Worship Wednesday

Thanks for visiting the Womens Bible Cafe as we listen to worship music today. Each week on Wednesday we select a few worship songs for your enjoyment. Take some time from your busy day and enjoy the beautiful music. Post a comment below and tell us what you think…we enjoy your comments. This week’s songs were selected by Richard and Marie from www.Tworship.com

Join #Tworship on Twitter each night Monday through Friday at 9:00PM Eastern for praise music on Twitter. Find them @SpreadingJoy and @McProdigal


Thanks to Marie and Richard for sharing these beautiful songs with the Womens Bible Cafe!


  1. Sue Alice says:

    Beautiful. I just love this site. Brings joy to my heart.

  2. How Long O Lord, what a thought provoking question, so much more can be added to those four words. Thanks for this, beautiful, beautiful indeed

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