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Books on Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual warfare is not unusual for Christians to experience, yet many do not recognize it when it happens or know how to fight the battle when it begins. We’ve created a list of books on spiritual warfare to help you understand what this is and how to fight the battle from victory, not fear. Browse the list below or suggest books to add to this collection.

Many of these books are available in Kindle format…just click the link and then look at the other versions.


The Art of War for Spiritual Battle by Cindy Trimm

The Bait of Satan by John Bevere

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Mary DeMuth

Enemy Access Denied by John Bevere

He Teaches My Hands to War by Larry Stockstill

Invisible War by Chip Ingram

Lord, Is It Warfare? by Kay Arthur

Prayers That Break Curses by John Eckhardt

Prayers That Rout Demons by John Eckhardt

The Rules of Engagement by Cindy Trimm

Rules of Engagement by Derek Prince

The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis

Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory by Jerry Rankin and foreword by Beth Moore

Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization and Deliverance by Karl Payne

Spiritual Warfare: Overcoming the Enemy by Kay Arthur

The Strategy of Satan by Warren Wiersbe

The Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane

Victory in Spiritual Warfare by Tony Evans

Victory Over the Darkness by Neil T Anderson

When the Enemy Strikes by Dr. Charles Stanley


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These are just a few of the books on spiritual warfare. If you’d like to recommend a book on spiritual warfare, post a comment below. Thank you.

When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Week 5

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We’ve just finished week five of When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore, and next week is our last week of this spiritual warfare bible study. I hope you are enjoying the online bible studies for women! Spiritual warfare is one of the hardest studies to lead and to complete, because Satan throws out every flaming arrow he can gather and strives to stop your spiritual growth in this area. I commend each of you for your perseverance and determination to claim victory and complete your study. If you were sitting in my living room I’d run over and give you BIG HUGS.

Week 5 of this study is about finding your way home to the God who loves you. This week’s lesson is critical to spiritual growth. If you haven’t turned a corner already, then now is the time. You need to leave the past on the cross, let go of your shame, and walk in grace and forgiveness. If you have already experienced this transformation, then you know what I am referring to. We can be in bondage to our past, and though we know Jesus forgives and cleans us, we often do not forgive ourselves. A turning point in your spiritual life is when you let go of the woman who made a mistake, and embrace the woman who God loves.  Jesus was not nailed to the cross so you would continue to feel bad about your past choices; Jesus was nailed to the cross to lift your burden, bring you grace and show you how deep God’s love is for His children. If Satan and his demons are weighing you down with past mistakes, today is the time to fling them away and claim your identity. You are God’s child and no enemy, no evil power, no shame, no past mistake can keep you from the arms of a loving father. God loves prodigal children. Saying that God could “never forgive me” is actually a form of pride. It’s thinking your sin is greater than Christ’s nail-pierced hands of the cross. “Live for the applause of nail-scared hands,” says Mark Batterson.

If you still struggle with your past, I invite you to try this visual exercise. Find a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to any sin you’ve been hiding under a sackcloth of shame. Imagine yourself removing this sackcloth….dusty and aged from years and years of bondage. See yourself folding the sackcloth and putting it into a museum where it is viewed as a thing of the past. Now, imagine you are crossing the Jordan River and you need 12 stones to get to the other side. As you visualize yourself walking across each stone, pray for 12 sins to reveal themselves. On the first stone you might say “Holy Spirit, walk with me and help me release my sins. On this first stone I confess (my sin) and I ask for forgiveness.” Do this 12 times and see where the visualization leads you. When you see yourself on the other side, imagine Jesus is waiting there to wash your feet. It’s a beautiful exercise of releasing the veils of shame and allowing Christ in you to restore your soul. (Psalm 23:3 NKJV)

Follow your heart to the path of hope and restoration, release your fears and let God heal. Find Christian counseling if you need it, and move forward on the path Jesus places before you. My steps have stayed on your path; I have not wavered from following you. Psalm 17:5 NLT

Prayer Requests

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Beth Moore Quotes

  • God’s Word provides a road map for restoration if we are willing to follow it.
  • True repentance swells grace.
  • I had to learn to swim in grace in order to live.
  • Humble and surrender yourself and all things concerning you into His loving hands and His wise plan.
  • Release your pride entirely to the Lord.
  • The sifting of our proud natures is one of God’s primary divine intentions.
  • God has no use for pride. It’s one of the few things scripture points out that He absolutely hates.
  • Failure may be the very thing God uses to sift us and make us true foot-washing servants.
  • If God wants to open doors for you to serve Him, He is perfectly capable of doing it.

For Next Week

  • Read Week Six in the workbook
  • If you are using the CD’s please listen to audio Session Six
  • Join our next study Loving Well by Beth Moore

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. How do you feel about Had? (page 105 )
  2. Imagine your sin nailed upon the cross. Picture this in your mind, then share your gratitude.
  3. How does it feel to know God will never reject you and he calls you His daughter? (page 120 )
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.

When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Week 4

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It’s the fourth week of When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore, and we spent time this week looking at they types of seduction used for evil. Our discussion examined relational seductions and how the enemy breaks or creates unhealthy ties. Beth gave a wonderful example of always keeping the cross between ourselves and anyone we engage with. Use the cross as a boundary for relationships; it is an extension and reflection of God’s heart. When the relationship does not align with the cross…FLEE… in Jesus name.

In our lesson, Beth writes “we have been sent into this world. To disconnect would be in direct disobedience of that purpose.” I lived out this week’s lesson as I confronted a Christian leader about a decision he was making. I am not mentioning his name so I will not fall into gossip, though he did mention me on his blog. He made a public statement that he intended to disconnect with his followers on Twitter because 1) they lowered his Klout score and 2) he was getting too much junk in his mail box and missing valuable relationships. My intent was to confront him in love, so I posted a comment suggesting he pray before making the decision to “mass unfollow” people he had connected with. He was disconnecting from Christians and it touched my heart. I gave him an example of how God uses me in social media: often I say something that touches the heart of another believer and they tell me those words or that scripture verse ministered to them. By “cutting out” a following of Believers, this leader was cutting out the opportunity for God to use him this way. It was taken out of context when I suggested he look at this from God’s view: what would happen if Jesus unfollowed his flock and then told us to earn our way back in? The leader lashed at me and said I was elevating Twitter to the status of Jesus, and I offended him. My words were mis-read and he missed my heart. Soon a group of other Christian leaders joined him and started mocking anyone who disagreed with their decision to mass-unfollow Christians.

I walked away from the confrontation and let it go, until a week later when a friend said she was inclined to follow his lead. She said many Christians were now “mass unfollowing” one another just like this leader did,  in order to have more quality relationships and better Klout scores. My heart jumped into the conversation again, as I saw the Christian leader was driving the flock to disconnect and again I confronted him. He was (and still is) getting a lot of attention for his actions. I asked for prayer from others before confronting him again, confided in close friends, and went where God led my heart. I explained to this leader that mass unfollowing is not based on scripture and again encouraged him to pray before encouraging Christians to disconnect.  I saw the enemy working in this situation, convincing leaders that fewer followers would make for better quality. Twice last week I was approached by my followers telling me they were giving up on God and walking away from Him. In each case, I was able to engage with her and redirect her back to Jesus. Often people send me prayer requests and say they have no Christian friends and do not know where to turn. God placed me in a position to do this and if I had “mass unfollowed” people to raise my Klout score or make my life more convenient, I would have been serving myself and not Him. My heart is with Jesus and I would never mass unfollow people He leads my way. “In terms of ministry, people are everything to us because they are everything to Christ,” writes Beth. It breaks my heart when Christian leaders encourage the flock to separate.

While I do not like conflict in relational situations, I have a deeper need to be led by Christ. I would not have peace in my heart if I ignored the discernment He placed on my heart. Would I want to look back at a mass unfollowing by Christians and say “I did nothing and I was in agreement to break up the flock” or do I want to look back and say “I listened to Christ and followed His heart?” Discernment showed me Christ would never encourage mass unfollowing for the sake of higher Klout scores or convenience, because this is pride. “If we are not motivated by the Spirit through love, God is not the one calling us to get involved,” writes Beth. I pray God will continue to place people before me so I can love on them, pray with them and lead them to Christ.

By the way…my discernment and confrontation happened prior to reading this week’s bible study. 🙂 The study conformed what I had already experienced.

Prayer Requests

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Beth Moore Quotes

  • Disconnection is not an option for followers of Christ.
  • Christ didn’t give his life for church doctrine. He gave His life for people.
  • Neither spirituality nor being deeply spiritual about Christian things equals godliness.
  • The world is going to get increasingly wicked, yet we’ve been sent smack into the middle of it.
  • Those who isolate themselves from the involvement of the body of Christ will be at great risk for potential disaster.
  • Discernment sees trouble, senses a warning, and cites the need for caution.
  • We can’t practice godly discernment if we don’t walk in the Spirit.
  • Believers have never needed one another more than they will in the latter days.

For Next Week

Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like

  1. What evidence do you see of hearts growing cold in this world? (page 80 )
  2. What happens when Christ stands between relationships? (page 93 )
  3. Have you ever been in a situation such as mine, where your discernment sees trouble and you feel the need to speak up, even if it leads to conflict? (page 97 )
  4. Share a favorite moment from this week’s study.