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accidental feministWhen I started reading The Accidental Feminist: Restoring Our Delight in God’s Design by Courtney Reissig I found the book captivating. It’s not easy to write about feminism from a Christian perspective as the topic often clashes in understanding and table talk discussions. For this reason, it’s a book worth reading! The author recounts her journey out of “accidental feminism,” offering wise counsel for Christian women related to relationships, body image, and more—drawing from the Bible rather than culture. Like many women she was under the influence of a culture pressuring her to conform to the world view rather than the Biblical view of womanhood. How does a recovering feminist fit into the pages of Scripture?

Courtney studies the development of the feminist movement and its historical impact on women and society. She explains, “As the culture has evolved, so has the concept of feminism.” This alone makes the book worth reading, as she defines feminism as “equality equals sameness.” Is this Biblical and how do we apply feminism to our Christian identities? You’ll learn the benefits of the first feminist movement in the 1950’s and how this changed through the generations to a label challenging modern girls today. “Feminism began as an ideology that promised equality and freedom from the control of men. It has become an ideology that tells women they can use their power, sexuality, and freedom to influence men,” writes Courtney.

There are some interesting themes in the book and worthy of a small group or book club discussion. Topics include what it means to be a God-designed (and not a man), a talk on submission (makes most women uncomfortable), body image, church and home. You’ll see these topics from a feminist view and a Biblical view, and that’s worth exploring. What you learn can be shared with the younger generation and remembered by the older women who lived through the first generation of the feminist movement.

Educate yourself with these book concepts and then form your own opinion. Get the conversation going in church and at home…this is a topic often ignored in modern Christian culture. Worth reading….more than once!

My Amazon Rating 5/5

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