Answers to Pastor’s FAQ’s- Book Review

Answers-to-Pastors-FAQsWhat a pleasure to stumble upon the book Answers to Pastor’s FAQ’s by Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugen! While the book is written to educate a new pastor, I found it quite helpful for ministry leaders too. Based on scripture, the book details the responsibilities of those who serve God’s people. The main theme is to “Cultivate a servant’s heart and be available,” according to the authors. They begin with a lesson on pride and the humility of serving, no matter the size of your flock. They write “People who are too proud to preach to a small congregation will never preach successfully to large congregations.”

Each chapter in Answers to Pastor’s FAQ’s addresses a specific question in ministry. The authors unveil many aspects of pastoring, from the hiring and interview process, to serving, to handling conflict with church members or the church leadership. The message is to “Pastor the whole church, not just your admirers.” According to the book, it’s also important to continue growing in knowledge. “The satisfied preacher will never grow. He will become the center of a mutual-admiration society, not a source of spiritual power,” writes the authors.

By the time I finished this book, I had more than 157 highlights on my Kindle and told all the leaders at the Women’s Bible Cafe they should read it! I found the content impressive and worthy of reading. It covers the basics of ministry and the target audience would be someone considering a career in ministry, not necessarily someone already serving in that role. (Though it might be a good refresher for someone burned out in ministry!) Answers to Pastor’s FAQ’s would be a good book choice for someone graduating from seminary school.

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