Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day

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Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day by Garry Morgan is such a fantastic book, I’ve already recommended it to five friends. This book is important for every Christian to read, as it removes the cloud over religions such as Islam, Judaism, Native American religions, Hinduism, Christian Science, Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness…plus more. According to the author, even atheism is a religion by definition. As technology has opened the doors to sharing world religions and cultures, it has also opened the door to misunderstandings or bullying other religions. We need to understand why certain words or actions would be considered offensive to another faith and how to coexist within mixed religions in our world. Christianity is the central theme of the book, and the author shows how other religions interpret Jesus in their faith. Additionally, he shares the traditional religious practices and foundational beliefs of other religions for the purpose of wisdom, not judgment.

The author is a professor of intercultural studies and his book is based on college courses and 18 years of cross-cultural ministry in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. His message goes right to the root of the religious beliefs and is user friendly for someone like myself who is not a fan of history. He explains with just enough detail to give a perspective of each religion, without so much detail that his reader will become bored. I thought the book was excellent and recommended reading in order to understand why people in other religions and countries are offended or passionate about their faith. Please read this book and be informed when you have discussions with people of different cultures and religions. It should be mandatory reading for all people of faith.

PS- my husband, who only reads one book a year, picked up this book while I was reading it and has thoroughly enjoyed it as well. We’ve been having nightly discussions on the various religions and also sharing our knowledge with our children to teach them religious tolerance.

My Amazon Rating 5/5

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