He Is My All, Living in the Truth Of God’s Love For Me, Online Bible Study Starts April 7 2014

By February 25, 2014He Is My All
he is my all

You are invited to participate in the next womens online Bible study: He Is My All, Living in the Truth of God’s Love For Me by Debbie Alsdorf. In this life-changing Bible study for women, you will discover the truth of God’s love. Unlike human love, you’ll discover a love that is unending, everlasting, unconditional and forgiving. Learn the difference between human love and Godly love as you satisfy your soul’s deepest need.

he is my all

“When God’s love for us begins to define our lives, we change from the inside out.”

Debbie Alsdorf


You’ll read the book at home and once a week join us to discuss the lessons via online small groups. To participate in this online womens bible study, you need a copy of the book available at Christian Books, Barnes and Noble or Amazon- to order CLICK HERE

He Is My All, Living in the Truth Of God’s Love For Me

 As women, we are created with an innate desire for unconditional love. And throughout our lives we seek ways to satisfy this longing in our hearts: through relationships, motherhood, and even careers. But the search for perfect love in an imperfect world can often leave us feeling heartbroken and insecure. So how do we satisfy our soul’s deepest desire?

He Is My All is a ten-week journey where you will encounter a God who adores you. This study explores the hope, healing, and life-changing power found in His perfect love. Each day’s selection features room for your thoughts, allowing you to journal and meditate on your personal journey. You’ll find a God who loves you completely, experience His life-changing power, and embrace a deeper relationship with your heavenly father.

The book is available in electronic format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian Books.com so if you use the ebook, then you will also need a journal to record your daily discoveries. A simple notebook will do, or use an online journal such as Evernote.

How to Join the Online Bible Study 

  • Post a comment below. Be sure to introduce yourself, tell us where you live and answer this fun question: What is the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you? What was your reaction to their act of kindness?
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  • Get a copy of the book He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf  from Christian Books, Barnes and Noble or Amazon- also available in eBook format.
  • Make sure you read the Getting Started page if you are new to our ministry

IMPORTANT: The publisher has 450 printed books in stock, so if you order from Amazon it will not take 2-3 weeks for delivery as posted on their website. It’s better to order early in case we exceed the number of printed books available. 

Order Your Book For Online Bible Study

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Once you post a comment below you are officially registered. Welcome to Bible study!


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  • Dana Willis says:

    I want to join the bible study. I am excited

  • My name is Victoria and I live in New York. I too am a little late on joining the group but I plan on catching up.

  • First, I have to add I make a new friend everyday. On the train,bus, waiting at a bus stop on line at a store. The nicest thing a stranger ever did for me was notice I had not been on the train for 4 months. She pointed out how friendly and happy I made her feel every time she saw me. I had been ill it made me feel good to know I had been missed.

  • Maria says:

    Just like Summer I just discovered this. I hope it’s not too late. My name is Maria and currently in MA. The nicest thing a stranger did for me was in church. It was my first time at this new church and brought my three young girls with me. Of course the service got a bit too much for them and I started getting frustrated so decided it was time to leave mid service and this lady ran behind me and told me to take the kids to a kids program they have for smaller children and begged me to come back. I enrolled the girls and went back and she made me feel so welcomed. It was nice to see that people do not judge and are willing to help you.

  • Summer says:

    I’m a little late on starting this but that’s okay!
    My name is Summer, I’m originally from Kentucky. However, I have just married the man of my dreams and we will be moving all over due to the army! Just the other day, while out to eat with my husband in Arizona, a couple paid for our meal (and left before we got the chance to thank them)…it was quite a bill! But my husband and I were both so touched! We made sure to tip the waiter extremely well!

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