UnPlanned by Abby Johnson

unPlanned by Abby Johnson is a dramatic autobiography about a former Planned Parenthood director and her eight-year journey from pro-choice to pro-life. This book is an examination of abortion from both sides of the fence and from Abby’s personal abortion experiences. While at times the book is difficult to read, the message is one to be embraced from both sides. Abby’s message is one of compassion. She viewed her own compassion for her clients inside the walls of Planned Parenthood, while at the same time the Coalition for Life group was sharing their compassion for Abby, the patients, the unborn, and the Planned Parenthood staff.

Though Abby was trained by Planned Parenthood mentors to argue with pro-life demonstrators, her heart was opened to listen, as she was a woman of faith. For the eight years Abby worked inside the abortion clinic, she believed she was working in the best interest of women and offering birth control as a method to prevent abortion. Her goal and her purpose was to stop the abortions, from inside the clinic walls. She learned the Planned Parenthood scripts, followed the rules to never use the word “baby” and counseled many women as they made a choice to abort their children. Abby even attended pro-choice rallies and was passionate about her cause and the clients of Planned Parenthood.

One day, her world changed when Abby assisted in an abortion procedure and performed the ultrasound on a child about to lose a life. As she watched the ultrasound, she saw the life of the unborn stripped away by choice. Observing with her own eyes the image of a baby sucked into a vacuum, Abby had enough. In an instant she saw the lies, she  saw the suffering of her patients and she watched an unborn child struggle for life. Abby made a decision to end her career, though she was director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and had recently won an award as a model employee. Share her journey from inside the walls of an abortion clinic and see how the 40 Days For Life impacted the life of Abby Johnson.

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Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line (Focus on the Family Books)

About the Author

Abby Johnson holds a B.S. in psychology from Texas A&M University and an M.A. in counseling from Sam Houston State University. She was hired by Planned Parenthood in 2005 and progressed to the position of community services director and health educator, where she served as liaison between the community and Planned Parenthood as media correspondent. Later promoted to health center director, Johnson ran both the family planning and abortion programs. In 2009 she left Planned Parenthood and joined the local Coalition for Life as a volunteer. Johnson now serves as Chief Research Strategist for Live Action and works on projects with the national 40 Days for Life campaign. She and her husband, Doug, have a young daughter and live in Texas.

Abby Johnson Quotes from UnPlanned the book

  • Right reasons, wrong choices.
  • Never trust a decision you don’t want your mother to know about.
  • Viability shifts as medical science improves.
  • I was leading an unexamined life filled with inconsistencies.
  • Self-deception is a powerful force.

unPlanned the Documentary is  DVD with a shorter version of the book unPlanned. As I watched the one-hour documentary, I saw the faces of the people Abby mentions in her book, the clinic and the iron fence dividing two parties in the abortion movement. The documentary is very informative and shows the heart of the Coalition for Life movement. Abby Johnson joined Planned Parenthood as a college student who wanted to help women in crisis. It wasn’t until years later when she helped perform an abortion that she fully realized what her decision meant. Now everyone can read her book and watch her amazing true story on DVD.

There are many college students in our online bible studies, and I highly recommend you read Abby’s book. In your walk of faith, God may place women in your path who are considering abortion. These women come to you because they want support, and reading this book, you’ll have the answers to inform your friend about both sides of the fence. After reading the book, I registered for the Coalition for Life 40 Days and I plan to be one of those who prays at the fence. If you are a young adult, please read this book and be informed.


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