Wordless Wednesday

Each week on Wednesday, we select interesting iStock photos and feature them here at the Womens Bible Cafe. When you look at this photo, what do you see? What comes to your mind, what feelings surface, what thoughts do you have? Post a comment about this photo.



  1. I see my mother-in -law, Helen. She lived 97 years. Her Bible was held together with duct tape. She was a very devout Christian lady. She lived her faith and set.a wonderful example for her family and community.

  2. Patricia says:

    I see a soldier…faithfully leaning on the Word that has sustained her for so many years.

  3. I see someone who has lived a long life. Because of the appearance of a lot of wear and tear on the Bible it would appear that this person has depended on God’s Holy Word. God’s word has probably gotten her through many trials, given her strength, wisdom, encouragement, peace and joy. No matter how old she may be God’s Word is the foundation of her every moment.

  4. I see my grandmothers hands. Her presence was a comfort during difficult times.

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