More Glimpses of Heaven From a Hospice Nurse

Death is frightening or peaceful, depending on your faith. Hospice nurse and author Trudy Harris opens a window to the dying experiences of 46 patients and shares insights into what really happens at death, in her book More Glimpses of Heaven. With gentleness, she reveals how death is not something to be feared, but something that quite literally brings us closer to God.  Harris writes “The kingdom of God, in my mind, means wherever and whenever God’s presence is seen, recognized or experienced in His people. God is there in the midst of them.” When you see the end of life through those in hospice care, you see a glimpse of the journey home.

About the Book

Each of the stories in More Glimpses of Heaven is a testament to the fact that God is never far from us—especially in death—and illustrates the lengths to which God will go to so that we understand his compassionate love for us. God’s compassion and comforting love are revealed to each person as he reaches out and calls them home. Some go willingly,, some are held back by loving family members and some are just not ready. Each dying person’s story is woven with faith, love and hope- a treasure to read.

About the Author

Trudy Harris, RN, is the author of Glimpses of Heaven, a former hospice nurse, and former president of the Hospice Foundation for Caring. She was hired by the local hospice when it was serving 6 to 10 patients and retired when they had more than 950 terminally ill and dying patients in their care everyday. Since retirement, Harris remains active in connecting the needs of terminally ill and dying people in her community with the hospice program she knows can best meet their needs.

Trudy Harris Quotes from More Glimpses of Heaven

  • All the hopes and dreams we have for our children are severely challenged the moment a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness is made.
  • No matter what your religious faith, dying is a spiritual journey.
  • If you are looking for  God’s face in everyday life, you have only to look at hospice nurses.
  • God never ceases to surprise us if we are open to learning to love as He does.
  • Everyone responds to illness differently.
  • Permission to go is often the only thing keeping a person from leaving peacefully when the time is right.
  • Every emotion we will ever experience, Jesus understands perfectly.
  • Death is a journey.


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  • Deborah says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book. Our hospice nurse was an angel that God used in a mighty way. The morning of my mother’s death, she showed up unexpectedly (often just because she felt we might need her) and she was sitting there holding my mom’s hand, singing Amazing Grace. I think God for those nurses who minister to families during those times.

    • Christine says:

      The book brings beauty and dignity into death. It was something I have never been exposed to and I needed to read it.

      • Lori Sedlak says:

        I was with both my Grandmother and my Aunt when they went to be with the Lord. Such a blessing to surround them with prayers and hymns and Psalms! Looking forward to the book. It takes someone very special to be a hospice nurse.

  • Cathy Messecar says:

    My mother is one of the longest hospice care patients in our area. Hospice is not only for the dying but for those with illnesses that are reversable and the patient can return to normal life. Over four years ago, my mother was dying, but with good care she lives today. In the last year she has declined severely and will not be with us much longer. Wish I had this book in my hands right now to read and to pass along to our wonderful hospice nurse, Claudia. Great review Christine, thanks.

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