Are You Ready For Spiritual Growth?

40Do you want to grow closer to God through fasting? Not everyone can tolerate a 40 food fast due to health concerns, so the Womens Bible Cafe™ is having a 40 DAY FINANCIAL FAST

During these 40 days you’ll learn the Biblical methods of fasting with the goal of a financial breakthrough. Perhaps you’ll want to breakthrough:

  • Financial debt
  • Overspending
  • Problems with money
  • Poor stewardship
  • Increase in money based on Biblical values (not prosperity preaching)

Prepare for a life-changing experience as you are fasting 40 days. This is not just a physical fast  where you give up sugar or coffee- instead you’ll learn spiritual fasting. You’ll be fasting from online shopping, unnecessary spending, and anything else the Holy Spirit places in your heart.

After completing Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, I decided to do a financial fast with my family. We fasted from all luxuries: pizza delivery, Starbucks, movies, entertainment, etc. We saved an amazing amount of money in those 40 days, and then we gave ALL the saved money to charity, even though my husband was laid off towards the last week of fasting and we really needed that money! We were faithful to God, and He was faithful to us. We learned how to live with ‘less’ so when we had a desperate need He already prepared us to live with less. God is good!

7 Things You’ll Learn During the 40 Day FINANCIAL FAST

  1. Fast and pray according to God’s will
  2. Fast and pray according to Biblical principles
  3. Fast and pray in faith believing
  4. Fast and pray in fellowship
  5. Fast and pray continuously
  6. Fast and pray to be cleansed of sin barriers
  7. Fast and pray with a great number of people

If you’ve never fasted financially, I recommend reading this book: Fasting for Financial Breakthrough by Dr. Elmer Towns, the co-founder of Liberty University and Dean of the School of Religion – CLICK HERE to ORDER BOOK 

Let’s not fast alone. If you are married or in a relationship, invite your spouse or significant other to join you. If you’re single, ask a friend or family member to join you. You’ll appreciate the accountability partner on the days when the fasting gets uncomfortable or you’re tempted to stop before the 40 days are up!

SIGN UP for 40 DAY FINANCIAL FAST- starts Wednesday February 18, 2015

Will you join us for these 40 days of FASTING? We begin on Wednesday February 18, 2015 and we’ll finish on Easter Sunday.

  1. If you want to SIGN-UP please post a comment below. Tell us if you are going to do this with or without the book Fasting for Financial Breakthrough by Dr. Elmer Towns. If you have a favorite book on finance, share the book title in the comments below and I will add a few of these to my reading list during the 40 days we are fasting.
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With love,

christine abraham

Christian Prayer Box | Simple Method to Organize Prayers

Many women have been asking about my Simple Prayer Box and sharing my photos with their friends. I started this a few years ago when my I selected “simplicity” as my one focus word for the year. I wanted a simple method to organize my prayers and remind myself to interceded for family and friends. I’ve made a few changes since then and here is the prayer box I’m using today.

Simple Prayer Box

How to Create a Simple Prayer Box

You’ll need these items for your prayer box:

  1. Index card file box with key
  2. Index card blank tabs
  3. Index card 1-31 tabs (optional)
  4. Index cards

I found my file box at Walmart and another one at the local office supply store. You can also find them at Amazon in pretty colors: pink, white or silver and black. I was not able to find the index blank tabs locally so I bought them online. See resources below if you cannot find the items where you live.


How to Use Your Simple Prayer Box

Organize your box using the index tabs. Here’s how I have organized my box using these tabs:

  1. Ministry leaders at Womens Bible Cafe
  2. Ministry Leaders in other ministries
  3. Scripture Verses
  4. My Bible study small groups- Monday Group, Tuesday Group, Friday Group
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Church- my local church, other churches, pastors
  8. Prayer Room- these are the women who post prayer requests online
  9. Country and Government
  10. Daily tabs 1-31

Behind each tab I keep the names in alphabetical order, it’s easier for me to find the name of a friend and add her prayer to her card. If someone has a scheduled surgery, mammogram, doctor’s appointment, job interview, etc.- I use the numbered tabs and move her card there so I remember to pray for her on a specific date. I also use the numbered tabs to remember birthday’s.

During my quiet time with the Lord, I pull a stack of cards and pray through them.  If I am convicted of a Scripture verse, I write it on the prayer card including the date. Several of my friends have breast cancer, so I keep all their names on a single card and set aside time to pray for them as a group. When prayers are answered, I write this on my card.

You could write the address, phone number and email of your friends on the top of the card. Then as you are praying send them a text message, or if you have the time, a handwritten card. Don’t complicate this…as you create your own prayer box pray and ask the Lord how to keep it simple so that you will use it.

I’d love to see photos and ideas from your own prayer boxes, so please post them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. These are wonderful gifts ideas for your girlfriends and Bible study leaders. It’s also a good activity for local small groups to create their boxes together.

As promised, these are the resources if you can’t find the items locally.

Locking Box

Blank Tabs

1-31 Tabs

3 x 5 lined cards

Do not buy index cards at Walmart, I discovered the paper is really thin and doesn’t hold up well. If you want to save money, split the cost of the blank tabs with a friend, or don’t use the 1-31 tabs. Keep in mind this is something you’ll use for years, so the initial cost is small compared to the long-term use!


Much love to you,


Bible Shopping With My Family

many bibles

Last month I went Bible shopping with my family and we had so much fun! One lady was there looking for her first Bible and said “Your family is so entertaining, I’ve never had so much fun!” All I can say is that we  looked like characters from a popular reality television show with the initials “DD.”

My kids needed Bibles for summer camp. My 12 year old daughter is upgrading from her purple princess Bible with crystal beads. I showed her a Life Application Study Bible in small size and she says “Mom, I don’t need THAT!!! All I want is Bible with just the words, nothing else!”

My teenager daughter rolls her eyes, says “I don’t need one, they share the verses on the screen anyway!” When her sister picks out a cool Bible suddenly she “needs” one too.

My husband says “I love my Bible, and I don’t need a new one because I bring my iPad to church.”

I scan the rows back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I picked up every Bible that caught my eye; most were pink or purple leather. I look at the translations, I say “this one is too heavy” or “the print is too tiny.” Finally I find one that is called “Large Print Compact Bible” and the cover is so beautiful, I MUST have it. My husband asks “How many Bibles do you own already?” The woman observing us just burst out laughing.

I explained to my captive audience  “I have the first Bible I learned from, my Life Application Bible Large Print and it’s too heavy for church. So I bought a Thinline Bible for church and the print is so small I can’t see it. Then I have my Inductive Study Bible and the chapters do not have descriptions, you need to write them in yourself. I have my Leadership Bible, Commentary Bible (s) and my all time favorite is the Spirit-Filled Bible but it’s not in the translations I like using right now.”  I forgot to mention that I also have  Greek-Hebrew Keyword Bible, probably because I never use this one.

Finally my husband and kids get to the cashier and she asks “Do you want your name embossed on the cover?” So my husband yells across the Christian bookstore/coffee shop “Honey, do we want the kids names printed on the Bible?” I yell back “Well, they are going to summer camp with 700 kids so it would be nice.” As the kids Bibles are being embossed, I decide on a Bible to purchase for myself (the one in this photo). My husband yells, “Honey, do you want yours embossed too?” I yell back, “No thank you. The cover is so pretty I don’t want to mess it up.”  He pays for my Bible and then says “Happy Mother’s Day” to which the jaws drop on the people around us. He continues “I know Father’s Day is tomorrow so today’s the last day to get you a gift.” I am hysterical with laughter while the other Christians in the store are hiding smiles behind their hands.

The kids are delighted and we finally left the store with three Bibles, two which are embossed with names.

Yes, we were THAT family Bible shopping  :-)

Creating a Spiritual Journal for Bible Study

As with each of our online studies, we encourage you to keep a spiritual journal.  You can purchase a journal or create your own. Here are a few samples to help you get started with your first spiritual journal for Bible study.

Stasia has her journal divided into sections labeled Prayer, Memory Verses, Discussion Questions, and What God is Speaking to My Heart.


Stasia’s Method:

  1. Memory work. Some I have in my brain, some I do not, all need to be reviewed for me to continue to be resting in the Father’s Loving Embrace on a daily basis. I go through all the verses weekly. I use 3 by 5 cards… which I lost in the move so I have to rewrite them. THIS particular list came from a simple little book called 100 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know. It was a pretty good book.
  2. Front of journal. I move from front to back as a journal so to speak. I use these pages to note what the Lord is showing me. I use MANY post its through out the week… and post them in the pages. At the end of the week I compile them and re write each one into the journal. This give me opportunity to praise the Lord for things that have been resolved by the end of the week, or to just giggle at my own human-ness… (just being honest ladies)
  3. Back of journal. Since the leadership training years ago I move from front to back keeping a journal (like a diary) and from back to front as a prayer journal.. when they meet in the middle I get a new journal
  4. Reminder cards. Cards I keep in the pocket to remind me of WHO God is… (Stasia made these cards for herself)

Michelle has divided spiritual journal by name and prayer needs.

Michelle’s Method:

  1. She is using index cards and a binder from Office Depot
  2. She created a section for her husband, herself and each of her kids.
  3. She is dating the requests or “conversation” she is having with God day by day. “I’m not rewriting something that is already there, but I am adding to it as I go along,” she says.
  4. She bought extra large index cards and hole-punched them to fit. She can take them out or move them around and rearrange them .

Sheree has a very simple method. She says, “I wanted to share my simple Spiritual Journal that I setup for my study, for those of you, like me, who still journal the old fashioned way.”

spiritual Journal

“This is just a simple spiral notebook, and you can buy sticky tabs to label the sections of your journal. This spiral notebook came with the multi-colored sticky notes that will be handy to mark your favorite places in the Bible study. The front cover will hold our Scripture memory cards that are found in the back of the Study Workbook. Each week during my daily study, when I open my journal, I will see my Scripture Memory card for that week. Then the next week, I’ll add the next Scripture reference card for that week’s memory work. The first few pages of my journal is labeled “prayer requests,” and it has several pages of “things to do” which is where my prayer requests will go. Just thought I would share this simple tool with you.”


Lastly, I’ve divided mine into daily lessons, weekly summary, prayer requests and small groups. I keep a list of all the women participating in my small groups, and then pray for them by name during the course of the week. I also keep attendance in my groups… and send weekly event reminders to the women who are growing spiritually with me through Bible study.

These are just some of the ideas for creating a spiritual journal, we’d like to hear yours too! Post a comment below and encourage others!

My First Bible Study


My first womens bible study was called “Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by Beth Moore, not exactly the most appealing title! However, it was the only study offered at my church and I wanted to grow in faith, so I enrolled in the study. Hesitant and turned off by the title, I arrived on the first day of the study, grabbed my workbook from the stack of books, and then turned around and headed out the door. I was too uncomfortable and felt out of place. As I was leaving the church, a friend saw me and questioned me. When I told her about my lack of commitment and uncertainty about the book subject, she grabbed both my eyes with hers and gave me “the talk.”

The talk my friend gave me changed my life and placed me directly before God and my bible. She has no idea…God simply used her through our relationship and the glory goes to Him, not to the friend. In fact, today, I can no longer remember her name…she was a distant friend, an acquaintance. John C Maxwell once said “You never know when God will use you to be a miracle in someone else’s life.” He used my friend that day.

As I was pulling away from Bible study, and away from God, my friend interrupted my path. She explained to me how Satan, the father of all lies, would do everything in his power to keep me from Bible study. She revealed to me that Satan did not want me to know scripture, and more importantly, he did not want me to have an intimate relationship with God. If I listen to the small voice in my head, making so many excuses for not going to the bible study, then I was following Satan and not God. She encouraged me to listen to my heart.

With my heart I knew I wanted to be closer to God, know more of His word and study the Bible. So I made a U-turn in life, redirected my path, and walked into my first bible study.

When I arrived, a welcome group of women invited me in, and started what appeared to be a routine bible study session. Begin with prayer, open your Bibles…

I was in DESPERATE trouble! I did NOT have a bible. I was at my first Bible study and did not think to bring a bible. Actually, I did not even own a bible. Ducking my head in shame, a kind woman offered me the standard church bible from a stack in the back of the room. The church bible had such tiny print, in red letters, I could hardly focus my eyes. I felt so lost…yet so loved…all at the same time.

At the completion of my “Why Godly People Do Ungodly Things” by Beth Moore bible study, I learned two things:

  1. The bible is not just a book with prayers and commandments to memorize, it’s a LIVING love letter from God.
  2. I could not learn this on my own, and needed a Bible leader, such as Beth Moore or Jennifer Rothschild.

Soon I was participating in more small group studies, and found myself exploring workbooks by other authors, such as Max Lucado, Jennifer Rothschild, Priscilla Shirer, Anne Graham Lotz, Kay Arthur, Nancy Lee DeMoss and more. I realize that although I enjoyed Beth Moore studies, I needed to explore other authors as well, or I could easily turn Beth Moore into an idol. Beth didn’t want me to read the Bible for Beth, she wanted me to read the bible for the Lord and to discover God in the pages of scripture. So I balanced my workbooks and study with various authors. In my current bible study plan, I alternate a short 6-week study with a long 10-week Beth Moore study and I find balance.

Now that I’ve shared my first Bible study experience, I’d like to know more about yours. What was your first experience like? Please post a comment below!