Jeremiah Online Bible Study Starts Oct. 20, 2014

Are you living  in an unstable world where marriages fail, bank accounts run low, friendships end, and the everyday demands of a fast-paced life get you down?

In the Book of Jeremiah, we find God calling out to His people with a message of hope—a message that intentional living is possible even in an unstable world. But how do we do this? Where do we start?

Join us for a 6 week Jeremiah online Bible study

  • Learn to navigate the challenges and circumstances of your life
  • Discover six guidelines for intentional living to overcome fear, worry, and doubt
  • Surrender your will to God’s and put your hope in Him alone
  • Develop survival skills for an unstable world

You’ll join us from home, your minivan, or your office.. no need to get dressed up for this Bible study!

Jeremiah Online Bible StudyWe have women around the world joining us right where they are. No hassles getting to the Womens Bible Cafe™. No designated small group with a leader you might not like. Select your own small groups, decide when you want to attend, and grow in faith as the Holy Spirit teaches and moves during these online discussions.

Best of all, if you miss your regular small group because of another event, all you need to do is attend any of the other groups during the week. All groups are open attendance and everyone is welcome…this Bible Study Cafe is ALWAYS OPEN to women seeking more Jesus.

Our talented team of small group leaders consist of theology students, pastor’s wives, certified Bible teachers, missionaries and more! We’ve led more than 40 online Bible studies for women using workbooks from authors such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Jennifer Rothschild, Henry & Richard Blackaby, Kay Warren, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and many more.

When we created the first online Bible studies for women in 2009 the Lord clearly directed our founder: “You can’t lead online Bible studies for profit and you can’t lead in pride.” We’ve keep our core values and continue to lead in love, reflecting His glory.

To God be the glory… His will be done.

As you listen to this short video from Melissa, pray earnestly and decide if the Lord has a plan for you to study Jeremiah at the Womens Bible Cafe™ Don’t let a busy schedule excuse you from time with Jesus! Make room at your inn :-)


  1. Post a comment below. We don’t need your home address, age, or marital status ;-) Rather, share with us one thing you like about yourself. Use the comment box.
  2. Get a copy of the Jeremiah Participant Guide written by Melissa Spoelstra. You can find this on Kindle or paperback at Amazon. You’ll also find it at Christian bookstores. It’s not expensive…the price of three coffee drinks should cover it! Order it now so you don’t have to pay for faster shipping if you procrastinate.
  3. If this is your first online Bible study with us,  be sure to read the Getting Started Page.
  4. The week of Oct. 20 we’ll begin small group introductions and start reading the book.
  5. Videos are fun for local home groups or church groups, and optional for online study. The Jeremiah Leaders Kit for this study contains six video sessions. They’re awesome, and the price is 1/4 what I usually pay for a leaders kit.


The Power of God’s Names Bible Study Week 4


Welcome to Week Four of our study of The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans.  We have been taking an in-depth look at the meaning of God’s names and His character as well as how He works in our lives.  Hundreds of women from all over the world have been inspiring one another in faith and fellowship during our online small group discussions.

This week we will be discussing the names Jehovah Rohi (The Lord My Shepherd) and Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Our Provider).  Dr Evans spends the first 3 days of this week’s study explaining the role of God our Shepherd as seen in Psalm 23.  Undoubtedly, Psalm 23 is the most well known and loved of all of the Psalms but why is this psalm, written by a shepherd boy nearly 3000 years ago, relevant for us today?  As you study the lessons this week, take special care to note what this Psalm means to you.

Here are some thoughts for your journal this week:

Read Psalm 23 slowly each day and as you do, meditate on what it means to you.  Write it in your journal, using a dictionary to note the meaning of key words.  Try to memorize the verse or verses that are especially meaningful to you.  Look closely at pages 102-104 in your workbook, what comes to your mind as you ponder how the Lord restores your soul?  Do you need Him to restore your soul and are you willing to relinquish control for Him to do so?

Remember to participate n a small group session each week.  We really do have  wonderful time discussing what we are learning throughout the week.  It can also be a great time to ask for suggestions on how to make your personal Bible study time a more enriching part of your life.  We are looking forward to seeing you in a group this week.

 “God longs to be Jehovah Jireh to you today. But He wants to know and see that you are willing to obey Him, to seek Him, and not to place anything above Him as more important in your life. When He sees you honor Him that way, as Abraham did, you’ll also discover the power of Jehovah Jireh in your life.”
Tony Evans (page 118)


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

1.  What emotions do you experience when you read this verse? (page 97) “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” (NASB)

2.  What would a season of rest and reliance on God look like?  How would it benefit you?  Name any obstacles that are preventing you from that that step.  (pages 104-105)

3.   What’s your response to the idea of finding joy during trials? (page 113)

4.  Is there anything in your life that’s keeping you from completely trusting in God’s provision?

5.  How does the metaphor of shepherd and sheep help you picture your relationship with God?  (page 94)




The Power of God’s Names Bible Study Week 3

A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.Welcome back to the Women’s Bible Cafe, where we have been studying The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans.  This has been an amazing week as we have focused on  the names Jehovah Nissi {The Lord is My Banner} and Jehovah Tsaba {The Lord Our Warrior}.  It came as no coincidence that as we studied The Lord as our Warrior, we honored the memory of those who suffered and survived the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Life is filled with problems and difficulties that we can usually handle under normal circumstances.  There are times, however, when we face challenges that tear at the center of our being, those ‘Goliath’ moments where we need a Strong Defender.  Whether you are facing an serious illness, financial or family catastrophe, God can and will be your strength.  God never intended you to face life’s challenges alone and unprotected.  You can trust Jehovah Tsaba to fight your battles for you.

 But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the LORD’s victory. He is with you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged,  the LORD is with you!

2 Chronicles 20:17 NLT

Suggested Exercise: Take a few moments this week and begin a journal.  Ask the Lord to give you an encouraging verse or quote for the inside cover.  Whenever you face a challenge that seems insurmountable, write about it.  Search for verses, songs or poems that encourage you.   Use David’s writing example from the book of Psalms as a guide.  David wrote of his difficulties freely yet he always ended each Psalm with a conscious acknowledgment of God’s goodness and grace in his life.  This exercise will provide you with a precious treasure of faith and hope for years to come.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

1.  What ideas or images come to mind when you hear the term spiritual warfare? (page 73)

2. What are some of the giant problems people encounter in our culture today? (page 79)

3.  What habits and activities help you move toward a more heavenly perspective on life?  How can you keep a heavenly perspective in the midst of everyday obstacles and crisis moments?

4. What steps have you taken to remember the great things God has done in your life? (page 90)

5.  How have God’s past victories in your life prepared you to take on the giants you are facing right now?

The Power of God’s Names Bible Study Week 2

It is our second week of The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans and what an amazing one it has been.  After a desperate phone call last week, I found myself on a ‘gifted’ flight to help a dear friend who was near death in a government hospital in Mexico.  The government hospitals in Mexico are very dirty and patients have to have a caregiver with them at all times.  My friend, who is diabetic and has been near renal failure for some time, was admitted with severe peritonitis. I cared for her during the day and spent the nights watching her chest rise and fall with each breath.

During this week I found myself in a state of constant prayer.  Never has the Lord been closer to me than when I am walking through difficult and trying circumstances.  Jehovah, the name He uses when He wants to reveal Himself to us in a more personal way, took on a very special meaning to me as I walked with my dear friend through the valley of the shadow of death.

Sometimes God lets us hit rock bottom because He wants us to realize the He’s  THE Rock at the bottom. Tony Evans

As I sang to her and prayed over her, one of the other caregivers asked if I would pray for his father.  His father had been unable to get out of bed for weeks and was also admitted for severe peritonitis.  Many people from their home church had come to sing over him, recite scriptures and pray for him.   This precious young man, sensing his father’s time was near, wept openly with me as he shared some of his sweet family memories.  The two of us sat on the stairwell and prayed together for not only our family, but the rest of those who were ill in the same room.

hospital 1I think we were all amazed that his father made it through the night.  We find it difficult to imagine that things will get better when we are in the midst of our darkest hours.  Often it is easier to see how the Lord moved in our lives after the difficulties have subsided.  Later that morning as the doctors drew up discharge papers for my dear friend, which was in itself a miracle, the young man’s mother returned to care for her beloved husband.  This is what she said…

“It has been ages since you have seen the sun my darling.  Let’s go see the sun together.  Do you remember the sun?”  She picked up the frail man and put him on his feet facing her.  She held him in her arms and after a while, she began moving him ever so slowly towards the window.  They stopped frequently and the short 10 foot trip took more than 30 minutes to accomplish.  All along the difficult journey, she would carefully lift his face in her hands and point it toward the warm sunlight that came streaming through the window.  She was a woman of great faith, I heard her praying every night and day that she was there,  lovingly caring for beloved.

Through misty eyes, I was able to capture this inspirational moment. {a real miracle}

Take a moment and ask yourself how long has it been since you have seen The Son? Let’s go see Him together, okay?  As we continue to study the Power of His Wonderful Names together, let’s inspire one another to turn our faces toward the Son.  Who knows what miracles lie ahead of us as we move toward the warmth of His everlasting embrace.



DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

1.  When have you found yourself between a rock and a hard place?  How quickly did you realize that God was the solution? (page 42)

2.  When have you been tempted to define God based on who you wanted Him to be? (page 46)

3.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you honestly rate you desire to know God on a deeper level?  What steps have you taken in the past, and what steps do you plan to take to deepen your relationship with God? (page 51)

4.  In what areas have you resisted God’s ownership of your life?  Do you see a need to change?  (page 57)



The Power of God’s Names Bible Study Week 1

25528354_sWelcome back to our online Bible Study of The Power of God’s Names.   We have over 500 women participating in this online Bible study so please remember to pray for our leaders as well as the women in your small groups.  There are many women who have joined us that are completely new to online Bible study and it has been inspiring to see those of you who have been with the Women’s Bible Cafe™ for awhile stepping up to help them in the format of the small groups.   In truth, it has been an amazing week.

We had women joining us as late as this morning so do not feel discouraged if you are a bit behind on the lessons.  Just grab your book, and make yourself the promise that you will commit to moving forward one day at a time.  In reality there are only 5 lessons each week and they are easily managed within 30 minutes.    I start each morning by reading through the lesson.  I use those ‘empty spaces’ throughout my day, such as carpooling, to reflect on what I have read and take notes on it.  Then I write my responses and whatever notes I have into my Member Book before bed.   When you break it down into small manageable chunks, it is easier to accomplish.

Some suggestions from our leaders on the challenges of online Bible Study:

1.  Pray before you begin your lesson each day and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your daily study.

2.  Join a small group here:  WBC Facebook Small Group Chat Room

3.  Post questions and  inspirations in the chat room and discuss them with other women.

4.  Contact any WBC leader if you are feeling frustrated, confused or discouraged.

5.  Know that The Lord loves you and has great things for you during this very special time.


During our first week of study we explored not only why we should learn more about God’s names but also about the Majesty and Power that His name represents.    As we learn more about God’s names we will have a greater understanding of His character and how He works in our lives.

O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth.  Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens.  Psalm 8:1


It was no coincidence that the first of God’s Names we have looked at is Elohim, Our Strong  Creator God.   Elohim, the God who creates any and everything out of nothing, the One Who creates beauty out of chaos, has been my Strong God this tumultuous week.  I know He has for many of you as well.  Dozens of women began this study because they were in a place of despair and from what we have seen in our small groups, God is drawing those who need Elohim, their Strong Creator God, to Himself.  God longs to create beauty from the broken bits of our lives.   Let Him do that for you this week.



DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

  1. What ideas or images come to mind when you hear the word majesty?
  2. In the Lord’s Prayer what does the phrase, “Hallow be Thy name” mean to you in relation to God?
  3. Has your faith in God’s power and provision led you to trust despite the odds or the circumstances?  When, where and how?
  4. Now that we have learned about Elohim: The Strong Creator, how will you connect with Elohim’s power as you live, work and seek to serve Him each day?