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The new book 7 Money Rules For Life by Mary Hunt, founder of Debt-Proof Living teaches you how to take control of your financial future. So many people live paycheck-to-paycheck and worry for their financial future and find money mastery difficult. Financial expert Mary Hunt applies seven rules “for every income, every age, every stage of life. They apply to an unemployment check, an allowance, a paycheck, a dividend check, a bonus check, a trust account, an inheritance and even a vast estate. The 7 rules apply to individuals and families who are deeply in debt, just as they do for those who are debt free.’

Because money affect all of us, it’s something you should learn more about. Often money controls us and it’s time to regain a sense of control. Mary Hunt explains the 7 rules, one per chapter. She then uses examples from Debt-Proof Living to show how the rule is applied. Her methods are simple and encouraging in a subject that is often overcomplicated by financial experts. Special chapters are devoted to the challenge of irregular income and drowning in debt.

To learn more about Mary Hunt visit her website www.DebtProofLiving.com

My Amazon Review 5/5

About the Author Mary Hunt, award-winning and bestselling author, syndicated columnist and sought-after motivational speaker, has created a global platform that is making strides to help men and woman battle the epidemic impact of consumer debt. She is founder and publisher of Debt-Proof Living website, which features financial tools, resources and information for her online members. Her books have sold more than a million copies and her daily newspaper column is nationally syndicated through Creators Syndicate, where it is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Everyday Cheapskate readers. Hunt speaks widely on personal finance and has appeared on shows such as Oprah, Good Morning America and Dr. Phil. She and her husband live in California.

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