Soli Deo Gloria – Glory to God Alone

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This post was written  by Cindy Hamilton as she shares her breast cancer journey with our readers. Please pray and support her journey of healing.

Cleansed, Clean, and Clear

Did you hear it?  The huge sigh of relief and thanksgiving!  My PET/CT scans were clear; there were no signs of recurrence or metastasis.  The original cancer was deemed “mild” and felt to be post-surgical in etiology…and I haven’t even had the surgery yet.  The doctor was amazed.

Last Monday morning, I walked into the PET scan room with a sense of peace.  After my last chemo treatment the week before, I admit to having some anxiety.  But, as the week progressed, my anxiety was replaced with the “peace that passes all understanding”.  And so, as I lay on the narrow PET scanning bed with my hands over my head, I prayed.  The words “cleansed, clean, and clear” came into my mind.  God had already given me the word, “cleansed”.  Several months ago, I woke in the night after a difficult chemo treatment.  I sat up in bed and the word “cleansed” came to me in the dark quiet.  And now, God added the words clean and clear.

Tuesday, the phone rang.  It was Dr. Gentry’s nurse.  “The reports came back early, and your scans look great!”  Wednesday morning Dr. Gentry went over all of the reports with us.  Preston and I couldn’t stop smiling!  We celebrated at the Purple Cow with a nice juicy hamburger.

Surgery and radiation are still ahead, but God has given us a confirmation that it will all be over soon.  And so, I wake every morning with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  Soli Deo Gloria

 Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory 
through our Lord Jesus Christ!   1 Corinthians 15:57

Faith Is . . . . .

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This post was written  by Cindy Hamilton as she shares her breast cancer journey with our readers. Please pray and support her journey of healing.

It was another one of those times. Wednesday night during praise and worship, my heart was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions.  I had just finished my last chemo treatment.  I was through!  Standing there in church and praising God, it just flooded over me—no more treatments!  Overcome, I knelt in His presence and heard Him say, “Confess your faith.”  Did I hear Him correctly? I had no proof that God had healed me yet; my PET scan and surgery were still in front of me.  With my heart pounding, I found my way over to Pastor Derek.  “May I say something?” I asked.  “Do you want to testify?” he asked.  “Yes, I do.”

Faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see.”  (Hebrews 11:1) Over the last six and a half months, I have prayed and hoped for healing. “Lord, it only takes a tiny little seed of faith to move mountains.”  I know I have that!  Honestly, though, I have to admit that there have been several times when I have prayed liked the father of the demon-possessed boy, who was thrown into the fire,

“If you can do anything, help us! Show us compassion!” Jesus said to him, “‘if you can do anything’? All things are possible for the one who has faith.” At that the boy’s father cried out, “I have faith; help my lack of faith!” Mark 9:22-24           

I started this journey here.

As I walk once again into the scanning lab this Monday morning, I take this picture with me.  All I know to do is to take a deep breath, pray, and believe.  That’s all the Lord requires.


How Has Your Suffering Been Redeemed?

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This post was written  by Cindy Hamilton as she shares her breast cancer journey with our readers. Please pray and support her journey of healing.

The chemo room was like a turntable that morning.  When it was my turn to sit down, two sweet ladies we’re already sitting comfortable, receiving their morning drip.  Flo was 83 years old.  She was there because her first chemo treatment had just about knocked her off her feet, literally.  She told the nurse that she had felt like she was dying.  The other lady, Bonnie, a beautiful black lady, was in for her weekly drip, treating her over-multiplying white blood count.  Flo talked, but I don’t think Bonnie said anything except “Mmmm” when we talked about how God was the one who helped us through our sickness.  But, Bonnie had this quiet dignity and gentle smile that spoke for her.

In a short while, both Bonnie and Flo left replaced by Sandra and Summer. I met Sandra several weeks earlier.  She was in for her fourth bout with chemo.  With a shrug of her shoulders, she told me that she was about to lose her hair for the fourth time, laughing that each time it came in, it was different.  She has been fighting this ghastly disease for several years.   Sandra, however, wasn’t a victim—she was an overcomer.  She and her daughter had collected insulated bags from a local hospital, filled them with snacks and distributed them among the chemo rooms in several clinics.  She explained that sometimes you just get hungry during treatments, especially if a person is there for the day.

While Sandra was talking to me, Summer sat down, curled her feet under her and turned her head away as the nurse stuck the needle in her port.  Summer was a beautiful young woman, about the age of my youngest daughter.  Her head was covered with the cutest grey cap, which she said her mother had made for her. Her story broke my heart.  She found out she had cervical cancer five years ago when she was pregnant with her little girl.  Choosing life for her baby, she put off her treatments until she was born.  By that time, the aggressive cancer had spread.  Summer has been in treatment for the last five years, only recently having her bladder removed.  But, she is a fighter!  Her precious little girl and handsome husband came in the room with us to check on her.  After they left, she told us that she would be in treatment for the rest of her life.

Yesterday, my husband and I attended church with my daughter.  The scripture was Isaiah 53.  The minister asked this question, “How has your suffering been redeemed?”  All of these ladies are suffering in their own way.  But, none of them blame God or feel sorry for themselves.  They are there to fight this hideous disease, knowing that God is fighting the fight for them.  They are strong and brave, holding on to God with all their might.    Yes, Jesus had already fought the fight, He bore the punishment 
that made us whole;
 by his wounds we are healed.”  We have been redeemed.