How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle

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Did you read my article Don’t Wait 9 Months for a Kindle? If not, click here to read it first. While I was waiting for the delivery of my Kindle, I saw several friends tweeting about FREE Kindle books. They were sharing links to free Kindle books and I saw the value in the offers. I learned that the Free Kindle books offers are only good the day you see them promoted, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. Knowing I ‘d won a free Kindle and was waiting for my delivery…I was tipped off by a friend that I could get the Kindle software free for my computer. I downloaded the Kindle software and then started downloading the free books. Soon I had a library of almost 150 free Kindle books….and with the average price of a book at about $9.00 USD I now had an electronic library valued at $1,350 and did not pay one cent!

You might want to read that again. Or click here: How I Got $1,350 in Free Books

Though I continue telling my friends and my mom to get the free books and free Kindle software, they are ignoring me. I think they’re like I used to be…”antiKindle.”

Just trust me on this one. Get the FREE Kindle Christian books when you see them promoted. Don’t delay because the next day they’re back to full retail price. Get the FREE Kindle software for your computer, tablet or other device.

Start building your library. FREE Reading Apps for Kindle on PC, Phone, Tablets, etc

Someday you may be surprised to win a free Kindle like I did, or you may receive a Kindle as a gift. The prices have been falling on the device as the popularity has been increasing.  Build your dream library, one Free book at a time. 🙂

What book would you put into your Kindle library first?

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  • Elrine says:

    My beloved sister-in-law gave me a Kindle for Christmas in 2011. I have since read 254 free books and currently have 271 waiting for me. Yes, I do have to grab those freebies immediately, as you say. Since the free Christian books began increasing, the Lord has blessed me out of my socks! If any Amazon topbrass are out there listening, “Let’s have more free Christian literature!!”
    P.S. Yes, I do read very fast; an Agatha Christie takes me 35 minutes…

  • Marie says:

    I loooove my kindle. and sometimes if the book looks great enough, I’ll open the “cloud” and start reading immediately after purchasing. Even if the cost is 0.00 love that!

    thanks for all you do to keep us up to date on great finds like this.

    Thank you for your heart for the Lord.

    {{HUGS}} @spreadingJOY

  • Edith Beach says:

    I love my Kindle PC, Christine! Thanks to you I get to read more, however, now I just need the time to read, lol. As a result of getting this, I now can’t wait to get me a Kindle Fire :).

    Thanks for all you do,

    Edith 🙂

    • Christine Smith says:

      Turn off the television…and you’ll have lots of free time, LOL. I usually read at night before bed or while waiting in carpool. 😉

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