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He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado explores the sacrifice Christ made for us. Throughout the book the author presents character stories, then weaves scripture verses and mini-sermons into the chapter. The chapters are short and could be used as a devotional study. Each chapter could stand independently on its own. I found the book difficult to read…as the author continued to use question marks and short sentences to emphasize his point.  For me, it was difficult to focus on the theme and I had to dig through the chapters to find a key point of focus. I’ve enjoyed other books by Max Lucado, however this one was not as powerful or life-changing.

in chapter eleven Lucado writes “Do you feel so saved that you never serve? Are you so happy with the score of your team that you aren’t getting out of the golf cart? If that is you, let me ask a question. Why does God have you on the course? Why didn’t he beam you up the moment he saved you? The fact is, you and I are here for a reason, and that reason is to glorify God in our service.” The constant asking of questions to emphasize his point was making me crazy!

I did not like the writing style in this book and was disappointed after reading it. While there are some noteworthy quotes and ideas, overall the book was less than I expected from Max Lucado.

My Amazon Rating 2/5

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  • Andi Barkley says:

    This book, in true Lucado style, is Biblically based, honest, and challenging. Yet I found this book to be an easy read, great to use as a devotional, ideal for a stocking stuffer for all folks in my life. It really speaks to the adult in me and also to the teens in my world. It is light enough to share with new believers and challenging enough to encourage greater depth in all.

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