• When is the next study?
  • How much does this cost? Our studies and small groups are free.
  • Do you make profit from these studies? No. Our leaders do not write or publish the study books. We facilitate studies.
  • Is this an inductive study or a topical study? We offer both formats.
  • Do I need to have previous Bible study experience? Not at all, come join us!
  • How do I subscribe to the Bible study?
  • How do I know if I’m registered? If you posted a comment on the registration page, you are registered.
  • Where are the discussion questions? Monday morning emails and in our Facebook groups
  • Why don’t I get the weekly updates for my bible study? Look for the confirmation email and click “confirm” link
  • What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind? Join any group at any time
  • How do I get a photo next to my name when I comment on the website? Comment with Facebook account or Gravatar
  • Where do I find the completed studies?



  • Who are the leaders?
  • Where is the small group schedule? Pinned post at the top of each private Facebook group.
  • When is the small group schedule posted? As soon as we know how many women are registered and how many groups we need. Usually one week before we begin.
  • Am I assigned a group? No. Select the day and time you want to attend.
  • What day and time do we meet? Topical studies meet seven days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Inductive studies meet fewer days.
  • How long are the small group meetings? One hour.
  • How do I join a small group? Show up on the day and time you want to attend.
  • What if I missed a small group meeting? All groups will welcome you, select another day and time in the week.
  • Do I need to have a Facebook account? WBC fellowship happens in our private Facebook group. You can post your answers on this website each week, however the comments are public.
  • Where do we meet for inductive study?
  • Where do we meet for topical study?
  • Where can I share a prayer request? Post prayers and answered prayers in your small groups anytime in the week. If you are not connected with a group, look for the prayer photo in our group and comment there so our prayer team will see it.


  • When do I start reading my study book? The first day the study begins, Monday, read week one day one.
  • Where do I find the books? Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Books
  • Can I use an eBook such as Kindle? Yes, if available in electronic format.
  • How much are the study workbooks? The author and publisher set the price. Shorter studies are less expensive.
  • Where can I find the audio/video segments for the study? Amazon or
  • Where can I find the Answers to the Video Sessions? Look for “Leaders Kit” on publisher’s website or in our Facebook group.
  • Do I need the leaders guide? No.
  • How do you select the books for the WBC? We pray.
  • What Bible do you use for online study? We recommend or
  • I can’t afford the book, do you have scholarships? Scholarships are limited and only available when we receive donations via PayPal. If scholarship funds are donated and available, we’ll provide a scholarship book US Shipping only, in this order of priority: missionaries and military wives, current WBC students with financial hardships, new WBC students with financial hardships. We are a 100% volunteer ministry and leaders purchase their own study books and videos.


  • What are you reading this month?
  • Do I need a workbook or study guide? Not for the book club, this is an informal reading group.
  • Do I need to read both books of the month? We offer fiction and nonfiction, choose one or both!
  • How are books selected? We look for affordable books, Kindle or print, and we pray.
  • When do you announce the books for the next month? Between the 12th  and 15th of the previous month
  • Where do I get the books? Amazon, Christian Books, local library. Look for used books to save money.
  • Where is the reading schedule posted? There is no reading schedule. Begin on the 1st of the month,  finish by the last day.
  • Where are the discussions? We meet in a private group, join here:
  • Where are the book discussions? Look for photos with “Quick Chat” and post your answers under the photos. There is no live event.


If your question is not answered here, please submit an inquiry and contact us