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holy spirit unleashed online bible study

The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You Online Inductive Bible Study | Register Here

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Power…it’s a strong word isn’t it? But what exactly does it mean? Dictionary.com defines power as the great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force; a person or thing that possesses or exercises authority or influence. Do you know that you have the power to do great and mighty things? The power to be all that God wants you to be? The power to do what God wants you to do? As Christians, we have all been given a special gift, and that’s the gift of the Holy Spirit, our personal power for daily living. But do we really know what it means to “walk by the Spirit” and to “live by the Spirit”?

holy spirit unleashed online bible study


Join us on August 10, 2015, for a new Inductive Precept Bible study on the book of Acts, “The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You” by Kay Arthur. Through this Precept study we will learn how to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit so that we are empowered to break through our fears and become a bolder witness for Jesus Christ and to experience His power in a dynamic way you have never experienced before in your daily living.

What You Need For “The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You: Acts” Inductive Bible Study

  • The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You: Acts book by Kay Arthur (This is The New Inductive Study Series on the book of Acts). Available at Amazon, Lifeway, Precepts or Christian book stores.
  • Your Bible (this study uses The New Inductive Study Bible in the NASB version); however, you may use your own Bible in your favorite translation, and the Observation Worksheets on the book of Acts will be provided in the Inductive Studies chat room for you to do your key word markings and observations
  • Colored pencils or pens. My favorite are the Pilot Eraseable FroXion Gel Pens
  • A journal or notebook for working on your assignments and recording your insights

Acts picture of book

This is a 10-week study, which will consist of about 20 to 30 minutes of study for six days of guided lessons, and questions for group discussion are provided on Day Seven.

The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You 10 Lesson Plans

  • Introduction Week (Begin reading Week One)
  • Week One – Witnessing: God’s Plan–The Holy Spirit: God’s Provision
  • Week Two – What Made the Church Distinctive? Are we Missing Something?
  • Week Three – Bound by Your Humanity–Or Unleashed by His Spirit?
  • Week Four – Do You Know God’s Priorities?
  • Week Five – Suffering–It Goes with Salvation
  • Week Six – Baptized with the Spirit? Who…When…How?
  • Week Seven – Don’t Know What to Do? Try Prayer and Fasting
  • Week Eight – Not Perfect…but Faithful; Is Your Heart Grieved by the Idols People Worship?
  • Week Nine – Will You Declare the Truth–No Matter the Cost?; Bold and Confident Because of the Spirit
  • Week Ten – Unleashed for Obedience; His Witness–by His Spirit!

Welcome to our Fall Inductive Precept Bible Study!

Many Blessings,

Sheree Poole

conversation peace online bible study

Conversation Peace Online Bible Study | Week 3

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Welcome Back to our Summer Study, Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian.  “The Power of Exchange.” What a powerful phrase. I recently was out and about doing one of my favorite activities: shopping.  I was in a rush and grabbed a really cute shirt but failed to try it on before buying it.  When I got home, of course, it didn’t fit quite right.  It didn’t flatter my shape at all.  I felt very uncomfortable in it.  My daughter and my husband both had those awkward looks on their faces when I asked each of them how it looked.  Long story short, I needed to exchange it for a larger size.  Once I did, I was free to move and free to be confident wearing it without worrying about if it would rip, or if I could eat, LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

conversation peace online bible study

This reminds me of our lesson this week.  Exchanging the negative thoughts in our minds, and the negative feelings in our hearts, and the negative place holders in our hearts with positive thoughts, with the joy of Jesus, and centering our hearts on Christ impacts our relationships with others.  Just as I felt more comfortable to move about and interact in my new appropriate sized shirt, we will be more comfortable interacting with others when our hearts are filled with Christ and His love and His life changing words.

My new shirt changed my feelings about my appearance, just as when we renew our minds and put on the love of Christ and He becomes the primary place holder in our hearts.  Putting on new attitudes and actions also impacts our conversations.  By giving grace as God has given it to us, our words become kinder, more compassionate, more patient, and more uplifting.  We must work to move away from holding grudges and counting the infractions that others have done to us.  These are things that hinder our growth and cause us to block God’s blessings.  To become one who gives grace, we must remember how God grants us His grace each and every day, even though we don’t deserve.  Trust me, remembering this will cause you to grant everyone you see grace. LOL  I know full well how amazing God’s grace has been in my life, and I want to give it to others when I can.  It is a process because we have feelings and when others hurt us with their words and actions, it is natural that we would not want to be kind to them.  But God calls us to spread His love to others and see others as He does.

This week I fell for the lies that satan tells us about ourselves and our relationship with God. I was feeling very hopeless and down on myself.  My faith was tested in a particular situation where I couldn’t see a way out, and I was not trusting or believing that God could do it from lies that I was listening too.  But praise be to God that I realized that God can do anything but fail.  He is the almighty and powerful God who intercedes in situations on my behalf, and on your behalf each and every day.  I began to pray and ask God to help me put my thoughts back in line with His thinking and to help me stop believing lies. Will you turn to God for help when you began to think and believe lies that satan tries to destroy us with?

I want to continue to experience God’s overflowing love, grace and mercy and I want each to overflow from my heart to my lips to others.  I want to filter my words so that they are ones that are from God and demonstrate my position as a daughter of the most High King.  Praying that you will also!


  • Join a small group for study and fellowship.
  • Study and memorize our Breath Freshener for this week: Ephesians 4:22-24
  • Exchange some negative beliefs and attitudes with positive ones this week
  • Read Week 4 in your workbook
  • Visit the Conversation Peace website for more resources

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK: (You can answer in your small group or post a comment here on the website if you do not have a Facebook account)

  1. On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being easy and 5 being very difficult) how difficult is it for you to reject satan’s lies and accept God’s truth? Why do you think this presents such a challenge for you? (page 70)
  2. Mary Kassian defines a “grace-giver” as one who looks with favor on those who least deserve it from us.  She defines a “debt-counter” as one who counts the hurts that others commit against us that they haven’t apologized or made up for. Are you a “grace-giver” or a “debt-counter?” What habits cultivate being a “grace-giver?” (page 75)
  3. Do you have an attitude of gratitude: Are you grateful for what is given or resentful for what is withheld? How does this impact your relationships with others?
  4.  What are two words you use to express thankfulness?
  5. PERSONAL ACTIVITY: Try this fun activity a few times this week: Use these two positive words in your interactions with others this week: pleasant and welcome.  Write in your journal each instance and how it impacted your conversation.  How did you feel using the words?Be Blessed,

    sonya morris nelson

conversation peace week 2

Conversation Peace Online Bible Study | Week Two

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conversation peace week 2Welcome back to Week Two of our Summer Study, Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian.  By now I am sure that, like me, this eye-opening study has begun to take root in your life and change your view of the words you use each day. It’s not too late to get a workbook and join us!

My Momma always had plants in our house when I was growing up.  She loved green plants as did my sisters. I thought they were pretty, but could not grow a passion for it.  Over the years my Momma explained to me how important the soil, or dirt as I called it, was to the life of the plant.  The soil was the foundation and it gave the plant what it needed to grow. Water and sunlight helped the soil to provide a good foundation for the plant. If the soil wasn’t watered and the plant didn’t receive sunlight, it would become dry and the leaves would begin to become unhealthy and maybe die. Now you have to understand that I am one that never liked to play in dirt, wanted no part in planting or gardening, but at the same time, I could not believe that “dirt” was so important to a plant’s life.

Our lesson this week reminded me of this.  In Luke 8:15, Jesus explains to His disciples about seed that grows on good soil will produce a good crop.  The soil is the foundation, just like our heart is the foundation of our emotions.  What is in our heart will become what we believe, what we say, what we think and feel.  I realized that just like my plant, if I don’t saturate my heart with the word of God, communicate with Him through prayer, protect it from negative outside influences it will ultimately become dry, hard and not able to produce good fruit or words.

Now in no way does this excite or motivate me to begin gardening, I still don’t like to play in dirt (LOL), but this week’s lesson did open my eyes to how my heart shapes the way I think, the way I view certain words and how I respond in certain situations.  I want my heart to be healthy and to spew out words of life and love.

Our heart is a very complex, pumping many emotions, both good and not so good into our veins and ultimately manifesting out of our mouths.  We must make sure that what we keep Christ as the center of our hearts so that He dwells there and what overflows out of our hearts has no choice but to be full of positive and uplifting words pleasing to God producing healthy, green crops.  I believe that I can do it with God’s help, do you?

I love our Memory Verse for this week, Psalm 19:14, “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” (NIV)  As I carried my verse with me all week, I was reminded to take notice and responsibility of what I would say, asking God to partner with me to make sure that my words were pleasing to Him.  I started my day with this verse so that I could have the right focus when speaking with others during my day.

I want to share a part of one of my favorite quotes, this part says, “For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness” (Audrey Hepburn) Remember this during the week as you continue to journey with us to transform your speech.


  • Join a small for study and fellowship
  • Pray through and memorize our Breath Freshener for this week: Ephesians 4:22-24
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide your tongue
  • Look for positive changes in your speech this week, and thank God for them
  • Read Week 3 in your workbook
  • Visit the Conversation Peace website for more resources

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK: (You can answer in your small group or post a comment here on the website if you do not have a Facebook account)

  1. What things in your life compete to be the center spot in your heart?
  1. Describe the image that comes to mind when you hear the word “overflow.” (page 39)
  1. How have your speech habits changed over the years? On a scale of 1 to 5, are your words becoming more loving and kind or less? (1 = less loving and kind and 5 = more loving and kind) (page 64)
  1. Soil is the foundation of a plant’s life, good soil gives the plant life, bad soil may cause the plant to die. Using our heart’s as the soil in this analogy:

What ways can you change the quality of the soil in your heart to be more pleasing to God? (page 53-54)

This last question is for you to think about and answer during your devotion time:

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Look at the areas you listed as problem areas in your speech last week.  Are you seeing changes? If you are, how will you continue? If not, what will you do to start making changes? What are the causes/root of your negative speech?  Pray and ask God to continue to help you transform your words to be pleasing to Him.

Be Blessed,

sonya morris nelson