Surrendering the Secret Online Bible Study

At the Women’s Bible Cafe, we’re taking a huge step and leading an online bible study for healing after abortion. We’ll be using the popular book Surrendering the Secret: Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion by Pat Layton. There is a learner version and a leader version, make sure you have the learner version of the book to complete the lessons.

You’ll read the book at home, a chapter each week. You’ll want some quiet time and a quiet space to complete your journal lessons without interruption. Once a week we’ll meet to discuss a theme and chapter from the book. Your participation in the group discussions is optional and based on your comfort level. You can also send private emails to Christine or a Surrendering the Secret certified leader, if you prefer to discuss the book in private.

If you or a friend are still hurting after an abortion, or you helped someone to get an abortion, then please consider joining us in this bible study. We’re a no-shame zone and respect the heart of every woman who participates here. While men are welcome to participate, the online study here at the Womens Bible Cafe is mostly feminine in nature.

Join a local group by visiting or participate online with the Womens Bible Cafe.

Special Note: We’ve created an anonymous email address for use during this bible study. If you don’t want to reveal your true identity, please use the anon email address when you post a comment. Use a nickname instead of your real name. Please use the same nickname throughout the study so we can reply back and grow as a community.  Register with the email if you want to remain anonymous and keep your comments confidential.

About the book Surrendering the Secret

This is a personal study experience helping hurting women find the path to healing through honest, interactive Bible study; meaningful group experiences; unique journaling exercises; and confidential, caring community.Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts and they are suffering severe consequences. They carry a great burden of shame and failure, afraid to reveal their hidden pain, and by doing so are forced to endure the long-lasting effects in isolation. Surrendering the Secret will allow women to release this burden and find freedom through ‘redemptive community’ while experiencing hope and joy, as shame and failure are replaced with beauty.

Author Pat Layton, founder and president of A Woman’s Place Ministries, helps women find the path to healing through honest interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, and caring community. With more than 20 years of experience in guiding women to healing, Pat outlines a process that has proven effective over and over again.


This will be an 8-week journey into healing. For many it will bring comfort and relief, and for some it might unleash hurt and pain. If you struggle with the subject and study, we prayerfully request you to seek professional counseling. Many post-abortion women have experienced symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression and a counselor will assist you in these medical conditions.

Prayerfully consider if this is the right time for you to participate in this bible study.

Resources for Surrendering the Secret Online Bible Study


Surrendering the Secret Online Bible Study

Surrendering the Secret  Introduction Week

Surrendering the Secret Week 1

Surrendering the Secret Week 2

Surrendering the Secret Week 3

Surrendering the Secret Week 4

Surrendering the Secret Week 5

Surrendering the Secret Week 6

Surrendering the Secret Week 7

Surrendering the Secret Week 8

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  • keri says:

    Love is a battlefield, Keri

  • lauren says:

    Hi, I just came across this. Is this bible study still active? I’d like to join.

  • Yolanda Hyde says:

    I was seeking a Post Abortion group and I came across your website. I know it is time for me to start healing, its been 23 years and its only getting harder. Let there be LIght

  • carlene says:

    i tumbled upon your cafe & came across this study. this is july i know im late but in gods eyes its the right timing. anyway my book title would be “EBB & FLOW” gods treasures always seem to be hiden till revealed

  • ProLifeRN says:

    I am a nurse and volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. I’ve not had an abortion, and do not judge those who have. My desire is to learn more about what drives the decision leading to abortion, the long term effects, and what might have changed the minds of women who’ve had one. I also would love to be a part of the healing God will surely do here. Bless you ladies for having the courage to “Surrender the Secret” I know it takes enormous strength. You are loved and forgiveness is yours.

  • Grace4Life says:

    My name is Nancy and I live in central NY. If I wrote a book about my life it would be called Because of His Grace.

    • Christine Smith says:

      Welcome Nancy, I’m glad the Lord placed in into your heart to heal and reveal His grace to others. You are loved.

  • Linda says:

    Image is NOT Everything!

  • BJ says:

    Hi, my name is BJ. I live in Tulsa. If I wrote a book about my life it would probably be called “Failing Forward, Grace Amazing”

  • Sonya says:

    Hello, I am joining this study late, my book title would be Ashamed. I am looking forward to healing through this study.

  • Marie says:

    Choics That Led Me to You

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