Share Jesus Without Fear Bible Study Begins Nov 26, 2012


You’re invited to participate in online bible study as we read the book Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd. In this 4-week online bible study you’ll learn why we’re afraid to talk to others about Jesus. We’ve selected this Bible study as our Christmas Bible study, to keep our hearts and minds focused on Christ. This popular evangelism resource presents a simple and relational approach to witnessing that underscores the dependence of God’s power for the results. Birthed out of the life-transformation of its author (former brothel-owner turned Christ-follower), he teaches believers how to navigate a witnessing conversation in everyday situations. Thousands of churches have successfully used Share Jesus Without Fear in the past 10 years.

William Fay graduated from Denver Seminary with a degree in leadership and has taken up the mantle of an evangelist. Fay is a chaplain with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “Let’s Go,” and his booklet “How to Share Your Faith Without an Argument” has more than five million copies in print. He travels frequently around the globe sharing the Share Jesus Without Fear message and resides with his family in Ft. Myers, Florida.

To participate in this online womens bible study, you’ll need a copy of the book Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd, available at Amazon in both printed and ebook format.

If you’ve never participated in online study at the Womens Bible Cafe, it’s pretty simple. You’ll read the book at home, then visit the Womens Bible Cafe once a week to participate in an online group discussion. Make sure you read the Getting Started page because the most common questions are answered here.

Participate by yourself or with a friend. Either way, you won’t be alone! We have many women from around the world and your participation in the group discussions makes the study enjoyable for all! Join us in online small groups via Facebook or Twitter, these groups are optional yet recommended for a deeper study.

Our study will launch on November 26, 2012 and then the following week we’ll discuss the reading assignment. So you will not begin reading until this date…you have time to order your book and receive it prior to the start of the study.

How to Join the Share Jesus Online Bible Study

  • Register for this study at the Womens Bible Cafe when you post a comment below. Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us where you live.
  • Subscribe to the email updates for the Womens Bible Cafe- click here
  • Get a copy of Share Jesus Without Fearby William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd (required)
  • Get a copy of Share Jesus Without Fear Member Book (optional, includes daily lessons)


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  • monica says:

    I purchased & am reading on my phone as well and love it. HOpe it’s not absolutely too too late to join. I really need interaction with others, support, and just some friends to start this walk with 🙂 God Bless

  • Jessie says:

    Hello! I just bought this ebook, and I am very excited about getting started! I know I’m behind, but maybe it will not take me long to catch up. I am from north Alabama, and I am 25 years old. Again, I am very excited about what I will learn throughout this process! 🙂

  • Shawna says:

    I just downloaded the e book and I am ready to begin my new adventure. Thank you.

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