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150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking by Mary E. DeMuth is an asset to any family. If you wish your kids would open up and talk more, or want to have deeper and meaningful conversations with them, then you’ll enjoy the book. While the book is small is size, it’s huge in impact.

I first handed the book to my kids during a sleepover event, as they were “bored and wanted something to do.” As I listened from the other room, I heard the girls firing questions at each other and then discussing their answers. My kids were enjoying the book and so were their friends. The next day I sat on the bed next to my teen daughter and picked up the book again. She rolled her pretty eyes at me and said “Mom, you’re not going to ask me the questions are you?” So I started searching through the questions and she started answering them with me. Within minutes, my rebellious teen who thinks her mom is a bore, started enjoying the book and the conversations. By the time we’d finished “our reading session” she said “Mom, can you put your arm around me and hold me?” It was priceless! The book 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking had broken down the teen-mother barriers and she enjoyed talking about herself.  Relaxed and comfortable, my teen opened up and shared her world with me. The gift in disguise was the snuggle time and a hug.

The book is divided into sections with themes, such as “aspirations,” “actions and choices,” or” back then.” It’s a fun book for family time, sleepovers or conversations alone with your child. Highly recommended as an activity to do with the kids or grandchildren during the Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

My Amazon Review 5/5

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