Joy is a Choice of My Behavior- Choose Joy Week 4


So many things are out of reach as well as out of our ability to control, but our behavior, that’s not one of those things. When we are choosing joy, we need to realize that what we say, think, do as well as how we treat ourselves matters. If it matters to you, then it […]

Joy is a Condition of My Heart- Choose Joy Week 3


Before this study, have you ever really thought about joy being a heart matter? In our day to day life, there are so many uncertain things, uncontrollable things and scary things. Those are the kinds of conditions that we simply have no control over. The condition of our heart is completely ours to control. You […]

Joy is a Conviction of My Mind- Choose Joy Week 2


Welcome to another week of Choose Joy. This week we’ve taken a deep look into our own heart and mind.  If we are honest, it’s not always pretty there is it? I love the verses found in 1 Thes 5:16-18 because they are crucial to the heart that desires true joy. They tell us to […]

Joy Is My Inheritance- Choose Joy Week 1


What an exciting introduction to Choose Joy by Kay Warren!  Have you ever taken time to ponder the thought that Joy IS our inheritance?  Pure joy as we walk the streets of gold, as we live in mansions prepared for us, as we finally see our Savior face to face?  That inheritance is waiting for […]

Choose Joy Online Bible Study Starts Today!


Welcome to the Womens Bible Cafe” as we begin a four-week study based on the book Choose Joy by Kay Warren. We have more than 480+ women participating in this online Bible study. It’s not too late to join us- click here to register. I’m so excited about this Bible Study!  Joy doesn’t come easy […]