Angels:Who They Are and How They Help Book Review

You know a book is great, when you find yourself talking about it each day! Angels: Who They Are and How They Help by Dr. David Jeremiah, is one of those great books. This book is powerful and rich with knowledge about something we know little about: angels. Each chapter contains a wealth of knowledge, scripture quotes and specific facts about angels. If you want to discover more about angels from the Biblical sense, than Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah is a book for you to read. As I started reading Angels: Who They Are and How They Help I soon discovered a powerful book based on scripture.  Author Dr. David Jeremiah is founder of Turning Point Ministries, heard on more than 2,500 stations worldwide and viewed on more than 500 million homes via television. He’s received numerous awards for his work, and his current book Angels: Who They Are and How They Help was originally published in 1996 as “What the Bible Says About Angels.” Many ideas are discussed with factual information from scripture. I found the content in alignment with many Bible studies.

Not having met one personally, I have little knowledge of angels and found his book offered much clarity. In the book, some ideas discussed, include:

  • The Bible has more than 300 direct references to angels
  • If we focus too much on angels, we make them idols and draw away focus from God
  • Angelic as well as demonic activity increases as we near the Lord’s return
  • There is an angel hierarchy
  • Angels are one-way messengers

Several times in the Angels book,the author quotes Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, and Corrie ten Boom to support his evidence. I enjoyed reading Angels by Dr. David Jeremiah and recommend the book to anyone interested in exploring the world of the angels. After reading the book, I found many opportunities to start conversations about angels, discuss our perceptions and quote scripture verse about these messengers.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

My Amazon Rating 5/5

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