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One thing I learned from my friend Debbie Alsdorf is that no matter how people treat you, never forget you are a Daughter of the King. This week I joined a home study with author and ministry leader Debbie Alsdorf, and for the next twelve weeks I’m taking a personal journey through her book He is My Life. In the introduction session this week, Debbie shared her testimony and her deeper love relationship with the Lord. Through different seasons in her life, Debbie anchored herself Jesus and found her identity as a Daughter of the King.

Many of Debbie Alsdorf’s books have impacted my spiritual life. After reading A Different Kind of Wild in 2009, I founded the first online Bible studies ministry for women. Last year, 600 women joined me in the Faith Dare, as we learned to live our lives to the fullest. Just after reading A Woman Who Trusts God, I went through a season of grief and the words of the book comforted me. Daily, she is praying for the Womens Bible Cafe and the leaders of our ministry.

Debbie Alsdorf Books

Debbie Alsdorf has impacted my life with her books and her local ministry. She amazes me with her unyielding love for the Lord. During her many seasons and trials of life, she has always anchored herself to Jesus and never drifts. May you find encouragement in one of her books as her story is your story.

Debbie Alsdorf is not a victim of divorce, single motherhood, a blended family, heart disease, breast cancer or betrayal. She is a Daughter of the King…and will teach you to discover your own inner princess too! She wears a silver bracelet with a heart charm engraved with the word HIS…a reminder that she belongs to God. I too have discovered my own inner princess from reading her books!

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