Don’t Wait 9 Months for a Kindle

By November 15, 2012Book Reviews

Don’t wait nine months for a Kindle like I did! Now that this reading device is finally in my hands, I regret not getting one sooner! It’s changed the way I relax and expanded my ability to read even MORE books. Here’s why it took me nine months to finally get a Kindle.

I entered a Kindle Giveaway from a Christian publisher and was advised in March that I won a Free Kindle. Rarely do I enter contests and never do I win anything (because you have to enter to win). I was more interested in answering the publisher’s survey about book content…so for me the giveaway was simply a bonus.

At the time I was “antiKindle” and felt that printed books were more useful. During the survey I explained why I thought printed books were superior to electronic books.  I was wrong about that…however let me continue my story on how I won the free Kindle.

After getting the email saying I won a Free Kindle, I noticed the fine print saying it might be 10-12 weeks before I receive my gift. When my gift did not arrive after six months, I contacted prize notification company and advised them I had not received my Kindle. A few more emails transpired and I finally received a shipping notification and received my Kindle nine months later. I know…you’re thinking I could of had a baby…during these nine months. Maybe I should name my Kindle a kid’s name,  just for closure?

Anyway, my Kindle arrived and I’ve never seen one in person, so I was really impressed. At the suggestion of my friends I upgraded the Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Fire . Since it has arrived, I’ve fallen in love with it….more about this later!

Anyway…don’t wait 9 months to get a Kindle. If someone says “what do you want for Christmas” or your birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary or any day…tell them you want a Kindle.

I’ll share the reasons why in my next article. Just trust me.

I was a volunteer librarian for many years…addicted to the smell and feel of printed books and now I’m recommending a Kindle. 🙂

WARNING: I did see a notice on the Amazon Website that there’s currently a 4-6 week wait for the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle Fire does not have the long wait, at least for now.

While you’re waiting for your Kindle, I suggest you read this: How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle

Okay, let’s have some fun. If you had a new Kindle, what would you name it? I’m thinking “Baby Kay” for mine. 😉

Author Christine Abraham

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  • Nancy says:

    I named mine Abigail and my daughter named hers Elizabeth.

  • Edith Beach says:

    So, I have a question for y’all here. Is it better for me to get an IPad or Kindle Fire and why?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Christine Smith says:

      The iPad is larger so consider if you’re using this at home only, or want to take it with you on the go. There’s a big price difference between the two, and you will get more features with the iPad. I’d like to hear what others have to say on this question Edith.

  • Lakecia says:

    I love my kindle and I have the kindle app on my I-Pad…Name suggestions… Kylee the Kindle

  • Carla Brooks says:

    I got an ipad for my birthday in September and I love it! I have the Kindle and the Nook app as well. I have tons of books on there and I never leave home without it.. Now where ever I go and have to wait, I just pull it out and start reading. I love it and thanks to you, I have an ever increasing wishlist of books to download. Welcome to the club!

  • Marj Mellon says:

    I started out with a NOOK 3 yrs ago. I got one because I was reading a series where the smallest volume was over 900 pages, I loved it from the beginning. I no longer have to choose which books i take when i travel. I then got an iPad 2 yrs ago. I was able to put the nook app on it. Then I discovered I can have the kindle on there as well. So, with one device I can carry in my purse, i have years of reading. i also have multiple applications for the Bible as well so i am always equipped. I recommend digital reading regardless of the app you prefer.

    • Christine Smith says:

      What a great idea. I have many friends who enjoy the Nook as well and like you said, either app is fine. Just start using them!!!

  • Matt says:

    I owned the kindle Keyboard I currently own the entry price point kindle and love it. I had the original kindle fire (Sold it) and bought the Kindle Fire HD, that I do not read books on it. That is what the e Ink kindle is for. I use the Fire HD for articles on tech (When I don’t want to take my Ipad with me). If you like to read outside the kindle fire sucks. What I want is the Paperwhite. So If I would have won a paper white that would have kept it. Glad you love your kindle!!! And I was like you until 2 1/2 years ago when my mom said” you have to read this new book”, in a series we both read. I said “I cant it’s on your kindle.” She handed me her kindle I went to the park and started reading the first hour I thought I hate this, the second hour I was thinking this is ok. Half way through the book I wanted one.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Matt…thanks for sharing this!!! It’s funny how we are so certain we “DONT NEED IT” until we have one…and then realize we can’t live without it.

  • I have a kindle on my tablet. I LOVE IT! I didn’t think I would as I love the feel of a paper book in my hands but I was converted a couple of years ago 🙂 Never going back! Love your blog 🙂

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