Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Online Bible Study Starts August 29, 2011

Three new online bible studies are starting August 29, 2011 and one is called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World  by Joanna Weaver. Christine Smith, a former “Martha” will be leading this study at the Womens Bible Cafe. To participate in this 6-week bible study, you’ll need a copy of the book, available at Amazon or a Christian bookstore. This powerful book details the differences between Martha and Mary, the two sisters of Lazarus in the bible. Martha is described as “the original Martha Stewart, the New Testament’s Proverbs 31 woman, and Israel’s answer to Betty Crocker.” She is busy serving and preparing for Jesus, while Mary worships and listens at the feet of Jesus. While both roles are important, the purpose of the book is to find balance between your inner Martha and inner Mary.

This is a book format with study questions at the end of each chapter, so we recommend a notebook or journal to record your answers. Once a week on Monday we’ll have an online discussion of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. You’ll read your book at home two chapters each week, answer the study questions, and then join us on Monday’s to participate in a group discussion. There is no set time for the discussions, just show up and participate! We recommend you register for the Womens Bible Cafe by email so you’ll know when the discussion has started.

If you are new to online bible study, please Read the Bible Cafe Getting Started Page

Reading Schedule for Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

  • August 29, 2011- Launch day, start reading Chapters 1 and 2
  • September 6, 2011- Discuss Chapters 1 and 2, start reading chapters 3 and 4
  • September 12, 2011- Discuss Chapters 3 and 4, start reading chapters 5 and 6
  • September 19, 2011- Discuss Chapters 5 and 6, start reading chapters 7 and 8
  • September 26, 2011- Discuss Chapters 7 and 8, start reading chapters 8 and 9
  • October 3, 2011- Discuss Chapters 9 and 10, start reading Appendix A through F
  • October 10, 2011- Discuss Appendix A through F

How to Participate in the The Gospel of Ruth Online Bible Study

  • Get a copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver (the hardcover edition was published in 2007 and has a different cover than the paperback published in 2000, either book is fine)
  • Introduce yourself: Post a comment below with your name, where you are from, and answer to this question- What is your favorite memory from Summer 2011?


Author Christine Abraham

Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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  • Nora says:

    Our womens group is just finishing up.
    We are on chapter 12….this is an awesome book and doing the study was great and very deep!

  • Carolyn Robinson says:

    Our Small Group would are checking out studies. Can this only be done on line and are there any DVDs? We meet every other Tues. at 6 p.m. and it is the only time I as a leader can be there. Any ideas for me?

    • You dont need DVD’s for this, and it’s an excellent study for your small group. Just divide the book in weekly reading assignments and then discuss the chapters as a group. I’d do this study again its so good!

  • Connie says:

    I know I’m late, but I am interested in doing this bible study. Ready to get started.

  • Melissa says:

    Just found your website and even though I am definitely at the back of the line I will be joining your bible study once my book comes in. Even if I play catch up I can’t wait to start this study! 🙂

  • Sara says:

    Well, like everyone else it seems, I found your site today and will be playing catch up. I have been looking to do some kind of bible study, to make more time for God, but as many of us know its difficult with small children and working full-time. I want to make it a priority though so here I am! This is a great idea! Thanks!

  • Wendy says:

    Hi, I’m from Texas, just got my book today, so I will be playing catch up this week. My favorite memory from summer 2011 is moving into our own apt again, after being pretty much homeless for 4 months. Glory to God!!!

  • Jane says:

    First time trying a bible study online, would prefer to be able to make it a small group at church but my current schedule does not allow it. I will buy a book tomorrow.

  • Megan says:

    I just found this web site, and I’m joining the study a little late. I have my book now. So excited to be a part of this!

  • Lori says:

    Hi, I’m Lori from Texas. I too just found your site. This will be my first Bible Study. Was intrigued by the story of Mary and Martha after hearing about it in a sermon recently. Will catch up this weekend and be ready for Monday! My favorite memory of Summer 2011 is the huge birthday party for my July 4 born husband and 3 others with July 3, 4, 5 birthdays living on 2 adjacent streets! Amazing!

  • Stephanie says:

    This is Stephanie from Missouri. I just found your site and ordered the book today so I will be a little behind but I am excited to join in! My favorite summer memory was enjoying our yearly trip to a Major League Baseball game with the whole family.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi, I’m Jennifer from San Diego, CA. Favorite memory of the summer – the last 6 days of summer vacation – went camping with the family for two days and just really took the time to relax and enjoy 🙂 Life is good. I’m looking forward to doing this study with others – I’ve read through the book before, but am excited to go through again at this stage in my life, after all the life experience I’ve gained since I last read it.

  • Desiree says:

    I have been looking for an online bible study to start with. I’m pretty introverted at heart, but yet not disciplined or have the know-how to study by myself.
    I searched again this evening for an online bible study that “felt right,” and I think I have found it here! I know I’m a week late, but I’m also an avid reader, so I hope I can pick up the book tomorrow and start reading.
    This topic really interests me, because as a young step mother with a full-time job I struggle a lot with finding time for worship between work, making dinner, checking homework, trying (but usually failing) to clean the house. I am definitely a Martha, but with a strong desire to be a Mary.
    In fact, that was the whole reason for picking up the search for an online bible study this evening! After making a homework plan for my 4th grader that will hopefully work this time, I prayed to God to give me more energy for all these things in life I need to juggle, but still be a pleasant face for my family and provide them with the strength they need from me.
    Hope to see you next week!

    • Desiree says:

      I got so caught up in the enthusiasm, I forgot the two primary questions!
      I’m Desiree from Tucson, Arizona and I’m a 24 year old working step-mom and have been for the past 5 1/2 years. I’m making it official in November! My favorite Summer 2011 memory was having a week staycation with just my fiance relaxing and enjoying eachother’s company and presence.

  • Rhonda B. says:

    Rhonda B. from Tennessee …… my fav memory from the summer was visiting my sister in Nashville, Tn. (music city) and our trips to the Zoo !!

  • Elsabe says:

    I just chilled this summer and spent time at home. My favorite part was relaxing. I am one year out of treatment breast cancer survivor, so relaxing and taking it easy is important.

  • Erin says:

    I am Erin from near Ann Arbor, Michigan. My favorite memory from Summer 2011 is having fun at my middle son’s graduation party.

  • lorrie says:

    hi im Lorrie from michigan my favorite memory from this summer was getting to spend time with my cousins

  • Michelle says:

    Hi all, I am Michelle from West Lafayette, Indiana. My favorite memory was traveling to Hawaii. We worshiped God at a church service right on the beach, in front of the hotel guests. Amazing!

  • Andrea says:

    Tampa, FL.. My favorite memoriy this summer was my best friends wedding. I was beautiful and I was just so happy for her.

  • Laura says:

    Oh sorry I forgot My name is Laura I am from Ft. Worth Texas.
    One of the most memorable memories is spending time with all my grandchildren.
    And how HOT it has been this year

  • Laura says:

    My favorite memory is spending time with my grandchildren

  • Rhonda says:

    Rhonda from middle Tennessee. I am looking for my book, which I alread have, but have misplaced …. I am excited about this study !!

  • This is so wonderful, I love it when I get to say, “Mommie is going to her Bible Study now” and I close my bedroom door. The children hear me talk of the many ladies I have met at Bible study, but they don’t understand. I am so grateful for this time. This Bible study is so important to HIS heart. Did He not tell us in Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. WOW… He longs for us to be still, in Psalm 23 David says, He leads us by still waters. Isn’t that the deep longing of any Mother’s heart? Just for a single moment of stillness, quietness and solitude, for reflection and renewal. He truly give us the desires of our hearts. This is soo good.

  • Dianne says:

    I am Dianne from Willow Springs, N.C.. My favorite memory from summer 2011 was meeting new friends who opened my heart to a new way of thinking.

  • Lisa Marie says:

    Hi everyone! I am Lisa, joining you from Nebraska. This is my first Women’s Bible Cafe study, I am so excited to have found you! My favorite memory from the summer is a family reunion in the Black Hills.

  • jennifer carter says:

    I am from staunton va but live in truth or consequences nm now. My favorite memory is spending time on the rio grande with my wonderful husband.

  • Marie says:

    I’m Marie from Denver NC – This is going to be a wonderful Study! glad to be part of it along with you amazing ladies!


  • Shannon says:

    Hi everyone!! My name is Shannon and I am in Louisiana. My favorite memory from this summer was just made this past weekend. We took the kids out on the boat and were able to just enjoy the beautiful views that God gives us. My husband and the kids jumped off the boat and swam and laughed and played while I took lots of pictures. I don’t swim so I was able to just sit back and watch them and thank God for how blessed we reallly are!

  • Jace says:

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Jace, and I live in Fort Worth, TX. My favorite memory from this summer is celebrating my twin boys’ first birthdays.

  • Laura says:

    I am Laura from Wisconsin. My best summer memory was spending time with family for July 4th.

  • Lisa C. says:

    Hi There!

    My name is Lisa and I’m from Northern California. I’m super excited to join in on this online bible study with you all. My favorite memory from the Summer of 2011 was tent camping (for the first time) with my family and friends in the beautiful Redwoods. Can’t wait to go again!

  • Amy says:

    My name is Amy and I am from suburban Chicago…My favorite summer memory is spending Sunday’s up at the chain of lakes with my daughter, sister and her family, and my mom!

  • Lucinda says:

    I am Lucinda from Rochester, MN. This was a very busy summer, and my favorite part was visiting the State Fair with my husband and daughters. Looking forward to spending time with you all, and with this book! I am very new to online Bible Study.

  • Angie says:

    Hi! My name is Angie and I am from Florida. This is my first time doing an online bible study, as well. I have had this book for a couple of years and am excited to read it with others. My favorite memory from this past Summer was our annual Family Beach Trip, which we do every year around the 4th of July. I have 3 young children and we love the break from the routine of school during the summer.

  • Penni says:

    I am Penni from Sioux City, Ia Memory for summer 2011, spending time with grandchildren, birth of 1st grandaughter.

  • Erica says:

    Erica, from Idaho, and my best summer memory is I ran my first 10k this summer! Well run maybe an exaggeration, it was a mud run. So mostly jumping in mud puddles and climbing obstacles. But it was a lot of fun, and I was able to run 5 miles the week before the race!

  • Caty Culbertson says:

    Hi, my name is Caty. I live in Nitro, WV. My favorite memory is getting to spend a week at the Outer Banks with my three sisters (who I rarely see) and my daughter, and two granddaughters.. precious memories!

  • E.J says:

    Greetings from the Bluegrass State! I am EJ from Central Kentucky and I am looking forward to joining you for this study! This will be my first time at this, so I am looking forward to all there is to learn. 🙂 My favorite memory from the summer would be the time surrounding the wonderful combined birthday-college graduation party that we planned and held for our oldest child this summer. It was well attended by so many family that it was almost like a family reunion! Many cherished memories were made in creating this event for our beloved daughter.

  • Susanne, Dallas, TX says:

    My favorite memory from summer 2011 is the love and encouragement I was showered with as I took the leap into starting my photography business!!

  • Audrey says:

    Ihave started to read this great book as I downloaded it into my Kindle. So looking forward to this much needed Bible Study. I live in Chapala, Mexico.

  • Hi ladies, my name is Stasia, I live in Mexico where I am the director of a shelter for the poor and needy. My favorite memory from this summer? Seeing my daughters for the first time in 3 years… it was a glorious gift someone gave us, they sent me my daughters from different parts of the US for us to have a family reunion. It was glorious. I have 6 beautiful children and my hubbie and I have had 27 great years, the majority of which we have served as missionaries, my greatest love is Him who gave His all for me.

  • Val says:

    I am Val from Skiatook Oklahoma, my life right now is Thrilling!

  • Felicia says:

    Hi! Felicia from Plano, TX. Most of my memories are times spent with loved ones…

  • Karen says:

    I am from Missouri. My favorite memory this summer is having a baby! We have been given a miracle. We were told we could not have children…..well God said different. We are blessed!

  • Monica Pryor says:

    Monica, Water Valley, MS. My favortie memory for summer 2011 was anytime spent with my 3 children.

  • Tonya says:

    I’m from CA. Memory for Summer 2011 – Choosing to adopt 2 children from Congo. Currently saving money to start the process soon!

  • Jill S. says:

    I’m looking forward to this study.

  • Cindy says:

    I’m Cindy from Mt. Pleasant, SC. This must be a God thing… Bought the book last week at Barnes and Noble after hearing about it for years! I’m excited to share reading it with sisters in Christ. My favorite Summer 2011 memory is taking my teenage sons to New York City just for fun.

  • Vici Parrish says:

    I am Vici, I’m from Virginia. Most memoral moment in summer of 2011 .Seeing my step dad walk into heaven as I pray take him by the hand in lead him into the promise land if this be your will. As soon as I prayed that prayer he took his last breath and he was gone . What a moment in time. will never forget how quickly that pray was answered . Praise be to God! he is in heaven.

  • Donna says:

    Hi, I’m Donna from Austin, Texas. Driving with my 19 year old son to his college in Illinois had to be the most memorable time of this summer – I’ll cherish the rare one on one time I had with him always!

  • Vicki Smith says:

    I am Vicki Smith, from Mifflinburg, PA – My favorite memory for the summer 2011 is the time spent on vacation with my husband. We went to Hilton Head Island and had such a good time together.

  • Shawn says:

    My name is Shawn, I live in South Carolina. My favorite memory for Summer 2011 is my son at the age of 10 accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour into his life. What a wonderful day that was!!!! 🙂

  • Susan W Carey says:

    Hi! I am Susan from Goshen (right outside of Louisville) Kentucky. My favorite memory is sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee praying for my father inlaw (who has been diagnosed with stage IV sarcoma) and feeling God’s presence surround me!

  • shannon says:

    Hey guys! I’m from Arkansas and my name is Shannon! My favorite memory from this summer is when my mom came out here for my daughters 5th birthday! It was a great time spent with her and family in general and at the end of her birthday she said, “this was the best day ever!” That’s all this mama needed to hear!

  • cindy says:

    hi – i’m cindy from the bay area in california. my favorite summer memory is reuniting with old friends at one of my best friend’s wedding.

  • Shelly says:

    My name is Shelly from American Fork, Utah. My favorite memory for the 2011 summer was gong to Bear Lake with my family.

  • April says:

    Hi, my name is April & I am from Alabama. My favorite memory from summer 2011 was spending several weeks with my husband who is in the military & stationed in a different state.

  • Carol says:

    I’m Carol from Fredericksburg, VA. My favorite memories of summer 2011: seeing my nephew graduate from HS and then my niece get married and conquering a fear by white water rafting while on vacation.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi! I am Sharon from Charlotte, North Carolina. My favorite summer memory is my entire family going on a cruise in June. Best vacation ever with my parents, my sister and her family, and my husband and two sons!

  • Asia says:

    My name is Asia, I’m from Orlando, FL my favorite memory of this summer is experiencing God like I have like never before.

  • Donna says:

    My name is Donna and I am from Missouri. My favorite memory from this summer was going on vacation to Williamsburg, VA with my family.

  • Elaine T says:

    My name is Elaine, I live in Southern California. My favorite memory for Summer 2011 is getting married in Maui on the beach at sunset with 30 of my immediate family and friends!!

  • Debbie says:

    Hi! I am Debbie from Louisville, KY. My favorite memory from Summer 2011 was Disney World in pouring rain with my whole family.

  • Lisa DeCandia says:

    My favorite memory from this summer is happening right now as I sit on our front porch swing, with my husband, and listen to the winds sing of our God and watch the trees clap their hands at His glory! Everything I see is dancing before Him! It is a beautiful display of His glorious splendor and I am sharing it with my bubbie in one of our favorite spots <3

  • Cindy H says:

    I am Cindy from Lonoke, Arkansas. The summer of 2011 will always be remembered as my first summer of retirement.

  • Susan says:

    Hi! I’m Susan from Virginia. Best memory is visit from family living in Texas and a family reunion. Excited about this study.

  • Dawn says:

    Hi I am Dawn from London, England. So excited to be joining this bible study. My favourite things from the summer have been having the opportunity to spend time with my son who is home from uni for the summer .

  • Donna says:

    My name is Donna and I’m from Massachusetts. I am looking forward to doing this Bible study..my favorite memory of this summer…hmmm..would have to be spending time with my dad by his pool. Just chatting, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

  • Melissa says:

    My name is Melissa and I live in Spokane, WA. My favorite memory of the summer has been our family vacation to the river.

  • natasha says:

    My names Natasha, I’m from Kentucky. My favorite memory would be seeing the ocean for the first time with my boys.

  • Maureen says:

    I am Maureen from Charlotte NC. My favorite memory: a trip to the Zoo with my 2 year old.

  • Patti says:

    Hi, my name is Patti and I live in Brownsburg, Indiana. My favorite memory from this summer is my two boys (ages 11 and 14) hanging out together and enjoying each others company! We also enjoyed a great family vacation to Mexico where we spent a whole week just relaxing and having fun.

  • Angela says:

    I am Angela from Charlotte NC. Memory…. too many memories to pick just one. Also, not nearly as many as I wanted to create with my kids!

  • Michelle says:

    My summer 2011 memory is studying God’s word with other Sister’s in Christ. Most recently ‘do you know who I am’.

  • Stacy says:

    My name is Stacy, & I live in McAlester, Oklahoma! My favorite memory of Summer 2011 was celebrating Fourth of July with my family & friends. Also – my oldest son just moved into college dorms, & it has been bittersweet going through this memorable event.

  • Kimberly Grey says:

    books shipped today hope I have them in time for the study next week….

  • Jenise says:

    I am Jenise, currently living in Wichita Falls, TX. My memory from the summer what sport finally ending for my boys Mid-July! 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for the world though!

  • Debra says:

    Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to sharing this Bible study with you all! My name is Debra and I live in Campbell California next to San Jose (“Do you know the way to San Jose?”–tee hee, sorry I am dating myself). I have two favorite memories for this summer. First is my Mom getting strong enough after her stroke that she was able to live independently again. This was very important to her. Praise be to God! My other favorite memory for the summer of 2011 was getting a client caught up who was 2 1/2 years in arrears. Woot! Woot! Major accomplishment and cause for celebration!

  • Jamie says:

    I am Jamie from South Carolina. My favorite summer memory is spending 7 weeks in a Bible Study with 30 women. We worked through Brave, by Angela Thomas. Awesome friendships made!

  • Kelly says:

    I am Kelly from Enon Valley, PA. My favorite memory of this past summer was the joy on my kids faces when they got to go out and help with all the work around the farm. My Dad would be so proud of them!

  • I am Kim from Altamonte Springs, FL. Looking forward to the study. Memory for summer 2011 was that I read books other than textbooks for my MBA studies at Keller Graduate School of Management. I will be working on the bible study and my MBA studies beginning next week. I beseech your prayers in that regard. Thanks. Kim

  • Monique McCollum says:

    Hello, I am from Acworth, GA. My favorite memory for summer 2011 would be spending quiality time with my kids. My daughter started Kindergarten this year and my son is a Freshman in High School.

  • I am Kimberly Grey from Altamonte Springs, Florida, looking forward to our study and my favorite summer memory for 2011 is not having any school work and reading, Eat Pray Love, Chronicles of Narnia and The Notebook.

  • Tammy says:

    Hi. My name is Tammy and from Florida, Massachusetts.
    My favorite Memory this summer is getting the wonderful news that I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time!
    This my first time on this site. I saw this study and was happy as I have the book but never finished it! Looking forward to opening it up again.

  • Carol says:

    I am Carol from Stillwater, OK and my favorite summer memory for 2011 is setting up a craft room so I can be my crafty self and use my gift to spread God’s love!

  • Stacy says:

    I am Stacy from Longview,Tx. My memory for summer 2011 is our long road trip to Florida.I am looking forward to this study!

  • Ashley Lynch says:

    What a fast and exciting summer. But looking forward to the changes fall brings. Including all my kids being in elementary school as my youngest starts kindergarten.

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m Tiffany and I live in Virginia Beach, VA until I move to London some time this fall. My favorite memory from the summer was reconnecting with a sister I haven’t seen in 12 years.

  • Rebecca Foy says:

    My name is Rebecca and am from Burnt Hills, New York. My favorite memory for the summer of 2011 is our family moving back to the states after 4 years in Germany.

  • Tammi says:

    my name is Tammi … im new here 🙂 My favorite summer memory is trip to Disneyworld at the end of July

  • Stasia Nielsen says:

    so excited about the Mary Heart Bible Study because I was able to download the e book on my computer.. this is so wonderful to be able to do Bible studies in other countries…
    Love to all..
    all for Him

  • Lori says:

    My name is Lori and I’m from Austin, TX. My favorite summer memory is spending a week at the beach with my husband, 2 young daughters and 3 of my friends and their husbands and children. It was a madhouse but so much fun!

  • Anna says:

    My name is Anna and I live in the south of Sweden. My whole life has changed this summer, and it is my new work that changes everything, I have started to work on a Hospice, and I am grateful that God finally woke me up and I started to realise that I only have one life to live, and that every day is a precious day, to live together in harmony with yourself, God and your loved ones.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi I’m Jennifer and I’m from San Diego, CA. My favorite Summer 2011 memory – this may change since my vacation isn’t until next week – but the best day of the whole summer was July 4th – we spent the day playing in our “redneck” swimming pool with the kids – my husband lined his truck bed with a tarp and filled it with water! The kids had a blast and the water was so refreshing!

  • Yolanda Lane says:

    Hello, I am Yolanda Lane from Mount Morris, MI. My favorite memory from summer 2011 is the all the time I spent with my 6 year old twins, gong to VBS, playing dress up, riding bikes and teaching them to bake sweet treats. Just to name a few things!

  • karen says:

    My favorite memory was our family reunion. It was my parents’ wish to reunite my family with my brother’s family. We hadn’t all been together since our children were married, and had babies. My children had never met their cousins spouses. It was bitter sweet. Sad I had missed all of those years, but happy to have the chance to rekindle family relationships. My mom is 86 and my dad 85. He suffers from Parkinson’s. this could very well be the wish of their lifetime…..

  • Looking forward to doingthis study. Dowloaded the book to my Kindle last evening so I am ready to begin!
    God Bless

    • I was able to download the sample in Mexico and made it thru today on that.. I just bought the ebook and downloaded it… I am at McDonalds… trying to study while many children run amuck screaming and throwing food about.. not my children… thankfully.. I know sometimes they do… even Ella is telling me these children are being very naughty..

  • Ramona says:

    Ramona-Texas, my favorite memory for summer 2011, my son coming home.

  • Lori says:

    My name is Lori and I’m from the Boston, MA area. My favorite memory this summer is the day my husband and I made our final decision together to launch a new church in our area, and then the affirmation we received unexpectedly shortly thereafter! Stumbling upon “Bible Cafe for Women” is an answer to prayer to connect with other women until we have a Congregation to study with. I am so excited to read this book with you all! Hopefully it will ship in time as we do not have any Christian Bookstores around here. Blessings to you!

  • Katie says:

    Hi! My name is Katie and I am from Pike Road, Alabama. I am happy to find this site! My favorite summer memory was getting to be home on maternity leave with my first child, a little boy, and getting to spend lots of time with my family! I am looking forward to getting into this book again. My husband gave it to me for Christmas when we were dating and I never finished it.

  • Jennifer Martin says:

    Hi! My name is Jenny and I am from Morristown, TN! My favorite memory this summer was when my husband surprised me with a trip to Charleston, SC (where we went on our honeymoon 3 years age)! It was wonderful for us to have a few days just the two of us away from everything.

  • Tina says:

    My name is Tina and while I’m from Kansas, I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan. My favorite time this past summer was going home to Kansas for a two week holiday. I loved getting a chance to spend time with family–eating bbq, going to ball games, shopping, going to my sister’s awesome church, and participating in the family wii bowling tournament! Nothing like family and home!

  • Judy Carter says:

    Hi, I’m Judy from Roanoke, TX. Love spending time with family and friends just hanging out.

  • Pepsi Windland says:

    Pepsi Windland, Grapevine, TX
    My favorite memory from the summer of 2011 is finding my new great apartment and moving to grapevine!

  • Pam says:

    I decided on this study because I want to be a Mary but was raised a Martha.

  • Lauri says:

    Hi! I live in Cheyenne, WY and am looking forward to this study! My favorite summer memories are spending the weekend in Copper Mountain, CO enjoying good guitar music and good times with my husband of almost 31 years. Also spending weekends with good friends and my sons!

  • Hi! I am Maria from Fayetteville, NC. My favorite memory of Summer was spending time with my loved ones and relaxing on the days when I did not have to work for like 15 hours. 🙂

  • I am so glad to have found your website and look forward to reading this book. I actually bought it a year ago and have not read it. I think I was meant to find you guys today. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    Hi, My name is Lisa . I’m from Mount Joy,PA. My favorite memory for summer 2011 is my granddaughter’s 1st birthday party.

  • Jessica says:

    I am Jessica from Smithville, MO. Going to the pool almost everyday this summer with both my boys!

  • Rachel Kingston says:

    Hello Everyone, I’m Rachel. I live in Easthampton, MA. Looking forward to this Bible Study and trying to get some friends to join as well. My favorite summer memory in 2011, is spending time with family! Both my sister-in-laws had baby boys, my husband and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary, and on Oct. 30th, we are expecting our first child (a little girl – Eden Paige). God has so richly blessed us and we are thankful for all He has done in our lives!

  • Ginny Haynie says:

    Hi! I am Ginny. I live in Mountain View, CA. Looking forward to it. I have had this on my Kindle for year and haven’t read it yet. No time like the present.

  • Christy says:

    My name is Christy and I live in Wisconsin. My favorite summer memory is the joy of the birth of our second child!

  • Teresa says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Teresa from the North woods of Wisconsin. I have many favorite moments from the summer of 2011 – all centered around special times with family 🙂

  • Sandy says:

    I am Sandy from Timpson, TX. Memory for summer 2011—Watching and working with our church as it grows. Starting a SS class for the smaller kids.

  • Beatriz says:

    I am Beatriz from Miami FL, This summer has being very hard for our family but our LORD is good… have many favorites memories from this summer, my husband new medication for his cancer is working, our daughter woke up after being in a coma for 7 days she is back at school in NC ready for school at the end of this month and the news of being a grandmother for the first time of twins. Each day a take a step-by-step and His love will go with me all the way. Amen!

  • Kerri says:

    Hi! I’m Kerri from Springfield, Virginia. My favorite summer memory is spending time in NYC with my sister, her kids, and my kids!

  • Portia Keena says:

    I am Portia from San Diego, CA. My favorite memory from Summer 2011 was the week my niece spent with us. We had a BLAST with her.

  • Sandy says:

    Hi, My name is Sandy and I am from Dallas, TX. My favorite memory of Summer 2011 is spending lots of quality time with my kids, watching movies and having game night 🙂

  • Megan says:

    I am Megan from the Chicago suburbs. My favorite summer memory was the Jelly Belly Factory and Renaissance Fair with my husband and kids.

  • Andrea says:

    Hello, my name is Andrea. I live in Sagle, Idaho. My summer has been wonderful, I was able to quit working to be home with my son and am extremely blessed to have this time with him!

  • Ashley says:

    My name is Ashley from Houston, TX. My favorite memory for summer 2011 was going on our first annual girls trip with 4 of my closest friends to a lake resort in Austin. It was a great time to spend with my girlfriends and we are looking forward to continuing it every year!

  • amy says:

    I am Amy from North Carolina. My favorite memory of this summer is spending a week at the beach with all my family (kids and grandkids)

  • Nic says:

    Hi My name is Nic, from Makati, Philippines. My memory or Summer 2011, was this summer was not mine. it was God’s. I was so focused with the kid’s church and pre-school sunday school, I forgot to plan something… it was different and fun.

  • Tara Branch says:

    Hey y’all, I’m Tara Branch from Healdton, Oklahoma. My favorite memory of Summer 2011 is that I finished my last summer classes of college I’ll have to take! Only 3 more semesters to go!

  • Theresa says:

    Hi – I’m Theresa from Smyrna, TN. We seem to have very busy summers with both my 13 year old daughter and 9 year old son playing ball – but we love every minute of it! We as a family spend a lot of time with each other and friends at the ball fields! However, the downside is we miss a lot of church on Sunday morning so it is a struggle to find the time to focus on HIM. So I am really excited to find this on-line bible study!!

  • Gina says:

    Hi! I’m Gina from Louisiana… I had the sweetest time at the beach this summer with my husband and 2 kids watching them build sand castles and run in the waves!

  • Patty says:

    I am Patty from Colorado, north Denver area. My favorite summer 2011 memory was a vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota where we had some nice family time.

  • Cindy says:

    Cindy from Rock Springs Wyoming. Memory from Summer 2011 is going to Yellowstone with my daughter and husband. We try and go every year. Love it!!

  • hey! i’m janackeh and i live in grayson, georgia! my favorite memory from this summer so far was worshipping and fellowshipping at my church’s summer conference (Immersed Conference) a couple weeks ago…it was amazing!!

  • Pamela says:

    Hi, I’m Pamela from Florida’s emerald coast. Our best memories of summer are camping on the beach! Looking forward too the study. Thanks for sharing.

  • Denise says:

    Hi! I am Denise and I live in TN. One of my favorite memories is having indoor picnics with my kids and watching Disney videos and planning for a Disney trip.

  • Brenda says:

    Hi, My favorite memory this summer is making a new Christian friend, who has a wonderful heart for God. It was so great to be able to share with another women of faith.

  • Heather says:

    Hello, I am Heather from Canal Winchester, OH. This is my first bible study and I’m very excited to read and study this book with each of you. My favorite memory from this summer is preparing for kindergarten for my oldest daughter.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m Elizabeth but my friends all call me Liza. I’m going to be moving to D.C. from Flagstaff! next week 🙂 I just returned from Uganda after being there for ten days working with Cause 4 Life through Joni and Friends. I left my heart there!

  • Charlotte says:

    Hi,I’m Charlotte from Salisbury.MD. My favorite memory from Summer 2011 was finding out that my breast biopsy results came back benign. Prayers were answered.

  • Angela says:

    My name is Angela from Manitoba Canada.I read and enjoyed this book a few years ago and look forward to completing this study with others. My favorite summer memory was spending the august long weekend with my 3 children their spouses and my granddaughter at the lake.

  • Christina says:

    Hello I am Christina currently in Augusta, KS. My favorite memory from this summer has been our two week mission trip that took us to Canada. Spending my 35th Birthday on a snow topped mountain in Whistler B.C. Canada. (never before have I had snow on my Birthday!!! its in June)

  • Melanie says:

    Hi! My name is Melanie and I live in Boise Idaho. My favorite memory this summer is walking with my daughters. I have three daughters ages 20, 16, and 12. They are all busy with school and other things. So for the past few weeks we have been getting up early in the morning and wakling 3 miles at a local park. Its been great just spending time with them and getting healthy is just a bonus.

  • Annie says:

    My name is Annie and I am from MIlwaukee. My favorite memory from this summer was the Fourth of July weekend with friends

  • LaTalya says:

    Hi Christine. This is LaTalya from Murrieta, California. My memories for summer 2011 is having so many great times and new experiences with my 3 daughters ages 5, 8 and 9. Also, my husband got a new job!!!God is so good and this will be my 3 bible study with Women’s Bible Cafe. I love it!

  • Jenn Hardacre says:

    I am Jenn from North Port, FL. My favorite memory from Summer 2011 is getting time to spend with my three beautiful children and continuing to work on my bachelor’s degree.

  • Judee Baysinger says:

    Good morning to all of you. My name is Judee and I live in Greenwood, Indiana. I’m a grandmother with three beautiful grandchildren. It seems silly to call them children, one is 21 and in the Army, the nest one is 16 and a junior, and the baby is soon (the 16th) to be 16 and a freshman. They are the loves of my life and I can’t image not having them. My favorite memory so far is sitting on my back porch and watching the hummingbirds and ducks and geese around our pond. I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you better.

  • Dianna says:

    My favorite memory from the summer 2011. Is that each memeber of my family has took a big stept. By being accountable for their own faith and Seeking our Lords Face seperate not only when we all gather to pray and worship. My oldest Just went on hewr first International mission trip. My youngest is on her first too. Right here in our back yard at school. I have watch her talk to her friends and get them to agree to meet her at church. And my faithful Husband.. He is growing so steady with the Lord. He is developing that fire in his heart to be a just Man and have others around you be just to. Be a gental man. To set the Bar high for the time when our daughters look for the Godly Husbands. Myself, I’ve grown to take less of everyone else. To effectively nurture with out smothering. I’ve learn to take what has held me down for years and uphold it, Lift it, Claim it and teach others. how to get out of the pit you are in. with the help of Jesus Christ our savior. It’s been a busy Summer. Can’t wait to see whats next!

  • Melody says:

    Melody, from Kansas City, MO…..favorite memory is having lots of time with my best friends and family in the pool during our awfully hot summer!

  • Sue Alice says:

    Sue Alice, Greenwood, IN.

    MY favorite memory from the Summer 2011. Is moving by my sister, we were almost 90 miles apart.

  • Bree from Virginia says:

    My favorite memory from summer 2011 is being at the pool all summer. Relaxing and enjoying my family.

  • Heather says:

    Hello I am Heather and i live in Cinnaminson Nj.. My memory for the summer is being Baptized with my parents on a beautiful lake in Greenville Maine.. and having 2 weeks with my family there as well. I have looking to buy this book so i happy to be doing a bible study..

  • Pam says:

    I am Pam from Orlando, FL. Memory for summer 2011, finishing my AA- finals in a few weeks.

  • Lisa in Steilacoom, WA says:

    I am Lisa from Steilacoom, WA. I love that I am finishing up the Ruth study with absolutely wonderful sisters in God.

  • Tammy says:

    My name is Tammy, I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. My favorite memory from this summer is having all 4 of my grandchildren together for 2 weeks.

  • Keri says:

    I am Keri from Alabama. My favorite memory is my mom coming home for a visit.

  • Tiffany W. says:

    My name is Tiffany and I am from Sallisaw, Oklahoma!! My favorite memory from Summer 2011 would be all of the accomplishment that my youngest with Spina Bifida has made and getting my oldest officially enrolled for Pre-K!! We are so excited for the both of them! 🙂

  • Angie says:

    Hi I’m Angie and I live in Missouri. My favorite summer memory is a couple of short road trips my son and I have taken together. He graduated from high school this past spring and I know opportunities like these will become fewer and fewer so I relish each one I get. Looking forward to this study!

  • Wendy says:

    Wendy – Colorado. My favorite memory this summer is spending days in the beautiful Colorado mountains with my boys. I’ve had this book on my, ‘like to read’, list for a long day – excited to get started!

  • Julie says:

    Julie, Norhern California (Sacramento Area). My favorite memory from this summer was celebrating my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. I’ve read this book before, on my own, and I am very excited to get to talk about it and share with my sisters in Christ!

  • Tiffany says:

    My name is Tiffany. I live in Clovis, California. My favorite summer memory of 2011 is that we had our son in June! I have been eyeing this study for quite some time now & am very excited to get involved!

  • Christine says:

    Christine, California (San Francisco Bay Area): My favorite summer 2011 memory is spending time with my family celebrating the 4th of July.

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