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When I saw Rick Johnson’s new book called That’s My Girl, How a Fathers Love Protects and Empowers His Daughter I was quick to request a copy for review. Rick has an inner sense about parenting from a Christian perspective and his passion for God flows into his parenting advice. I’ve listened to his live lectures- twice- and they were about raising sons. Having two daughters I questioned why I was listening to a talk about boys, yet the content was so good I went back a second time. Rick’s daughter was assisting her dad and he often made references to her rebellion and his parenting challenges in raising a daughter. When his book about raising daughters arrived I was rushing to get a copy and read it. I was not disappointed and found myself applying many of his suggestions easily and effectively.

Knowing my husband would not read the book (he reads one book a year, if that) I reached into the pages and looked for parenting advice. The first chapter was a disappointment- too much emphasis on anatomy and the female body, and might cause a few people to leave the book unread. I encourage you to go past the first chapter and find a wealth of ideas for raising girls. Many of Rick’s suggestions are from his own parenting failures and successes. He presents examples from grown women as they reflect on their memories of their own daddies. It was enlightening to see examples of the lasting impact fathers have on their daughters, absent or not. Some of his suggestions include:

  • A father determines how a girl feels about herself.
  • Treat your wife like you want your future son-in-law to treat your daughter.
  • Be intentional about creating memories your daughter can cherish.

While reading the book, I shared many examples and ideas with my husband. He loved the opportunity to reconnect with our 13-year-old teenager and sees his responsibility as the male role model in her life. Prior to reading the book he was her dad, not her hero. We both know she’ll be dating soon, working soon, driving a car soon and facing a mountain of decisions as she enters high school in just a few more months.  The book  That’s My Girl, How a Fathers Love Protects and Empowers His Daughter offers many suggestions for capturing memories with your daughter, to last you both a lifetime.

Get the book for your husband, brother, friend, or yourself. You will not be disappointed and you’ll have a new toolbox of effective parenting ideas for your precious daughter.

One final note…if you are the mother of boys, you should still read this book. It will bring awareness of the girls your son will be dating and how they think and interact with the number one guy in their life: Dad.

My Amazon Rating 5/5

To learn more about Rick Johnson and his books, visit www.BetterDads.NET

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