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To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary at the Womens Bible Cafe, we’re having another giveaway. Today’s Giveaway is offered by Laurie Cole, author and bible teacher at Priority Ministries. One winner will receive a FREE copy of  There is a Season Workbook & DVD Set. See giveaway details below.

Here’s what Laurie Cole has to say about There is a Season Workbook & DVD Set:

I used to think I’d be content when I met the right guy, when I had a nice home, when I could be a mom, when I could fulfill the dream God placed within my heart, and a million and one other things. For me, contentment was like a carrot dangling from a stick right in front of me – always just beyond my reach. Can you relate?

But in a season of severe discontent – just when I was ready to throw in the wife towel, the mama towel, the dream towel, and every other towel I could find – God intervened. And He taught me the truth of Philippians 4:11: I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

 As a Bible study leader and speaker, I started teaching other women what God had taught me about contentment and the seasons of life. Immediately I discovered there were tons of women who were struggling with contentment just like I had, and they were thrilled to finally understand the scriptural seasons of life and how to practice the biblical steps of contentment.

There is a Season is the Bible study I have written for every woman who is struggling with contentment.  Whether you’re young or old, married or single, a mother of preschoolers or an empty-nester, There is a Season will take you into the pages of God’s Word where you will discover:

  • How to understand and identify the seasons of your life.
  • How to practice the simple-but-supernatural steps to
  • How to acquire the essentials you need to survive and thrive
    in every season.
  • How to experience joy, meaning, and purpose in every season
    of your life.

Take it from someone who could have won the Ms. Discontent pageant (that would be me), you really can become the consistent, contented Christian woman you’ve always wanted to be. Intensely biblical, extremely practical, and totally female friendly, There is a Season will teach you how to be content in this season and in every remaining season of your life.

Your sister in Christ,

Find out more about Laurie & Priority Ministries on Facebook, her blog, and YouTube.

To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Womens Bible Cafe, we’ll be having a giveaway each day this week, Monday through Friday and announce the winners on Saturday June 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT.

One winner will receive a  FREE copy of  There is a Season Workbook & DVD Set value up to $114.00 USD. Must be at least 18 years old to enter, Shipping to US address only. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will be selected by Random.org and announced on Saturday June 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT

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Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger at LifeVerse Books.com Follow on Facebook

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  • Carla says:

    Wow! I love the title of the study…….thanks for doing this giveaway. God bless!

  • Kym Pitman says:

    I enjoy the quiet time with the Lord and His Word. I have my own Bible reading schedule and even study time preparing for the posts on my blog but I enjoy Bible studies that give me another woman’s perspective.

  • Jody says:

    This is a dead on topic. Learning to flow with the seasons of life instead of fighting them is paramount to victorious Christian living!

  • Sandra says:

    I just feel so close to God when I am studying his word whether straight from the word or from bible studies in conjunction with his word. I feel like I am wrapping myself in a nice soft warm cuddly blanket. I just know that is how the arms of God wrapped around you must feel. I pray that I continue wrapping myself in his word and that others will find comfort in it as well.

  • Glynis says:

    I enjoy gleaning new revelations of scripture.

  • Gina says:

    OMgoodness!!! what a giveaway!!!!

  • doretta says:

    I enjoy meeting people from different areas and hearing their take on a point or idea in the study

  • Donna Lee says:

    This is my life verse! I’d be very interested to see how God has used this verse in Laurie’s life. I have a feeling we share a lot of similar “lessons learned”.

  • Jennifer Cary says:

    I feel like this study is definitely speaking to me and would truly appreciate it!

  • Dwight Baker says:

    woohoo!!! I’m the only man here!!! I want this for my wife. =)

  • AdeleAlys Spil says:

    The support of and accountability to other women…and seeing beyond my own entrenched viewpoint.

  • BRIDGET Shavers says:

    Boy do I battle discontentment! I have a loving husband & great life but at times I feel so discontent. This series would be wonderful!

  • Patriia Kuhn says:

    Sounds like a study for every season of life… would love to have this study!!!

  • Tamera says:

    What I like best about these Bible studies is knowing that I have to stay on track. Once I commit to something, I don’t back out. Sometimes that’s gotten me into a tight spot but when it comes to the Lord and Bible studies, it becomes less of a commitment and is actually more of a desire filled with joy. Woo Hoo!

  • susan humphrey says:


  • I believe this workbook will help me tremdously as I draw closer to God . I sure hope I win and Praise God in advance.

  • Bethany says:

    I enjoy taken time away from the world and spending it with God. It’s a time for me to concentrate on something bigger than myself.

  • Adrianne Cheeks says:

    I am glad to start my journey here and I hope you can pray that I will be able to understand the words that God is giving me

  • Karen says:

    Gods Word is amazing and His truth is wonderful…please pray for me and hubby going though many trials :O)

  • Jennifer G says:

    A few months ago I had to make difficult choices of leaving the city I love, my job that gave me purpose, friends that I like to support my husband’s retirement plan and entered into a semi-retirement season with some reluctance and discontentment. Rationally, I know it is the right thing to do, emotionally, I cannot help to let my discontentment get to me and my attitude. A decade ago, my new year resolution and prayer was to learn “Obedience”, this time around it is “Contentment”…look forward to gain some insight from Laurie Cole to deal with this daily struggle.

  • Andrea G. says:

    Participating in a Bible Study is a way to draw closer to Christ and my relationship to Him. And the bonus of doing a Bible Study with others is the fellowship, dialogue and conversation. I am looking forward to the Nehemiah study.

  • Jenna D says:

    Looks awesome. Love this site!

  • Sarah says:

    We are treying to plan a women’s retreat and are having a difficult time finding a topic. We are a very small church, about 50 families, and want to be able to have every woman attend. Winning this drawing would be a great opportunity to put this in motion!

  • Kathleen Wunch says:

    Women’s Bible Study is a wonderful resource for women seeking a structured scripture study and fellowship, but have difficulty finding Bible Studies that can be successfully fit into their busy family / work schedules. Thank you so much for helping to meet this very important need with your wonderful website.

  • Lauren says:

    Looks good! Thanks!

  • sonja long headings says:

    love it love u thanks!!!

  • Jenny Barron says:

    I am finding myself more & more discontent. Father, forgive me for not being in your word regularly. Direct me into a bible study the Holy Spirit can use to realign my life & give me joy once again instead of despair over my circumstance of living w my mother in law for 22 years. How I long for my own home. You know best Lord. However it was much easier coping when I felt your presence. I long for the mind of Christ to inhabit me & fill me once again.

  • Nan. Ricks says:

    This web site has been such a blessing to me because I have shared it with my daughter. She is single and is so lonely. The scriptures and bible study are just perfect-in God’s perfect time. Thank you,Father, for speaking to us through biblecafe.

  • Joyce says:

    Women’s Bible Study helps to meet my need for fellowship with other women facing life in the same ranks and trenches. I learn in this format in a way I just can’t in traditional settings, (i.e. pulpit–pew ministry, although each has it’s dynamic and purposefulness). I finish a study and am immediately eager to start the next one.

  • Theresa Madden says:

    This study sounds so good. I think we all need to understand this more, to be able to quickly see what season we are in and move forward. God is ever faithful and will take us through these seasons as many times as they come around.

  • Sudea says:

    This gift set would be great to study with friends/family! I have definitely experience discontent in the different seasons of life-I do love learning to be thankful in all seasons and joyful (as best I can be).

  • Tonia D says:

    Really love your site!! Right now I’m in between churches and your site is helping so much to make me still feel connected with God’s people.

  • Lakecia Harris says:

    WBC has filled a void in my life. I was in need of connecting with like-minded women who loved the Lord and who wanted to learn more about his word. Christine, your obedience and faithfulness to start the cafe has been a huge blessing to me and so many other sisters in Christ 🙂

    Congratulations on your three-year anniversary of the Cafe

  • debbie faunce says:

    Fellowship and learning more about God

  • Lisa says:

    I’m new to this site and I love it!

  • Pat says:

    This website has blessed me so much. It has gotten me through very difficult days and has reminded me of God’s promises.

    Thank you so much

    Right now in my my life I’m learning about being content in every situation and every day is a struggle. I would be blessed with this package.

    I will pray so that the person that is meant to receive it …..WILl.

    God bless everyone

  • Michelle Wrye says:

    I enjoy the alone time with God when I do bible studies. I love that God’s word speaks differently to everyone… just at the right time in our lives. He is amazing!

  • Bonnie says:

    This would be awesome!

  • Georgia Stapleton says:

    I would love this gift set!

  • Elizabeth Bishop says:

    Sorry.I send out a comment through a Twitter link.I don’t know if it got through.Hi Laurie Cole.I get the same feeling about things.I get fearful and doubtful that God loves and cares and blesses me and then He turns around and gives me a treat!and I always change my mind again.So why not just give up and let God love me anyway.My name is Elizabeth Bishop and I’m new to this website I got linked here for the giveaway and my soul was like—“This is what I am dealing with right now.” So I decided to enter as of the fact that this website spoke out to me.Thanks and God bless.

  • June says:

    Sounds likea a great study.

  • Sharon Lewis says:

    I love Bible study because it is an opportunity to renew my mind and realign my life in accordance to God’s Word. I am always encouraged, inspired, and challenged by Scripture to fulfill God’s purpose for my life in new ways, and I also love getting to know God in a more intimate way. I also enjoy the comaradarie among the other ladies in the group.

  • Elaine Baldwin says:

    Bible study helps me to understand Its Author better and to love Him more! The lessons learned by others helps me in my walk with Jesus. Nothing is more important than that:)

  • Sparki2003 says:

    I have been in a very difficult season of my life for several months now, and only what Jesus has done for me and His Most Holy Word has kept me “sane” !

  • Tanya M. Villani says:

    I am praising God for this Study about Seasons. The Holy Spirit warmed my heart a few weeks ago that this season would be ending soon and that seasons dont last forever. Thank you for offering it for free. I look forward to what God is going to birth into my next season of life. As Mary, Jesus Mother, prayed, I surrender, may it be according to Your Word, let Your Word be birthed in me. Emphasis mine.

  • Cat says:

    I enjoy Bible Study because I learn so much. When I do it with a group of people I get so much out of it hearing other people and how they relate to it.


  • Debbie says:

    The leaders of our women’s Bible studies at our church have been together for about 6-8 years. We are feeling that we are in a different place/a new season and are struggling to understand what God wants for us. We love the fellowship of other women and the insights that are brought to the studies we have done. Bible studies keep us on the right path on our walk.

  • Mary Beth Floyd says:

    Learning more about God

  • Pennie says:

    Seasons, exciting study. The seasons are continually changing thus like my life and each season has a lesson to be learned. It amazes me how each season is different, weather cycle, crops growing, flavor of the crop and flowers that bloom one year don’t the next. So much like my life and the seasons, I look forward to the new adventures as they come but at times wish they hadn’t when the weather is rough. God is good 🙂

  • Trisha says:

    I am excited. I am in a new season of my life and it always great to learn through the Lord’s word to keep me focused on the purpose of my life.

  • RhondaGloden says:

    I would love to win this Bible Study, I’ve dedicated my summer to learning more about God and His Word. I would love to do this study with my two daughters, so that they could apply the truths in this study to their lives at an early age. (20 & 22)

  • Kathleen D. Inman says:

    I am a winner today in Christ.

  • Carol says:

    Knowing the Lord more and more! Being closer to Him because I am the daughter of the King!

  • Linda Patrick says:

    Besides learning God’s Word, which is always my favorite thing to do, my next favorite is the fellowship with other Christian women.

  • Sherri says:

    What an awesome opportunity! Thank you for your heart and the way you lead women right to the Father!! I would love to win this, I am branching out and starting a women ministry and this would be an awesome start! Blessings!

  • Jae says:

    I have such a thirst and hunger for God’s Word. It is soooo exciting and transformational.

  • Joy says:

    Yes please 🙂
    This would be so awesome to use with the college girls small group I will be leading!
    Thank you!

  • melanie koptis says:

    I reaaly need a summer bible study! My life has been full of so much trauma that seems never ending! Yet God has carried me through it all. My church doesn’t have studies during the summer but I really need one. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift:)

  • Wynter says:

    I love to study about God because He has given us the tools to be sucessful in every endeavor in life.

  • D'Nea Smith says:

    What do I enjoy most about Bible study? I enjoy how it brings me closer to the Lord. I am always happier and have a better day when I have refreshed His Words for me into my mind.

  • SueAlice says:

    its my birthday today so i hope i win this!!!

  • carolyn says:

    Looking forward to this study!

  • Georgia Stapleton says:

    I want to win this book

  • Jodi says:

    I really like the sound of this book would love to read it.

  • Jennifer D says:

    Can’t wait to read it.

  • Rebecca Wadel says:

    I will enjoy reading and studying this book.

  • Allison says:

    Although I am very blessed with a wonderful, hardworking husband and 4 loving children, there seems to be something holding me back from contentment. A truly attainable goal, I seek to feel justified in my life.

  • Elisabeth R says:

    I love digging into the Word. It refuels me.

  • Melissa Wilson says:

    I know that I should be content with everything I have. I have more than many in this world have yet I still feel incomplete. I am to new to women,a bible cafe but so far I am enjoying my experience.

  • Charlotte says:

    This book will be a wonderful read for me in my current season of life. I can’t wait to read it!

  • Sandra Mauerhan says:

    Our circle will be using this study in the fall. Really looking forward to it!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    thanks for the giveaways!

  • Irene Leyda says:

    We did this study a couple of years ago, and it totally put life into perspective. The study helps identify the seasons of life its changes and how to prepare, identify and accept them. It helps to understand and possibly answer the question “Why” in circumstances. The study allow us to understand being content where and why we are going through the situations, conditions in the present, and the God is with us through all of it. An amazing study, I would love to be able to share it with the ladies he has placed in front of me to mentor and live life with.

  • Ann says:

    Win!!! Win, win, win, win, win!!!!!! Win the study and study to win!!!

  • Glenda says:

    I love that in every study I do, God reveals Himself to me in a new and/or different way.

  • Kym Hampton says:

    What I enjoy most about Bible Study is the strength and confidence it gives me to go out and share with others about our great God. Also love how a good womens study really bonds us together, sharing with each other (problems and praises) and praying for one another – we really need our “girls”.

  • Marie Solla says:

    I think that the topics this study covers are almost perfectly designed for me. I can completely relate to the mentality of “When I do this, when I accomplish that, I will grow my relationship”. Being happy and fulfilled with the place I am at in my life right now has been a struggle for me. I tell myself that I am where I am because GOD is preparing me for when the opportunity comes to be somewhere else.

  • shay jolly says:

    I’m happy to be apart of another awesome women’s bible study online!!

  • Alicia says:

    Wow. I need this right now. And often. I find that I loose focus and struggle with joy and contentment whenever I forget that life is a series of different seasons.

  • Kendra says:

    Love studies to dig deeper and understand more, thanks for this chance

  • Laura M says:

    This would be a wonderful study for the young women I mentor at church. ANd let’s be honest, it’s going to speak to me every bit as much as it will speak to them.

  • Audrey says:

    There are so many good things that come out of Bible studies but the absolute best one is that it helps me to know God better.

  • Jeanie Ryan says:

    So ready for this study. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Lisa H says:

    Wow. This is right on time. I “think” I have been “lonely” lately for male companionship. Reason being I am tired of making all the “decisions” on my own. Which of course stems from my lack of contentment in my current situation. This may be a great study for me 🙂 Thanks Christine!

  • Glynis says:

    I know I for one could use a little more contentment in my life! Sounds like a fantastic study.

  • Kelly Lake says:

    I would love to win this Bible study set from Laurie Cole! Thank you for offering this contest!

  • Virginia Hines says:

    Even though I am in the “winter” season of my life, I would love to do this study. I fully believe we should continue learning no matter what our age or season. I would also love to teach this to some younger women who have many seasons yet to live for Him.

  • Deb Frank says:

    Bible studies help me to focus my mind for worship, study, and prayer. I can get a bit scattered, and find an organized study helps me to grow in God’s word.

  • Pamela Booker says:

    My best friend and I are always looking for studies specifically for women and helping us grow in Christ. We’ve started a new womens group at our church and this would be a great addition to our library! Besides, we never win anything 🙁 Thanks and have a God-blessed day!! PS We love love your website and the work you are doing for God!

  • Angel says:

    I used to lead a group called Frazzled Females and our lives got so frazzled we had to stop meeting. I’m hoping to begin the group again and even combine face-to-face meetings with online groups such as this one. I”m so glad to find your website and know there is a group of ladies out there that even without knowing me personally are still my sisters and are praying.

  • Yes, this is exactly what my Women’s Ministry group needs! Sure Hope we WIN

  • Amy S. says:

    I love being in the Bible with other ladies, receiving instruction in everyday life from others who are also following Christ. It’s such a powerful thing when women are in Bible study. It’s very encouraging and helps me to know that when the enemy says that I’m the only one who goes through (whatever it may be), that it’s a lie. There are other women who feel the same. And so many times I would only ever find that out through Bible study.

  • Celeste says:

    I lead a small group at church and have consistently looked for a resource for myself or the group. I pray about suggestions but find that direction for the group is a challenge. I am so pleased to find your site and the resources and leadership it offers. In God’s peace, Celeste

  • Amabel says:

    I absolutely love bible study. That special quiet time with God where you are able to listen as you study his word through the eyes and passion God has blessed someone with.

  • tashanna snell says:

    bible study allows for growth through the Word as well as the building of relationships among us and God as well as each other

  • Tamera says:

    This study has kept me accountable and consistent. I have totally enjoyed my group leader and the ladies in our group. My horizon has absolutelybeen expanded!!!

  • Debbie Dovel says:

    I enjoy Bible study because I find other women who are going thru or have gone thru similar seasons in their own lives, and I can gain knowledge from them or perhaps give them some encouragement for what they are facing. Being with other Christian women & exploring God’s Word together enriches my life and lifts my spirits.

  • Christie says:

    In every woman’s life, she goes through season’s. Some are short and some are interminable. Finding God in each season and learning His purpose for it in our lives is a challenge and the rewards are great. This bible study helps us along this journey and assures us of God’s presence in our lives through all of our season’s. When we make it through it one, we are that much closer to becoming the woman of God He is desiring us to be.

  • Gina Libbin says:

    I would love to personally do this bible study but also I want to be able to offer it to the women at my church! Bible study is one of my passions and I think every woman should be doing a bible study! This looks like a great one!! Thank you!

  • Lisa S. says:

    Bible study allows me to get into God’s Word in a way I would never do on my own. It gives me access to women who are also in love with His Word and gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings about being human in this world, and fighting to live in our walk with God.

  • Piper says:

    Ohhh I would so love this!! My word for 2012 is CONTENT!!! And is God showing me lots about this word!!!

  • Debby says:

    Looks like a great study.

  • Renae Nunez says:

    This sounds like a wonderful study that so many of us need!

  • Holly says:

    Started this study with a group a couple of years ago but moved away within a couple of weeks. Would LOVE to finish it as the winner of this giveaway! Please 🙂

  • Genny Thomson says:

    Love your Back Porch talks. Attended one of your Bible studies in Corpus Christi at Bay Area Fellowship Padre Island, loved it . Thanks for all your Bible wisdom and sharing with us.

  • Laverne (Missy) says:

    I have always had a hunger for God’s Word and I love to host events and fellowship. When i took my first bible study I realized I had married the two most important things that feed my soul, talking to people about God and learning His nature more and more…

    The passion has not stop praise God but what has changed in this season of my life I can feel the Holy Spirit marrying the two and I am so excited to see who I will becomes when its over and done.

    It is my prayer that in this transformation I am renewed………Thank Q Holy Spirit

  • Mari says:

    Many Blessings to you, thank you for the beautiful giveaway.

  • Teresa Green says:

    Studying God’s word, whether alone or in a group, is when God shows me how to live, love, and laugh. Many times during study with my friends or at home alone God will put the last piece of the puzzle in place. That light bulb comes on and I think, “Wow, that’s what He has been telling me all along!” My sisters in Christ will light up with a glow only God can give when we relate how God has flipped the switch for them also. We laugh, hug, and say “It’s a God thing!”. When God speaks you have to listen or miss a blessing only He can give. God speaks to us through His Word. Sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly. And when He does speak you’ll know it. Just listen and obey. If you ever wonder if it’s what God really wants you to do then ask yourself, “Would Satan tell me to do this?” or “Does this match up with God’s Word?”. You’ll have your answer. I love it when God speaks to me! Who am I that a King would die for?

  • M. Waters says:

    What an interesting study. I mean I’ve heard the verse there is a time for everything, but I guess I never applied it to the seasons of life.
    M. Waters

  • Dot Khan says:

    Through Bible study I have grown more intimate with the Word, more intimate with my God, more intimate with the ladies through fellowship and have a grounding that I can’t imagine could be developed any other way. It strengthens your relationship with God through Christ in a very huge impacting way!

  • Mechelle says:

    I love this website, and the bible studies. I just wish I had more time to enjoy more of them.

  • Melissa George says:

    Having a focused time to study God’s word is always important, but right now it is vital to my spiritual well being.

  • Connie - Arkansas says:

    Ooohhhh, the struggles with contentment. Sounds like a wonderful study!

  • Ann says:

    Bible study brings me an inner peace because I grow in knowing our Lord and in understanding perplexing life challenges.

  • tracey says:

    I love digging deeper into God’s Word and growing closer to Him…..This study seems to be EXACTLY what I need right now. I have been going through many changes personally, spiritually, physically over the past 2 years with God molding and guiding me. I have come a loooong way, but there is still work to do and some ‘out of the box’ moments coming ahead. Contentment has not been a consistency in this season of my life with difficulties in my marriage although I have loved the transformation God is doing in me, my focus occasionally needs readjusted!

  • Shan says:

    What a great thing you are doing!
    I have wanted to do this study since I did Beauty By the Book!

  • Stella says:

    What I love most about bible studies is how much I learned each time. I can look at the same scripture and get a fresh outlook each time. My heart is renewed, and my spirit is uplifted. I’m also able to share what I’ve learned with my family and friends.

  • Davida Allen says:

    I have only done one bible study (Breaking Free) so far but I really enjoyed it. The thing that I enjoyed about this bible study is that it stretched me beyond where I was comfortable and open my eyes to things that I was not aware of in my life. I am actually currently going back through it because I know that there was some stuff that I missed because of circumstances that were going on in my life at that time. This time around my heart and mind are more prepared and I know that I will get even more out of it the second time around.

  • Claudia Perez says:

    To feed on the word of the Lord and get other points of view to apply in my everyday life.

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