Authority in Prayer- Dutch Sheets

If you want to deepen your prayer life, then you’ll want to explore Authority in Prayer: Praying with Power and Purpose by Dutch Sheets.  The book begins with a clear definition of power and authority from a spiritual perspective  and ends with seven principles for determining the authority you have in prayer.

About the Book

The focus of the book is finding power and authority in your prayers, specifically to overcome the dark spiritual forces of this world. Dutch gives numerous examples from his personal prayer life as well as the lives of key leaders and speakers. The examples are encouraging and uplifting, with specific instruction. The book includes references to prophetic dreams, visions and the work of the Holy Spirit. Dutch has been called to pray for America and shares examples of his work from locations throughout the United States.

About the Author

Dutch Sheets is internationally known as a pastor, speaker and author. He is the senior pastor of Freedom Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also the author of Intercessory Prayer. You can find more information at Dutch Sheets Ministries

Favorite Quotes by Dutch Sheets

  • The more you learn to govern your world the way God intends, the more His cause prospers.
  • God needs your voice, not your perfection.
  • Christ took the keys of death and became the forever antidote for its sting.
  • God gives authority to those who think the way He thinks and want what He wants.
  • Jesus always endeavored to find out what the Father wanted and then to fulfill His pleasure. We must do the same.
  • Favor, provision and authority follow the receiving of God’s heart.
  • Without Christ, we’re easy prey for sin, Satan, and life’s negative circumstances.
  • What God does on earth He does through His people.

Favorite Scripture from the Book

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open. Isaiah 22:22

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  • carla Lowe says:

    Thanks! Our bible study last night became an old fashioned “Wednesday night prayer meeting” and our pastor spoke on the power of prayer and us needing to pray more and ask god for a spirit of discerning and intercessory! Great recommendation.

    • Christine says:

      Perfect timing then. My post is simply a confirmation of where your pastor is already leading you, and the Spirit uses this to show you where God’s heart is for you right now. Thanks for sharing the comment!

  • Julie B says:

    Christine, I appreciate your recommendation. It seems that you came into my life at just the right time 🙂 Your studies, words, and recommendations are proving to be a blessing in my life! Thank you for allowing God to use you…

    • Christine says:

      I’m just a messenger 😉 One of my favorite scripture verses is John 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less.

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