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Guilt-Free-BookFrom the time I picked up the book Guilt-Free Quiet Times: Exposing the Top 10 Myths About Your Quiet Time With God  by Emily Ryan, I was unable to put it down. Every single page of my book is now highlighted with “wow”…  as I found the book powerful and true. The book is fun to read and right to the point. Every page is power-packed with wisdom, sprinkled with sarcasm!

The Top 10 Myths in this book will unburden the heart of every Christian woman. Pressured to be good Bible study girls, focused and silent, sinless and is any wonder why so many women feel the oppression of living up to Christian standards. We create so many expectations for ourselves- rooted in perfection- that we miss the true value of knowing Jesus. Some women quit before they begin, looking at the “standards” as an impossible ladder to climb.

Within the pages of this small book you will find answers to these 10 myths. You’ll discover how to create time for God, along with a list of 47 Guilt-Free Quiet Time Ideas. I highly recommend reading this fun little book. Better yet, read it with your best friend and then meet at a local coffee or tea shop once and week and review the discussion questions from the back of the book. This is a terrific book to give as a gift to a Christian woman and also to yourself. I liked it so much I bought a copy for my Kindle so I can carry the book with me to lighten my day 🙂

10 Quotes from Guilt-Free Quiet Time #TweetThis

God does not need silence in order to be heard. He whispers to you through your heart, not through your ears. Emily Ryan

The Holy Spirit, not the clock, should determine the length of time you spend with the Lord. Emily Ryan

Your communication with God does not have to end whenever you say, “Amen.” Emily Ryan

Everyone’s relationship with the Lord will look a little different from yours. Emily Ryan

Intimate, undistracted time with God can leave your soul feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Emily Ryan

Be careful not to become so dependent upon the quietness of the atmosphere that we are unable to hear Him in times of chaos. Emily Ryan

You will experience the most spiritual growth from your one-on-one time with God. Emily Ryan

Never forget that your relationship with the Lord is very personal and not likely to mirror someone else’s exactly. Emily Ryan

Take every last advantage of the time you have with God and don’t waste those years on trash TV or disposable relationships. Emily Ryan

You should not use the Lord as an excuse to ignore others or use others as an excuse to ignore the Lord. Emily Ryan


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