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I finally had a chance to read the book Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny by Mark Batterson, and from the beginning to the end, I devoured it. The book is terrific. At first, when Batterson started using the word “destiny” I had a negative reaction and recalled several new-age philosophies based on this word. As I continued reading I saw Batterson define a spiritual destiny based on our past. He used scripture to explain his soulprint theory, citing from the life of King David and his many trials mixed with blessings. In each segment of the book, the author focuses on David’s soulprint, then applies the scripture to modern life. He compares David’s soulprint to David’s destiny, then challenges the reader to examine her own soulprint. I especially enjoyed the chapter on lifesymbols, as Batterson shared many of his personal symbols for inspiration. This is the first book I’ve read by author Mark Batterson, and I found the author to be sincere, positive, encouraging and inspiring. My only disappoint in the book was the way scripture verses were quoted without reference. I had to look in the end notes to see what verses were being referenced. As an avid bible study leader, I prefer the reference and translation beside the verse so I can memorize them or identify them as life verses to remember. The end of the book also includes a study guide for small groups, and I found the questions to be meaningful to the segments of the book. The book is not divided by chapters, it is divided by “scenes” identified as: Holy Confidence, Lifesymbols, The Crags of Wild Goats, Alter Ego, The Devil’s Workshop and The White Stone. I recommend this book for small group study and discussion or for a Christian Book Club selection. As an individual reader, I found Soulprint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny by Mark Batterson to be educational and inspiring, and will keep this in my library of favorite books.  I received a complimentary copy of the book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review.

Mark Batterson Quotes From Soulprint

  • You were conceived by God long before you were conceived by your parents.
  • God is crafting your character through the circumstances of your life.
  • All of us start out as one-of-a-kind originals but too many of us end up as carbon copies of someone else.
  • We sacrifice our soulprints on the alter of conformity.
  • If you give God a chance, He will redeem your disappointments. Let God engineer.
  • It’s my footprints, where I’ve been and what I’ve done, that reveal my soulprint.

About the Author: Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC.  NCC theater church is recognized as one of the most innovative and influential churches in America. Batterson blogs daily at and is also active on He has written several best-selling books including Soulprint, Primal, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day and Wild Goose Chase.

My Amazon Review 5/5

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  • Marie says:

    I’m almost done with this book! I love it. I love the quotes you pulled from the book as well.

    Many people don’t like “who they use to be” and it never even occurs to them that their past experiences have prepared them for their future adventures.

    Thanks for all you do here at my favorite Bible Cafe!


  • Maxie says:


    I was looking to purchase this book and after reading your review I will. I throught it looked interesting and now I will take it on my next business trip. Thank you.

    Oh, and just wanted to share with you, three books I purchase online at Barnes and Noble. They are all by the same author, “CD Swanson” a Christian Author. The first one , “Dear God With Love – words of praise to exalt his name” is poems in meditative form, I found them full of love and glory for God. I enjoyed it, very relaxing and peaceful.

    The second book, “Butterflies, Possum and Laughter” is about the author’s Best Friend who died – and it takes place over a span of 18 yrs. It is funny and pulls on the heart strings. It is not too long and drawn out, just enough to make you appreciate your friends even more.

    The third book, “Passages of Everyday Life Through Faith – A Look at everyday life with God in Control” – all about testimonials of people coming to God. Some of the stories gave me chills. Check them out. I think they are worthy of a nod.

    Thanks again for your book reviews, they are always in alignment with my thoughts and feelings.

    God Bless,

    Maxie F.

  • Emily says:

    That is so weird. I picked up this book yesterday at B&N and previewed it. Just today I saw your review. I put the book on my “next to purchase” bc I went into B&N for several others. I read the first “scene” and I was ready to read more. My favorite part that had me completely captivated was the idea of a soulprint. Batterson says “Every past experience is preparation for some future opportunity. There are a few places, a few experiences, and a few people that leave their imprints in ways that become parts of our soulprints. What is a soulprint? You possess a uniqueness that is soul deep. Its your soulprint. Its not just who you are, present tense. Its who you are destined to become, future tense.”

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