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what keeps you up at nightIf you have trouble falling asleep at night, get a copy of the book What Keeps You Up At Night by Pete Wilson. The book begins with a lesson on fear and then an examination of the effects of fear. As Wilson explains, “Fear is disorienting. It can cause us to fight nonexistent enemies; it can cause us to focus on the wrong things. It creates problems with our vision.” His book is a field guide to identifying the fears that keep you up at night and applying God’s plan in the face of difficulty and uncertainty. Each book chapter contains guideposts with key ideas, followed by reflection questions for personal or group study. Suggested steps follow to apply the lesson you just learned.

Finding peace is the key theme of this book. Skip the New-Age ideologies and turn to Biblical truths. “Most of the time we don’t really have a fear problem; we have a trust problem,” writes Wilson. “The object is not learning to fear less; it’s learning to trust God more.” Readers are directed to search Bible verses and discover solutions from the Old Testament and New Testament.

When reading the book, you’ll discover those things that keep many people up at night or cause an insatiable anxiety. Then you’ll learn how Biblical characters encountered these same anxieties and how they conquered them with the help of the Lord.

I enjoyed reading the book, especially in the evening just before bed. I found myself examining my own heart and mind to make sure that trusting God is central to my thought process. I enjoyed when Wilson wrote,” What if we were to think of depending on God not as the absence of strength but, rather, as the presence of courage?” Imagine how that would change how you view your situation as you filter it through the lens of Christ!


My Amazon Rating 4/5

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