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griefbookHelping People through Grief   by Delores Kuenning is a must read book for every Christian! This amazing book is an invaluable resource, organized by different types of grief and loss. Each chapter topic includes a description of the type of grief, personal examples and shared stories, with related scripture verses. At the end of each topic you’ll find a helpful list of resources for the specific grief or loss.

Specific topics on children include stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS and childhood illness. Also covered is abduction and murder of a child, missing children, childhood cancer, giving away a child for adoption and abortion. Each topic is one chapter in length and it’s purpose is to inform the person who wants to help a friend or family member. Other grief topics include rape, divorce, mastectomy, disfigurement or disability. You’ll also learn how to talk to someone who is grieving the death of a spouse or loss to Alzheimer’s disease. One chapter that is especially helpful is how to talk to children about death.

Written by a pastor’s wife,  Helping People through Grief  by Delores Kuenning is based on years of experience in her church and medical community. I found the book to be very encouraging, sensitive and factual…not easy to do with such difficult topics! I would highly recommend this book for anyone serving in ministry, working in healthcare or called to compassion and caring for others.

My Amazon Rating 5/5


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  • I have worked in the medical community for many years and i know first hand that it is difficult for people to deal with grief. I am actually having to deal with a great deal of grief myself right now. My wife of 7 years has cheated on me multiple times and is going to leave me. All I ever pictured for my life was to be loved, and to raise our children together. It’s tough trying to put the pieces together when you can’t find any that seem to fit anymore.

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