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Are you excited to join the Summer Bible Study? We’ll be leading a study of Gideon by Priscilla Shirer for those who desire to participate in online format. Since 2009 we’ve joined Beth Moore in the Siesta Summer Bible Study and if this is your first time… you’re in for a treat! Some women will be participating with church groups, some with in-home groups, and some online with us. During the summer we’ll all be sitting with a copy of the Gideon workbook in our hands…digging into scripture. Below is the reading schedule for the Womens Bible Cafe.

A Womens Online Bible Study

Reading Schedule for the 2013 Summer Bible Study

  • Launch Week: starts June 11, 2013- Beth Moore “launches” the study on her blog with fun questions and group activities. Our small groups will begin meeting on this day, morning and evening, for an introduction session and to meet one another. You are welcome to attend any day of the week..this is simply a start date to begin the six-week study. We have a total of 16 online small groups to choose from for the Gideon summer Bible study. We meet via a private Facebook group.
  • Week 1:  starts June 18, 2013– Discuss week 1 from the Gideon workbook
  • Week 2: starts June 25, 2013– Discuss week 2 from the Gideon workbook, UPDATE from Beth Moore
  • Week 3: starts July 2, 2013– Discuss week 3 from the Gideon workbook (no small groups on July 4)
  • Week 4: starts July 9, 2013– Discuss week 4 from the Gideon workbook, UPDATE from Beth Moore
  • Week 5: starts July 16, 2013– Discuss week 5 from the Gideon workbook
  • Week 6: starts July 23, 2013– Discuss week 6 from the Gideon workbook, UPDATE from Beth Moore

Beth Moore updates are always on her blog, every other week for the Summer Bible study. She will ask questions that we can discuss in small groups or you can individually post answers on her blog. To read more information from Beth Moore, please click here.

Join a small group when you click here.

Don’t worry if your workbook does not arrive in time…you’ll have time to read before the week one discussions begin….and even if you can attend the groups even if you are waiting for your workbook to arrive. Expect 10 days US shipping from Amazon or Lifeway.

If you have any questions please post them below. If you still need to register for the study, please click here.

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