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bemore bookAs a Christian Ministry leader, I found the #BEMORE 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life book by Sandi Krakowski a pure delight to read! It’s a Great Reference Book For Living Intentionally and With Purpose! The unique format includes 77 different themes with proven and powerful techniques from Sandi. The book is divided into five parts:

Part One: Be More Connected to God
Part Two: Be More In Tune With Yourself
Part Three: Be More Attentive To Yourself
Part Four: Be More Engaged With Your Community
Part Five: Be More Mindful Of Your World

The book structure is similar to a devotional, yet it’s business oriented and instead of daily Scripture verses and prayer, the days are arranged by “secret number.” The writing style is energetic and positive, so the exclamation point is used frequently!

My favorite feature in the Kindle version is the “Tweet this” quote and #BEMORE link. The book is interactive and fun with this added feature.

I found the #BEMORE 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life book enjoyable and easy to read. I like the structure and format, and chose to read a few “secrets” per day rather than plow through the book like a novel. It’s a book I will reference again and again.

10 Quotes from The #BEMORE 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life book #TweetThis

When we place too much value on what others have, we become dissatisfied with our own gifts and blessings. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

One of our biggest barriers to success is our tendency to prepare for failure. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

We forget who our God is and how great He is when the devil comes and brings his doubt and fear. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

Shutting out the devil’s chatter and tuning in to God’s promises will allow you to BE MORE. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

Ask heaven to shut the door on the lies and deceit. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

STOP doing things that war against your soul, and start doing more things that make you strong!  Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

We have to do the work of a champion to live the life of a champion. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

Perfection is overrated, and perfectionism is a sorry master to serve. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

Boxes don’t hold lives and cages aren’t good places to store your dreams. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE

When we make right choices, no matter how hard it is, we will receive blessings. Sandi Krakowski #BEMORE


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Disclaimer: I purchased a Kindle AND a printed version of the BEMORE book by Sandi Krakowski. I was so excited by the book, I later asked Sandi to be on her “book launch team” and she agreed. 🙂 

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