spirit2I’m still reading the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer as I prepare for our new Bible study next week. Reading and listening to the audio segments, I am being groomed, manicured and pedicured…as I anticipate preparing myself to honor the King. We begin One in a Million on April 19th, and I pray each of you will come to the study with an open heart and mind.

I was able to download the audio sessions to my iPhone, and listen to them while waiting for the kids in carpool. Book in hand, iPhone on speaker, it was comfortable and quiet as I listened to Priscilla Shirer’s teaching. When you’re a busy Mom like me, quiet time can be in the least expected place: the MomVan!

Links for Voice of God Week Two

  • Session Two, Viewer Guide
  • Day 1- Holy Spirit, a Miracle
  • Day 2- Holy Spirit, or Your Conscience
  • Day 3- This is the Control Tower
  • Day 4- Transformation Time
  • Day 5- Are You Drawn

This Week’s Summary

Some of the valuable lessons I learned this week are:

  1. Use my 5 senses to hear God
  2. The conscience is not God.
  3. Submit to the ministry of Eli.
  4. Listen to the voice in my ear, the control tower of God.
  5. Yield to the Holy Spirit. Get a t-shirt!
  6. Pay attention to the veil.

Complete the Sentence

I know it’s definitely the Lord is speaking to me, and not another voice or my conscience, when……

Listening with all five senses,

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