren’s son Matthew took his own life after a long battle with mental illness. One week before the worst day in his life, Pastor Rick was reading this book and preparing for a sermon.  The Holy Spirit was preparing Rick’s heart for the days ahead of him and the Lord was clearly making His Presence known. I was captivated by the power of the message so I purchased and downloaded the book to cope with my own worst day. Two of my family members died in the past week, and I was still grieving my beloved Grandmother who passed into heaven three months ago. I needed a book backed by the Holy Spirit!

From the start, the book What To Do On The Worst Day of Your Life  is calming to a mind filled with grief and traumatic stress. I followed the story of King David’s own journey and identified with many of the moments woven into scripture. It was encouraging to recognize the emotions David endured in his season of loss and the eventual recovery through the work of God.

What To Do On The Worst Day of Your Life should be a required reading assignment for Biblical study, a handbook for walking through the painful embers of a Christian life. It’s powerful, uplifting, inspiring and backed with scripture. Don’t wait until your worst day to purchase a copy…get one today and prepare your mind with wisdom. Keep a few extra copies to deliver in a crisis to a friend or family member…you will not want to give away your own precious copy of this book. I intend to re-read my copy several times in the months ahead as I continue to grieve the loss of three loved ones.

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