A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories, Book Review

By December 6, 2012Book Reviews

A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories is my favorite book for kids! I first heard about the book when I was volunteering at my daughter’s Christian school and her teacher read from the book. It was so good, I went home and bought a copy for both of my daughters and gave them as Christmas gifts back in 2005. We still have the books and though my girls are older now, I enjoy looking inside the garden of stories.

There are 60 stories ( 28 Old Testament and 32 New Testament) and listed in a progressive order. It’s a valuable collection of stories to read with your children or grandchildren.

As a bonus, there are beautiful illustrations on almost every page of the book. The artist is talented and children enjoy the visual images related to the Bible stories. It’s one book we never tire of reading….and I hope my children will share it with their own children as a keepsake from their childhood.

My Amazon Rating 5/5

Grab a copy of the book quickly, it’s a popular Christmas gift. You can find it here: A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories (Hb)


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