The Beauty of Broken, Book Review

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beautyThe Beauty of Broken, My Story and Likely Yours Too by Elisa Morgan is about beauty in the mess of family life. She makes a bold statement by saying there is no such thing as “Perfect Christ-followers who are whole and not broken.” With years of ministry experience and personal family stories, she brings the reality of broken families to the surface for discussion. Her method of removing the perfect family label is to bring awareness that “everybody struggles with something, though at varying degrees of denial and admitting.”  Then she says “Broken is right where God wants us- and right where He can powerfully reassemble us.” Honest, bold and confrontational…she tackles the image-perfect Christian with the reality of her own truth and brokenness. After reading her book you’ll find there is beauty in brokenness, and none of us are alone in the dark as we walk beside Jesus.

In The Beauty of Broken, Elisa Morgan, one of today’s most respected female Christian leaders, for the first time shares her very personal story of brokenness-from her first family of origin to the second, represented by her husband and two grown children. Over the years, Elisa’s family struggled privately with issues many parents must face, including:

  • alcoholism and drug addiction
  • infertility and adoption
  • teen pregnancy and abortion
  • divorce, homosexuality, and death

Each story layers onto the next to reveal the brokenness that comes into our lives without invitation. “We’ve bought into the myth of the perfect family,” says Elisa. “Formulaic promises about the family may have originated in well-meaning intentions, but such thinking isn’t realistic. It’s not helpful. It’s not even kind.”

Instead she offers hope in the form of “broken family values” that allow parents to grow and thrive with God. Values such as commitment, humility, relinquishment, and respect carry us to new places of understanding. Owning our brokenness shapes us into God’s best idea for us and enables us to discover the beauty in ourselves and each member of our family.

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