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By September 14, 2010Jonah

During our study of Jonah Navigating a Life Interrupted, author Priscilla Shirer asked us at the end of each chapter to write a short list of navigation skills. I really enjoyed this aspect of the lesson and the tiny space she gave us to write each summary. It helps us to “shorten” our language into a few words and sentences for navigating a life interrupted. Below are the navigation skills I learned while participating in this six-week online bible study. Your navigation skills may be different than mine.

My Navigation Tools from Week 1

  • Prepare to be interrupted.
  • Partner with God
  • Accept the Divine Intervention 100%
  • Be a manager, not an owner
  • Do not listen to feelings, listen to the heart

My Navigation Tools from Week 2

  • Do not delay obedience.
  • Do not run when God calls.
  • Do not give in to temptation.
  • Do not ignore God.
  • Always expect God’s goodness, even in my rebellion.

My Navigation Tools from Week 3

  • Look for signs from God that I’m headed in the wrong direction.
  • Look for and accept God’s discipline.
  • Align myself with God, always.
  • Go with God’s will, not mine.
  • Depend on scripture verses for desperate prayers.

My Navigation Tools from Week 4

  • God allows second chances.
  • Allow God to find me, don’t hide.
  • Take the long road to God’s will, shortcuts not acceptable.
  • Move forward without dependence on perfection.
  • Act on his will. Sacrifice on His command.

My Navigation Tools from Week 5

  • Speak in Love (His name)
  • I’m never outmatched with God inside my heart.
  • God sets the course before the game.
  • Obedience equals results.
  • Place hope in a compassionate God.

My Navigation Tools from Week 6

  • Accept the will of God without complaint.
  • Walking by the Spirit does not permit anger at God.
  • Align my priorities with God.
  • Divine Discipline is an act of God’s love.
  • See the world from God’s perspective.

Look back through your six-week bible study and read the navigation skills you wrote down. Find a few of your favorites and share them here with the group.

Navigating my way with God beside me,

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  • anna says:

    hi christine
    i am glad i found this site have not been to church for 3 years and i have back slidden 3 times i have hashimtoes diease and learning disablty is that god’s will foe me to go througth this

  • Tamara says:

    Christine, I believe you are a very strong force! I love the way you take your time and explain every point, with great detail, and make it so easy for me to understand. I am so excited about the new series. God has slowed me down so that I can carefully read his word and absorb it in a way that I have never been able to do! Thank you for your guidance. You provide me with a wonderful example of leadership, consistency and love in which to follow. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  • Sue Schwendemann says:

    Thanks for the navigation skills……I had a hard time with this. You helped explain it to me, but was still having some problems with it. So I have not one to post. Thanks for being you. Blessing to all.

  • De Anna says:

    Thanks so much for your “bullet points”. This helps me to define more what God has been speaking to me through this study. I must confess, I got behind, but still at it!!! This study has been difficult for me and I cannot yet define why…Maybe I am more like Jonah than I thought. Not because I have run from God’s direction, but because I am upset with Him over His interruptions in my life….Yet will I trust Him…

    Thanks again. May I copy your navigational points and use them in my personal study???

    De Anna

    • Christine says:

      You can use these as a guide, knowing that they are my opinions learned within the chapters of the study. Each chapter will have a different message for you, not necessarily the same as mine. Finish the study…you can do an entire week’s lesson in just 1.5 hours a day. Make the time….you will not be disappointed. If you get stuck o nsomething, circle it and move on, because the answer may appear later in the chapter.

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