10 Power Principles for Christian Service, Book Review

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10PowerPrinciplesForChristianService10 Power Principles for Christian Service by Warren W. Wiersbe, David W. Wiersbe is worth reading! While the book is written for pastors and people serving in ministry, many Christians will benefit from the contents. Each chapter begins with the heart of a pastor, in a story-like setting of emotion and frustration. The problem is identified and a scripture-based solution is recommended. These are the ten most common frustrations in ministry, so if you are new to ministry or worn-out from serving, you’ll want to read the book. The book is based on Christ-like love and a servant’s heart.

Prayer warriors who are praying for their local church should read this book too! It will give you insight into the heart of the church leadership and how to pray for effective change.

“Perhaps one reason some churches are in trouble today is their loss of the biblical concept of what they really are. In our noble attempt to be “relevant” in a changing world, we’ve thoughtlessly abandoned the pastoral image of the shepherd and sheep, and have blindly adopted the corporate image of the pastor as CEO, the elders as a board of directors, and the church family as customers to serve. In so doing,Top of Form we’ve quietly changed our expectations of what a minister and a church ought to be and do, which has often led to conflict and pain in churches.” Wiersbe

I’ve been sharing book quotes on my Facebook page and several people have commented and asked where to buy the book. Currently the book is only $1.99 USD for Kindle…download it now before the price increases. The book is a summary of a ministry handbook for ministerial students called Making Sense of the Ministry and according to Wiersbe, when Chuck Swindoll read these ten principles over his “Insight for Living” radio program it created new interest in the book. Now you have access to the same 10 principles. Read the first chapter free when you CLICK HERE.

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