How to Study Your Bible Online Bible Study | Week 1

How to study your Bible

How to study your BibleWelcome to our Spring Online Inductive Bible study! You are about to embark on a journey of studying God’s Word inductively, “precept upon precept” and discovering truth for yourself. If you have a desire to know God more intimately than you ever have before, then this study is for you. In this book, “How to Study Your Bible,” Kay Arthur, David Arthur and Pete DeLacy give you practical step by step instructions on the inductive Bible study methods. Kay Arthur writes, “Inductive study doesn’t tell you what the Bible means or what you should believe. Instead, it teaches you a method of studying God’s Word that can be applied to any portion of Scripture at any time for the rest of your life.”

This ten-week study will take place in a private WBC Inductive Studies Facebook chatroom. Each Monday for the next ten weeks you will begin reading the assigned chapters according to the reading schedule posted in the chat room. Discussion questions will also be posted each Monday morning, and after you have completed your personal study, you will login to this chat room at any time 24-hours a day to join in on the ongoing discussion and post any questions. There will also be exercises posted occasionally for you to practice the skills you are learning.


  1. Login to your Facebook account first.
  2. Click the link for the Inductive Studies chatroom:
  3. Click “Join Group”
  4. Please allow time for the leaders to approve your request to join the group.

My prayer is that God will use this study to enable each of you to go deeper in your Bible study and to develop a greater understanding of God’s Holy Word.

You will need a copy of the How to Study Your Bible book and read the assigned chapters according to the reading schedule. You should expect to spend approximately 30 minutes a day, sometimes less, sometimes more, reading and completing the practice exercises. I encourage you to begin your daily lessons with prayer asking the Holy Spirit to help you to persevere in your daily lessons and to guide you into understanding His truths.

Welcome to our Spring Inductive Bible Study!


Sheree Poole

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Sheree currently lives in South Carolina and is mom to four adult children and grandmother of six children. She travels every year to Precept Ministries to attend women’s conferences, workshops and training sessions. She has taught children’s Bible studies for 25 years and teaches women how to study the Bible using the inductive method of Bible study by Kay Arthur.

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