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My pastor rarely endorses a book so when he mentioned The Gospel of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James and said it was the best book he’s ever read about Ruth, I was drawn to the book. A week later I saw this book sitting in the church bookstore and I purchased it. I was not disappointed and like Pastor Steve, I too thought it was an amazing book about the story of Ruth.

In this book we discover that Naomi, the female Job, is the center of the story. According to the author, the story of Ruth is about how Boaz and Ruth “formed a glimpse of the Old Testament Blessed Alliance, as male and female partner in a holy cause, and both thrive as Yahweh’s image bearers.”  The story begins with Naomi’s suffering and ends with Naomi holding the future in her arms. It examines this question:  Is God good for women?

After reading The Gospel of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James I felt drawn to share the book here as an online womens bible study. The author presents a different view from the one we studied in Kelly Minter’s bible study Ruth: Loss, Love and Legacy. In her book Carolyn Custis James discusses infertility, widowhood, suffering, courage, and grief at a very deep level. From beginning to end, her objective is to answer this question:  Is God good for women?

About the Author

Carolyn Custis James (MA, Biblical Studies) travels extensively as a popular speaker for women’s conferences, churches, colleges, seminaries, and other Christian organizations. Her ministry organization, WhitbyForum, promotes thoughtful biblical discussion to help men and women serve God together. Carolyn founded and is president of the Synergy Women’s Network. She is a consulting editor for Zondervan’s Exegetical Commentary Series on the New Testament and author of When Life and Beliefs Collide and Lost Women of the Bible. Carolyn and her husband live in Boxford, Massachusetts. They have one grown daughter.

Carolyn Custis James Quotes From The Gospel of Ruth

  • Whenever we study God’s word, our main quest is to discover what he is telling us about Himself.
  • She might lost the world, but she has saved her soul.
  • God defines her.
  • God doesn’t exile the widow to the margins of our bible. He features her in the central story of redemption.

If you’re interested in reading this book with us, we’ll begin reading as a group at the end of August 2011. We’ll read two chapters a week and discuss them here in online bible study. Next week we’ll have a sign-up page for this study so make sure you subscribe to this site to get out updates.  To see at all the upcoming studies click here: Current Studies*.

*I don’t know how many copies of this book are available, so if you are going to study the book with us don’t wait until the last minute to find it. 🙂

My Amazon Rating 5/5

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  • Sheree says:

    My book is on its way. You can also order from if amazon runs out. Looking forward to this book study 🙂

  • Lisa H says:

    I got this book when amazon had it free for the kindle. I just read the forward and am very much looking forward to reading this book now. If it helps, amazon does have the book for kindle (you do not have to have a kindle to read it – you can get the app for your computer). The price right now (7/29/11) is $2.99. I did look to make sure and all the discussion questions are included in the kindle version of the book. 🙂
    Here is the link:

  • De Anna says:

    Christine! Cant wait to purchase this and settle in this read for myself. Thanks for sharing this book here. I do apprecieate your Book Reviews!

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