Having a Mary Heart Bible Study Begins Today

We begin our balanced life online bible study today, a six-week study on finding balance between kitchen duties and living room intimacy with Christ. To participate in the study, you’ll need the book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. If you are waiting for your book to arrive, you can start late and jump into the group discussions when you finish reading your chapters. Be sure to sign-up for this bible study so we know you are joining us.

I selected this Joanna Weaver study because many women are like me- struggling Martha’s with a heart’s desire to be more like Mary. Martha is the perfectionist, the people-pleaser, the woman who puts others above herself and attends to their needs and comfort. She becomes so busy with her duties, she misses intimacy with Christ. Mary is the woman who is so captivated by the presence of her Savior, she falls at His feet and neglects her responsibilities. Neither is right and neither is wrong…and the purpose of the Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World bible study is to show you how to balance Martha and Mary in your own life. My prayer is that after completing this study you will have more intimacy with Jesus and a better understanding of the duties that distract you from time with your Savior.

There are fewer women participating in this bible studies than previous Bible Cafe studies. We have about 100 women in the study and a few will drop out before the study is complete. This is the result of spiritual warfare which is intended to cause you to drop out of the study, fall behind in the study, or never finish the study. It’s the work of Satan and a few good women will fall. If it happens to you, please contact us so we can pray for you and support you in your bible study journey.

This is not a workbook format, so you will be reading TWO CHAPTERS each week. As you read, make comments in your book, mark favorite sections, and make sure you are connecting with the author’s words. You’ll need a notebook or journal to answer the study questions found in Appendix A, in the back of your book. When you finish a chapter, answer the study questions so we can review and discuss them the following week.

Getting Started

  1. Before you start your study, we recommend you write a letter to God on the inside cover of the book, and date it. Tell Him why you are this study and what you hope to learn from the study. Ask Him to keep you centered and focused on the Word.
  2. You’ll read two chapters each week and we recommend you do this first thing in the morning. When you read the Bible before your day begins, you are lighting the candle of His word inside you, carrying that candle throughout the day, and seeing examples of the Word as your day progresses. You can also read at the end of the day before bed, however our experience is women who do this often fall behind because they are too tired at the end of the day.
  3. If you have any questions about the online format, please read the FAQ’s for the Bible Cafe.
  4. Please pray for the Spirit to guide you in study and to keep you on track with the lessons. Pray for the other women in this study and for the leaders. We have a prayer wall to post individual prayers.

For Next Week

  • Monday is a US holiday so next week our study will be posted Tuesday Sept 6
  • Read the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2  in your book
  • Answer the study guide questions (in the back of your book) for these chapters

Group Discussion

  1. Please post a comment with your name, where you are from, and answer this question: If you described your present season of life on ONE WORD, what would it be?

for example: Christine, California, “Connected”

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